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Jessica Jones (2015)

Jessica Jones

  • Genres:
    Action | Crime | Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller
  • Release Date:
    10 October 2015
  • Broadcast Co:
    3 Arts Entertainment - ABC Studios - Marvel Television - Tall Girls Productions
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    R +18 (Under 18 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    56 min
  • Summary:
    Ever since her short-lived stint as a superhero ended in tragedy, Jessica Jones has been rebuilding her personal life and career as a hot-tempered, sardonic private detective in Hell's Kitchen, New York City. Plagued by self-loathing and a wicked case of PTSD, Jessica battles demons from within and without, using her extraordinary abilities as an unlikely champion for those in need. Especially if they're willing to cut her a check.

Cast & Crew

Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones
Krysten Ritter
(Jessica Jones)
Rachael Taylor as Trish Walker
Rachael Taylor
(Trish Walker)
Eka Darville as Malcolm Ducasse
Eka Darville
(Malcolm Ducasse)
Carrie-Anne Moss as Jeri Hogarth
Carrie-Anne Moss
(Jeri Hogarth)
John Ventimiglia as Detective Eddy Costa
John Ventimiglia
(Detective Eddy Costa)
David Tennant as Kilgrave
David Tennant
Rebecca De Mornay as Dorothy Walker
Rebecca De Mornay
(Dorothy Walker)
J.R. Ramirez as Oscar Arocho
J.R. Ramirez
(Oscar Arocho)
Janet McTeer as Alisa Jones
Janet McTeer
(Alisa Jones)
Wil Traval as Will Simpson
Wil Traval
(Will Simpson)
Benjamin Walker as Erik Gelden
Benjamin Walker
(Erik Gelden)
Jeremy Bobb as Gregory Sallinger
Jeremy Bobb
(Gregory Sallinger)
Tiffany Mack as Zaya Okonjo
Tiffany Mack
(Zaya Okonjo)
Rachel McKeon as Char
Rachel McKeon
Mike Colter as Luke Cage
Mike Colter
(Luke Cage)
Leah Gibson as Inez Green
Leah Gibson
(Inez Green)
Susie Abromeit as Pam
Susie Abromeit
Aneesh Sheth as Gillian
Aneesh Sheth
Erin Moriarty as Hope Shlottman
Erin Moriarty
(Hope Shlottman)
Sarita Choudhury as Kith Lyonne
Sarita Choudhury
(Kith Lyonne)
Robin Weigert as Wendy Ross-Hogarth
Robin Weigert
(Wendy Ross-Hogarth)
Kevin Chacon as Vido Arocho
Kevin Chacon
(Vido Arocho)
Nichole Yannetty as Nicole
Nichole Yannetty
Terry Chen as Pryce Cheng
Terry Chen
(Pryce Cheng)
Callum Keith Rennie as Dr. Karl Malus
Callum Keith Rennie
(Dr. Karl Malus)
Hal Ozsan as Griffin Sinclair
Hal Ozsan
(Griffin Sinclair)
Jessica Frances Dukes as Grace
Jessica Frances Dukes
Jamie Neumann as Brianna 'Berry' Gelden
Jamie Neumann
(Brianna 'Berry' Gelden)
Michael Siberry as Albert Thompson
Michael Siberry
(Albert Thompson)
Maury Ginsberg as Steven Benowitz
Maury Ginsberg
(Steven Benowitz)
Lisa Tharps as Detective Ruth Sunday
Lisa Tharps
(Detective Ruth Sunday)
Colby Minifie as Robyn
Colby Minifie
Ryan Farrell as Jackson
Ryan Farrell
Paul Pryce as Donald
Paul Pryce
Kieran Mulcare as Ruben
Kieran Mulcare
Eden Marryshow as Shane
Eden Marryshow
Tina Chilip as Detective Imada
Tina Chilip
(Detective Imada)
Clarke Peters as Det. Oscar Clemons
Clarke Peters
(Det. Oscar Clemons)
Elizabeth Cappuccino as Young Jessica
Elizabeth Cappuccino
(Young Jessica)
Chris McGinn as Sharon
Chris McGinn
Danielle Ferland as Clair
Danielle Ferland
Gillian Glasco as Emma
Gillian Glasco
Lisa Emery as Louise Thompson
