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Intikam (2013)


  • Genres:
    Drama | Mystery | Thriller
  • Release Date:
    3 January 2013
  • Broadcast Co:
    D Productions
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
  • Summary:
    "Intikam" is the Turkish version of the ABC TV series "Revenge". Yagmur Ozden moves to a yali (Bosphorus mansion) at a rich neighborhood on the shore of the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Her real name is Derin Celik. Her father, Adil was framed for a crime he didn't commit and sent to prison. Derin was sent to an orphanage and believed that her father was guilty. Adil wanted her daughter to learn the truth and kept a diary to be given to her. Derin learned the truth about her father when she was 18. But it was too late. He died in jail as an innocent man. Derin comes to her childhood neighborhood with a different identity to seek revenge against the people who betrayed her father.

Cast & Crew

Beren Saat as Yagmur Özden (Derin Çelik)
Beren Saat
(Yagmur Özden (Derin Çelik))
Mert Firat as Emre Arsoy
Mert Firat
(Emre Arsoy)
Arzu Gamze Kilinç as Sahika Arsoy
Arzu Gamze Kilinç
(Sahika Arsoy)
Zafer Algöz as Haldun Arsoy
Zafer Algöz
(Haldun Arsoy)
Ezgi Eyüboglu as Cemre Arsoy
Ezgi Eyüboglu
(Cemre Arsoy)
Engin Hepileri as Hakan Eren
Engin Hepileri
(Hakan Eren)
Can Sipahi as Baris Denizci
Can Sipahi
(Baris Denizci)
Burak Davutoglu as Adil Çelik
Burak Davutoglu
(Adil Çelik)
Ceren Reis as Child Derin Çelik
Ceren Reis
(Child Derin Çelik)
Görkem Demirkan as Child Rüzgar
Görkem Demirkan
(Child Rüzgar)
Ahmet Saraçoglu as Seçkin Isik
Ahmet Saraçoglu
(Seçkin Isik)
Çagdas Agun as Igor Medvedev
Çagdas Agun
(Igor Medvedev)
Basak Dasman as Derin Çelik (Yagmur Özden)
Basak Dasman
(Derin Çelik (Yagmur Özden))
Yigit Özsener as Rüzgar Denizci
Yigit Özsener
(Rüzgar Denizci)
Nejat Isler as Rüzgar Denizci
Nejat Isler
(Rüzgar Denizci)
Alican Yücesoy as Ali Sülen (Sinan Soylu)
Alican Yücesoy
(Ali Sülen (Sinan Soylu))
Dilsad Çelebi as Asli Saglam
Dilsad Çelebi
(Asli Saglam)
Zeynep Özder as Asli Saglam
Zeynep Özder
(Asli Saglam)
Didem Uzel as Leyla Saygin
Didem Uzel
(Leyla Saygin)
Riza Sönmez as Agabey
Riza Sönmez
Beyza Sekerci as Dicle
Beyza Sekerci
Seda Demir as Selen Durmaz
Seda Demir
(Selen Durmaz)
Celil Nalcakan as Adem Karakus
Celil Nalcakan
(Adem Karakus)
Tilbe Saran as Hale Çelik
Tilbe Saran
(Hale Çelik)
Nesrin Kazankaya as Nurdan Gümüsçü
Nesrin Kazankaya
(Nurdan Gümüsçü)
Sezai Altekin as Seref Arsoy
Sezai Altekin
(Seref Arsoy)
Füruzan Asena Ongan
Füruzan Asena Ongan
Yildiray Sahinler
Yildiray Sahinler
Nebil Sayin
Nebil Sayin
Emir Çiçek
Emir Çiçek
Batur Belirdi as Ahmet Saygin
Batur Belirdi
(Ahmet Saygin)
Volkan Bora Dilek
Volkan Bora Dilek
Didem Ellialti as Arzu
Didem Ellialti
Mutlu Güney
Mutlu Güney
Defne Halman as Tülin Korcan (Guest Star)
Defne Halman
(Tülin Korcan (Guest Star))
Alptekin Serdengeçti
Alptekin Serdengeçti
Tekin Temel
Tekin Temel
Mine Tüfekçioglu as Ayse Ceylan
Mine Tüfekçioglu
(Ayse Ceylan)
Mehmet Özbek as Metin
Mehmet Özbek

Thumbnails & Trailers


Malakeye Shab
Malakeye Shab
Omre Gole Laleh
Omre Gole Laleh
Otaghe Ghermez
Otaghe Ghermez