Lisa Emery
(Louise Thompson)
John Benjamin Hickey as Peter Lyonne
John Benjamin Hickey
(Peter Lyonne)
Angel Desai as Linda Chao
Angel Desai
(Linda Chao)
Joseph Ragno as Roy Healy
Joseph Ragno
(Roy Healy)
Matt Weiss as Andrew Brandt
Matt Weiss
(Andrew Brandt)
Parisa Fitz-Henley as Reva Connors
Parisa Fitz-Henley
(Reva Connors)
Tijuana Ricks as Thembi Wallace
Tijuana Ricks
(Thembi Wallace)
Anthoula Katsimatides as Detective Defford
Anthoula Katsimatides
(Detective Defford)
Daniel Marcus as Maury Tuttlebaum
Daniel Marcus
(Maury Tuttlebaum)
Ashley North as Pedestrian
Ashley North
Charleigh E. Parker as Sissy Garcia
Charleigh E. Parker
(Sissy Garcia)
Brian Hutchison as Dale Holiday
Brian Hutchison
(Dale Holiday)
Chaske Spencer as Jace Montero
Chaske Spencer
(Jace Montero)
Kobi Libii as Zack
Kobi Libii
James Freedson-Jackson as Young Kilgrave
James Freedson-Jackson
(Young Kilgrave)
Victoria Cartagena as Sonia
Victoria Cartagena
Michael Hsu Rosen as Laurent Lyonne
Michael Hsu Rosen
(Laurent Lyonne)
Ivica Marc as Gor
Ivica Marc
Larry Mitchell as Officer Carl Nussbaumer
Larry Mitchell
(Officer Carl Nussbaumer)
Jacqueline Antaramian as Dr. Zakarian
Jacqueline Antaramian
(Dr. Zakarian)
Myrna Cabello as Dr. Torres
Myrna Cabello
(Dr. Torres)
Anthony Robert Grasso as Ian
Anthony Robert Grasso
Alfredo Narciso as Ronald Garcia
Alfredo Narciso
(Ronald Garcia)
Catherine Blades as Young Trish
Catherine Blades
(Young Trish)
Edward Chin-Lyn as Frank Levin
Edward Chin-Lyn
(Frank Levin)
Thomas Kopache as Dr. Kozlov
Thomas Kopache
(Dr. Kozlov)
Colin Moss as Justin Boden
Colin Moss
(Justin Boden)
Thaddeus Daniels as Guard #1
Thaddeus Daniels
(Guard #1)
James McCaffrey as Maximillian 'Max' Tatum
James McCaffrey
(Maximillian 'Max' Tatum)
Mark Kenneth Smaltz as Gene Burchell
Mark Kenneth Smaltz
(Gene Burchell)
Nidra Sous la Terre as Gina
Nidra Sous la Terre
Bowman Wright as Officer Pickett
Bowman Wright
(Officer Pickett)
Jay Klaitz as Robert 'Whizzer' Coleman
Jay Klaitz
(Robert 'Whizzer' Coleman)
Becca Nevins as Female Prostitute
Becca Nevins
(Female Prostitute)
Jett Salazar as Male Prostitute
Jett Salazar
(Male Prostitute)
Aaron Joshua as Rugby #1
Aaron Joshua
(Rugby #1)
Denise Pillott as Uniformed Officer
Denise Pillott
(Uniformed Officer)
Haley Murphy as Kelly Scott
Haley Murphy
(Kelly Scott)
Christopher Parker as Security Guard
Christopher Parker
(Security Guard)
Karen Cole as Corrections Officer
Karen Cole
(Corrections Officer)
Rosario Dawson as Claire Temple
Rosario Dawson
(Claire Temple)
Elden Henson as Foggy Nelson
Elden Henson
(Foggy Nelson)
LeeAnne Hutchison as Luanne
LeeAnne Hutchison
Kathleen Doyle as Mrs. Elizabeth De Luca
Kathleen Doyle
(Mrs. Elizabeth De Luca)
Jessica Hecht as Audrey Eastman
Jessica Hecht
(Audrey Eastman)
Michelle Hurd as D.A. Samantha Reyes
Michelle Hurd
(D.A. Samantha Reyes)
Jennifer Fouche as Marilyn
Jennifer Fouche
Mat Vairo as Stirling Adams
Mat Vairo
(Stirling Adams)
Audrey Grace Marshall as Young Trish
Audrey Grace Marshall
(Young Trish)
Jane Bruce as Hipster Girl
Jane Bruce
(Hipster Girl)
Aaron Costa Ganis as Bobby
Aaron Costa Ganis
Ricky Paull Goldin as Carlo Eastman
Ricky Paull Goldin
(Carlo Eastman)
Renata Hinrichs as Dr. Leslie Hansen
Renata Hinrichs
(Dr. Leslie Hansen)
Mel Johnson Jr. as Justis Ambrose
Mel Johnson Jr.
(Justis Ambrose)
Manni L. Perez as Tina
Manni L. Perez
Blake Morris as Adrian
Blake Morris
Brett Azar as Len Sirkes
Brett Azar
(Len Sirkes)
Brian Edwards as Officer Cooper
Brian Edwards
(Officer Cooper)
James Augustus Lee as Venue Manager
James Augustus Lee
(Venue Manager)
Krystel Lucas as Business Woman
Krystel Lucas
(Business Woman)
Maboud Ebrahimzadeh as Jewelry Store Owner
Maboud Ebrahimzadeh
(Jewelry Store Owner)
Kate Greer as Francine
Kate Greer
Sasha Hutchings as Kourtney
Sasha Hutchings
Spencer House as Reid Pearson
Spencer House
(Reid Pearson)
Mary B. McCann as Chief Ronnie Velasco
Mary B. McCann
(Chief Ronnie Velasco)
Barbara Tirrell as Sal Blaskowski
Barbara Tirrell
(Sal Blaskowski)
Mandela Bellamy as UPS Driver
Mandela Bellamy
(UPS Driver)
Eli Bridges as Stoner
Eli Bridges
Dante E. Clark as Antoine
Dante E. Clark
Jazmin Luperena as Tweaky
Jazmin Luperena
Evan Hall as Wyatt
Evan Hall
Marlie Hall as Female Anchor
Marlie Hall
(Female Anchor)
Aramis Martinez as Aquarium Patron
Aramis Martinez
(Aquarium Patron)
Ayana Workman as Nichelle
Ayana Workman
Airon Armstrong as Dwayne Blaskowski
Airon Armstrong
(Dwayne Blaskowski)
Gus Birney as Birdie
Gus Birney
Mateo Gómez as Manuel Silva
Mateo Gómez
(Manuel Silva)
Ian Blackman as Bob Shlottman
Ian Blackman
(Bob Shlottman)
Nellie Campbell as Pregnant Teen
Nellie Campbell
(Pregnant Teen)
Leslie Lyles as Maureen Denton
Leslie Lyles
(Maureen Denton)
Alex Monsky as City Worker
Alex Monsky
(City Worker)
Miriam Shor as Alisa Jones
Miriam Shor
(Alisa Jones)
David Shumbris as Odd Man
David Shumbris
(Odd Man)
Amanda Warren as Dr. Gallo
Amanda Warren
(Dr. Gallo)
Sean Weil as Charles Wallace
Sean Weil
(Charles Wallace)
Keil Oakley Zepernick as Bodyguard #1
Keil Oakley Zepernick
(Bodyguard #1)
Kevin Csolak as Keith
Kevin Csolak
Sarah Dacey-Charles as Chemist
Sarah Dacey-Charles
Gary Lee Mahmoud as Club Manager
Gary Lee Mahmoud
(Club Manager)
Ben Van Bergen as Dr. Tiboldt
Ben Van Bergen
(Dr. Tiboldt)
Leticia Castillo as Ana Silva
Leticia Castillo
(Ana Silva)
Jonathan Holtzman as Mugger
Jonathan Holtzman
Thomas Pojanowski as Thomas Blaskowski
Thomas Pojanowski
(Thomas Blaskowski)
Alex Boniello as Punk Kid
Alex Boniello
(Punk Kid)
Richard Brevard as Bodyguard #2
Richard Brevard
(Bodyguard #2)
James Colby as Brian Jones
James Colby
(Brian Jones)
Frank De Julio as Nurse Brad
Frank De Julio
(Nurse Brad)
Deborah Hedwall as Barbara Shlottman
Deborah Hedwall
(Barbara Shlottman)
Thom Sesma as Doctor David Kurata
Thom Sesma
(Doctor David Kurata)
Ari'el Stachel as Victor
Ari'el Stachel
Kett Turton as Holden
Kett Turton
Lynne Wintersteller as Mom
Lynne Wintersteller
Arnie Burton as Eugene
Arnie Burton
Da'Vinchi as Eric
Jonathan Gregg as Ritchie
Jonathan Gregg
Emmy Harrington as Lila
Emmy Harrington
Cece King as Makayla
Cece King
Brian McCarthy as First A.D.
Brian McCarthy
(First A.D.)
David Nash as Guard #2
David Nash
(Guard #2)
Justin Sintic as Gus
Justin Sintic
Brady Adair as Todd White
Brady Adair
(Todd White)
Anthony Cason as Victim
Anthony Cason
Rosalyn Coleman as Dr. Irene Bickell
Rosalyn Coleman
(Dr. Irene Bickell)
Paco Lozano as Russell
Paco Lozano
Tamir as Grandmother
Jesmille Darbouze as Serena
Jesmille Darbouze
Tiffany Green as Bunny Wiles
Tiffany Green
(Bunny Wiles)
Phillip James Griffith as McManus
Phillip James Griffith
Royce Johnson as Sgt. Brett Mahoney
Royce Johnson
(Sgt. Brett Mahoney)
Mary Looram as Old Woman
Mary Looram
(Old Woman)
Billy McFadden as Phillip Jones
Billy McFadden
(Phillip Jones)
Jeremy Sample as Bodyguard #3
Jeremy Sample
(Bodyguard #3)
Lia Yang as Nurse Chung
Lia Yang
(Nurse Chung)
Fernando Mateo Jr. as Bouncer
Fernando Mateo Jr.
Rob Morgan as Turk Barrett
Rob Morgan
(Turk Barrett)
Walter Mudu as Driver
Walter Mudu
Adaku Ononogbo as Sheena
Adaku Ononogbo
Cathy Salvodon as Trudy
Cathy Salvodon
Ezra Barnes as Doctor Purks
Ezra Barnes
(Doctor Purks)
Jonathan Castro as Cop #1
Jonathan Castro
(Cop #1)
Curran Connor as Chef Caspar Marx
Curran Connor
(Chef Caspar Marx)
Lori Hammel as Reyna Pincer
Lori Hammel
(Reyna Pincer)
Jacob Laval as Grandson
Jacob Laval
Rileigh McDonald as Cassie Yasdan
Rileigh McDonald
(Cassie Yasdan)
Harry Smith as Devlin Hoskins
Harry Smith
(Devlin Hoskins)
Scott Stangland as Joby
Scott Stangland
Viviana Valeria as Process Server
Viviana Valeria
(Process Server)
Michelle Won Park as Reporter #1
Michelle Won Park
(Reporter #1)
Mazin Akar as Hank
Mazin Akar
Tom DiNardo as Crackpot
Tom DiNardo
Andrew Guilarte as Cashier
Andrew Guilarte
Juri Henley-Cohn as Gregory Spheeris
Juri Henley-Cohn
(Gregory Spheeris)
Jay Hieron as Bodyguard #4
Jay Hieron
(Bodyguard #4)
KeiLyn Durrel Jones as Male EMT
KeiLyn Durrel Jones
(Male EMT)
Cecelia Riddett as Old Woman
Cecelia Riddett
(Old Woman)
Kevin Yamada as Mr. Lin
Kevin Yamada
(Mr. Lin)
Jahvier Alston as Kid
Jahvier Alston
Ashlie Atkinson as Mavis
Ashlie Atkinson
Daniel Everidge as Dave
Daniel Everidge
Steve Grodewald as Scary Looking Dude
Steve Grodewald
(Scary Looking Dude)
Arlene A. McGruder as Bus Driver
Arlene A. McGruder
(Bus Driver)
Christina Shea-Wright as Amber
Christina Shea-Wright
Matthew Streeter as SWAT Commander
Matthew Streeter
(SWAT Commander)
Kar Will as Make-Up Guy
Kar Will
(Make-Up Guy)
Gregory Abbey as Mitch Yasdan
Gregory Abbey
(Mitch Yasdan)
Pedro Carmo as Gallerist
Pedro Carmo
Kim Fischer as Receptionist
Kim Fischer
Leslie Frye as Female Bohemian Neighbor
Leslie Frye
(Female Bohemian Neighbor)
Gabriela Garcia as Clothing Rep
Gabriela Garcia
(Clothing Rep)
Michael Alexander Henry as Guard
Michael Alexander Henry
Jennifer Lim as Carly
Jennifer Lim
Ellen Mah as Mona Lee
Ellen Mah
(Mona Lee)
George A. Peters II as Reporter #2
George A. Peters II
(Reporter #2)
Roman Roytberg as Alex Sokolov
Roman Roytberg
(Alex Sokolov)
Sonnie Brown as Nurse
Sonnie Brown
Brian Faherty as Boss
Brian Faherty
Mike Houston as Harvey
Mike Houston
Ryan Jonze as Chuck
Ryan Jonze
Mack Kuhr as Male Surgeon
Mack Kuhr
(Male Surgeon)
Carlos Arce Jr. as Attendent
Carlos Arce Jr.
Erik Frandsen as Neighbor
Erik Frandsen
Joel Leffert as Leland
Joel Leffert
Lane Napper as Vernon
Lane Napper
Alan R. Rodriguez as Chaz
Alan R. Rodriguez
Ron Scott as Dad
Ron Scott
Shayan Shojaee as Rafi
Shayan Shojaee
Teresa Yenque as Abuela
Teresa Yenque
Neville Braithwaite as Waiter
Neville Braithwaite
David Cantor as Male Bohemian Neighbor
David Cantor
(Male Bohemian Neighbor)
Gio Castellano as Bailiff
Gio Castellano
Nick Freni as Omar
Nick Freni
Samuel J. Joseph as News Photographer
Samuel J. Joseph
(News Photographer)
Nancy Lemenager as Cassie's Mom
Nancy Lemenager
(Cassie's Mom)
Wayne Maugans as Demetri Patseras
Wayne Maugans
(Demetri Patseras)
Sade E. Moore as Former Actress
Sade E. Moore
(Former Actress)
Libya Pugh as Adoption Counselor
Libya Pugh
(Adoption Counselor)
Dan Shor as Mathias Cole
Dan Shor
(Mathias Cole)
Lisann Valentin as Uniform Cop
Lisann Valentin
(Uniform Cop)
Adela Maria Bolet as Alva Rivera
Adela Maria Bolet
(Alva Rivera)
Andrea Burns as Angie
Andrea Burns
Chester Jones III as Detective
Chester Jones III
Jeté Laurence as Little Girl
Jeté Laurence
(Little Girl)
Ruibo Qian as Mei
Ruibo Qian
Patrick Richwood as Homeless Man
Patrick Richwood
(Homeless Man)
Danielle K. Thomas as Prison Nurse
Danielle K. Thomas
(Prison Nurse)
Vanessa Vander Pluym as Nose Job Girl
Vanessa Vander Pluym
(Nose Job Girl)
Joseph Castillo-Midyett as Isaiah
Joseph Castillo-Midyett
Spenser Granese as Gary
Spenser Granese
Marja Harmon as Sophie
Marja Harmon
Christopher McFarland as Ash
Christopher McFarland
Shakina Nayfack as Frankie
Shakina Nayfack
Deysha Nelson as Little Girl
Deysha Nelson
(Little Girl)
Xavier Rodney as Paparazzo #1
Xavier Rodney
(Paparazzo #1)
Taprena Augustine as Medical Assistant
Taprena Augustine
(Medical Assistant)
Zuhdi Boueri as Nurse
Zuhdi Boueri
Dante Costabile as Cody Willamet
Dante Costabile
(Cody Willamet)
Christine Donnelly as Divorcee
Christine Donnelly
Betsy Hogg as Casting Assistant
Betsy Hogg
(Casting Assistant)
Jillian Lebling as Nora Patseras
Jillian Lebling
(Nora Patseras)
Larry Mihlon as Elderly Uni
Larry Mihlon
(Elderly Uni)
Eddie K. Robinson as Orderly
Eddie K. Robinson
Shehzad as Receptionist Pavel
(Receptionist Pavel)
Neimah Djourabchi as Andre
Neimah Djourabchi
Kaira Klueber as Female Jogger
Kaira Klueber
(Female Jogger)
Jos Laniado as Portuguese Father
Jos Laniado
(Portuguese Father)
Robert Laurence as Father
Robert Laurence
Mauricio Ovalle as Contractor
Mauricio Ovalle
Manuel Joaquin Santiago as Raj
Manuel Joaquin Santiago
Zak Steiner as Brad
Zak Steiner
Robert Verlaque as Laurent Bouchard
Robert Verlaque
(Laurent Bouchard)
Alexis Wolfe as Dealer
Alexis Wolfe
Lana Young as Detective
Lana Young
Bruce Baek as Driver
Bruce Baek
Ryan Bourque as Paparazzo #2
Ryan Bourque
(Paparazzo #2)
Kenneth De Abrew as Clerk
Kenneth De Abrew
Jim C. Ferris as Kyle
Jim C. Ferris
DeAriesha Mack as Ex-Military Woman
DeAriesha Mack
(Ex-Military Woman)
Brian Cullen Phillips as Guard
Brian Cullen Phillips
Nayib Felix as Security Officer
Nayib Felix
(Security Officer)
Kevin R. Free as Stage Dad
Kevin R. Free
(Stage Dad)
Anthony J. Gallo as Street Vendor
Anthony J. Gallo
(Street Vendor)
Manuel Penichet as Male Traumatized Witness
Manuel Penichet
(Male Traumatized Witness)
Kevin Rose as A.D.
Kevin Rose
Erica Aubrey as Pissed Off Mom
Erica Aubrey
(Pissed Off Mom)
Jeremy Burnett as Player
Jeremy Burnett
Cherelle Cargill as E.R. Doctor
Cherelle Cargill
(E.R. Doctor)
Athena Colón as Yuliana
Athena Colón
John T. Fannon as Blue Collar Guy
John T. Fannon
(Blue Collar Guy)
Slate Holmgren as Robinson
Slate Holmgren
Sydney Morton as Patron
Sydney Morton
Bonnie Rose as Female Guard
Bonnie Rose
(Female Guard)
Jon Norman Schneider as Maître'd
Jon Norman Schneider
John Sousa as Portuguese Son
John Sousa
(Portuguese Son)
Stewart Steinberg as Old Male Dog Owner
Stewart Steinberg
(Old Male Dog Owner)
Josh Alscher as Crack Addict
Josh Alscher
(Crack Addict)
Jake Boyd as Young Trader
Jake Boyd
(Young Trader)
Martino Caputo as Worker
Martino Caputo
Paul Freeman as Guitarist
Paul Freeman
Andrew MacLarty as Evan
Andrew MacLarty
Marco Torriani as Sulky Teenager
Marco Torriani
(Sulky Teenager)
Bethany Caputo as Camerawoman
Bethany Caputo
Charlotte Cohn as Female Attorney
Charlotte Cohn
(Female Attorney)
Michael Kelberg as Man On Street
Michael Kelberg
(Man On Street)
Sandra Elizabeth Rodriguez as Morgue Attendant
Sandra Elizabeth Rodriguez
(Morgue Attendant)
Jenelle Simone as Police Officer at Hospital
Jenelle Simone
(Police Officer at Hospital)
Rosie Veltri as Girl
Rosie Veltri
John Adams as Dad
John Adams
Mia Ciccarelle as Bratty Girl
Mia Ciccarelle
(Bratty Girl)
Peter Davenport as Man
Peter Davenport
Guy A. Fortt as Guard
Guy A. Fortt
Katerina Holevas as Young Latina Girl
Katerina Holevas
(Young Latina Girl)
Jinn S. Kim as Truck Driver
Jinn S. Kim
(Truck Driver)
John Kutrzeba as Polish Mechanic
John Kutrzeba
(Polish Mechanic)
Michael Markiewicz as Ken
Michael Markiewicz
Nnamdi Nwosa as Mugger #1
Nnamdi Nwosa
(Mugger #1)
Kiri Hartig as Yogi
Kiri Hartig
Barbara Kingsley as Sally
Barbara Kingsley
Chris Lamberth as Male Nurse
Chris Lamberth
(Male Nurse)
Kelly Miller as Middle-Management Guy
Kelly Miller
(Middle-Management Guy)
Lindsey Alley as Stage Mom
Lindsey Alley
(Stage Mom)
Joseph Haro as Waiter
Joseph Haro
Daniel O'Shea as Male Lookie-Loo
Daniel O'Shea
(Male Lookie-Loo)
Tobee Paik as P.A.
Tobee Paik
Taylor Dior as Chanise
Taylor Dior
Patricia R. Floyd as New Attendant
Patricia R. Floyd
(New Attendant)
Nick Kohn as Stocky Guy
Nick Kohn
(Stocky Guy)
Ethan Lee as Young Asian Boy
Ethan Lee
(Young Asian Boy)
Mark Lotito as Desmond Tobey
Mark Lotito
(Desmond Tobey)
Duvall O'Steen as Woman
Duvall O'Steen
Evan Dane Taylor as Mugger #2
Evan Dane Taylor
(Mugger #2)
Bryan Winston as Man
Bryan Winston
John Goodlow as Tweedy Driver
John Goodlow
(Tweedy Driver)
Keilly McQuail as Nutty Woman
Keilly McQuail
(Nutty Woman)
Maceo Oliver as Nick
Maceo Oliver
Buzz Roddy as Dad
Buzz Roddy
Goldie Zwiebel as Rina Kozlov
Goldie Zwiebel
(Rina Kozlov)
David Michael Garry as Scary Man
David Michael Garry
(Scary Man)
Sandra Glinka as Graduate Student
Sandra Glinka
(Graduate Student)
Kristopher Kling as Teller
Kristopher Kling
Rafael Poueriet as Pedestrian
Rafael Poueriet
Vanessa Bartlett as Upset Woman
Vanessa Bartlett
(Upset Woman)
Claire Brownell as Commando #1
Claire Brownell
(Commando #1)
Brian J. Carter as Doorman
Brian J. Carter
Ben Kahre as Jack Denton
Ben Kahre
(Jack Denton)
Kubbi as Distraught Woman
(Distraught Woman)
Amelia Pinney as Young Caucasian Girl
Amelia Pinney
(Young Caucasian Girl)
Elliot Santiago as Cabbie
Elliot Santiago
Shelley Thomas-Harts as Wendy's Lawyer
Shelley Thomas-Harts
(Wendy's Lawyer)
Aidan Hart as Teenage Son
Aidan Hart
(Teenage Son)
Linda Thompson Williams as Teary-Eyed Woman
Linda Thompson Williams
(Teary-Eyed Woman)
DeShawn White as Marlene
DeShawn White
Harper J. Harris as Security Guard
Harper J. Harris
(Security Guard)
Alan Mingo Jr. as Host #1
Alan Mingo Jr.
(Host #1)
Andrea Patterson as Security Guard #1
Andrea Patterson
(Security Guard #1)
Berto Colon as Commando #2
Berto Colon
(Commando #2)
Larissa Laurel as Hostage Negotiator
Larissa Laurel
(Hostage Negotiator)
David S. Lomax as Cabbie
David S. Lomax
Vince Oddo as Bartender
Vince Oddo
Gabriel Sloyer as Trainer
Gabriel Sloyer
Narada Campbell as Track Suited Man
Narada Campbell
(Track Suited Man)
Charlton Lamar as Officer #1
Charlton Lamar
(Officer #1)
Dean Neistat as Undercover Cop
Dean Neistat
(Undercover Cop)
Reema Sampat as Teaser Date
Reema Sampat
(Teaser Date)
Paul Douglas Anderson as Security Guard #2
Paul Douglas Anderson
(Security Guard #2)
Janette Barber as Host #2
Janette Barber
(Host #2)
Gopal Lalwani as Pizza Guy
Gopal Lalwani
(Pizza Guy)
Monte Bezell as Cop #1
Monte Bezell
(Cop #1)
Chazz Menendez as Taxi Driver
Chazz Menendez
(Taxi Driver)
Stacey Van Gorder as Wife
Stacey Van Gorder
Gabriel Lopez as Mario
Gabriel Lopez
Victor Pagan as Homeless Man
Victor Pagan
(Homeless Man)
Grayson Berry as Reporter #1
Grayson Berry
(Reporter #1)
Cristala Carter as Reporter
Cristala Carter
Satomi Hofmann as Anchorwoman
Satomi Hofmann
Craig DiFrancia as Cop #1
Craig DiFrancia
(Cop #1)
Stephen Izzi as Rugby #2
Stephen Izzi
(Rugby #2)
Scott Moss as Cop #2
Scott Moss
(Cop #2)
Sam Encarnacion as Jorge
Sam Encarnacion
Frank Licari as Tabloid #1
Frank Licari
(Tabloid #1)
Ashley Bellman as Reporter #2
Ashley Bellman
(Reporter #2)
Diana Perez as Reporter #1
Diana Perez
(Reporter #1)
Harley Yeager as Surfer
Harley Yeager
Josiah Nolan as Rugby #3
Josiah Nolan
(Rugby #3)
Tanya Perez as Cop #3
Tanya Perez
(Cop #3)
Michael Rosete as Cop #2
Michael Rosete
(Cop #2)
Ruth Aguilar as Marina
Ruth Aguilar
Alex J. Moreno as Tabloid #2
Alex J. Moreno
(Tabloid #2)
Cadden Jones as Reporter #2
Cadden Jones
(Reporter #2)
Max Miller as Frat Bro #1
Max Miller
(Frat Bro #1)
Jacob Wheeler as Staring Passerby #1
Jacob Wheeler
(Staring Passerby #1)
Lauren Lim Jackson as TV Newscaster
Lauren Lim Jackson
(TV Newscaster)
Maya Tanida as Girl #1
Maya Tanida
(Girl #1)
Jenny Paul as Bride
Jenny Paul
Tuffy Questell as Cabbie
Tuffy Questell
Banji Aborisade as Frat Bro #2
Banji Aborisade
(Frat Bro #2)
Shravan Amin as Reporter #3
Shravan Amin
(Reporter #3)
Jaqueline Arnold as Staring Passerby #2
Jaqueline Arnold
(Staring Passerby #2)
Owen Asztalos as 10 Year Old Boy
Owen Asztalos
(10 Year Old Boy)
Brooke Laine as Girl #2
Brooke Laine
(Girl #2)
Reg Ferguson as Groom
Reg Ferguson
Malachi Nimmons as Man
Malachi Nimmons
McLean Peterson as Girlfriend
McLean Peterson
Alexia Finley as 8 Year Old Girl
Alexia Finley
(8 Year Old Girl)
Alaya Haywood as Girl #3
Alaya Haywood
(Girl #3)
Marco Greco as Security Guard
Marco Greco
(Security Guard)
Breanna Timana as Screaming Child
Breanna Timana
(Screaming Child)
Rachel McPhee as Woman In Robe
Rachel McPhee
(Woman In Robe)
Eric Carl Adams as Business Commuter
Eric Carl Adams
(Business Commuter)
Michael R. Bollentin as Police Officer
Michael R. Bollentin
(Police Officer)
Devon Diep as Poker Dealer
Devon Diep
(Poker Dealer)
Brian Donahue as Dock Worker
Brian Donahue
(Dock Worker)
Jim Ford as Male Visitor
Jim Ford
(Male Visitor)
Roy Phillips as Pedestrian
Roy Phillips
Jeannine Adornetto as Detective
Jeannine Adornetto
Frank Alfano as Sleezy Guy
Frank Alfano
(Sleezy Guy)
Mateo d'Amato as Housekeeper
Mateo d'Amato
Laura Rothschild as Bus Patron (S2
Laura Rothschild
(Bus Patron (S2)
Frank Fernandez as Pedestrian
Frank Fernandez
Lynn Marocola as FDNY Paramedic
Lynn Marocola
(FDNY Paramedic)
Bob Leszczak as Pedestrian with Cell Phone
Bob Leszczak
(Pedestrian with Cell Phone)
Phil Cappadora as New Yorker
Phil Cappadora
(New Yorker)
Roger Brenner as EMT
Roger Brenner
Necole Milone as Good Samaritan
Necole Milone
(Good Samaritan)
Jessica Shea Alverson as Hipster
Jessica Shea Alverson
Jonathan Benevento as Pedestrian
Jonathan Benevento
Adrian Black as Kilgrave security
Adrian Black
(Kilgrave security)
Rebekah Brockman as Pregnant Pharmacist
Rebekah Brockman
(Pregnant Pharmacist)
Olivia Brown as Orderly
Olivia Brown
Tom Bruno as Fire Truck Driver
Tom Bruno
(Fire Truck Driver)
Marko Caka as NY Reporter
Marko Caka
(NY Reporter)
LiL'Joe CEO as Co-Worker
Justin Clarke as Male Patient
Justin Clarke
(Male Patient)
Amanda Cross as Girl in Cafe
Amanda Cross
(Girl in Cafe)
Mark Richard Goldman as Construction Foreman
Mark Richard Goldman
(Construction Foreman)
Bryanna Grossman as Balloon Girl
Bryanna Grossman
(Balloon Girl)
Miguelangelo Hexylvania as Pedestrian
Miguelangelo Hexylvania
Courtney Jacoby as Nurse
Courtney Jacoby
Amanda Lyn Jungquist as Jogger
Amanda Lyn Jungquist
Luke Lesko as Fortner
Luke Lesko
Scott Martin as Bar Patron
Scott Martin
(Bar Patron)
Annelise Mejias as Girl in train
Annelise Mejias
(Girl in train)
Phil Oddo as Visitor
Phil Oddo
Angel Pai as Cop
Angel Pai
And Palladino as Park Pedestrian
And Palladino
(Park Pedestrian)
Dante Pereira-Olson as Boy
Dante Pereira-Olson
Panama Redd as Reggie
Panama Redd
Mario Tarquinio as Inmate
Mario Tarquinio
Rasheme Watson as Dating Couple
Rasheme Watson
(Dating Couple)
Maximilian Zammit as College Student
Maximilian Zammit
(College Student)
Amanda Anthony as Club Goer
Amanda Anthony
(Club Goer)
John Michael Bradshaw as Whiskers Bar Patron
John Michael Bradshaw
(Whiskers Bar Patron)
Joe Remy Dolinsky as Court Officer
Joe Remy Dolinsky
(Court Officer)
Everest Kuei Esmilla as Boy at Bus Depot
Everest Kuei Esmilla
(Boy at Bus Depot)
Meg Jay as Pedestrian
Meg Jay
Charmar Jeter as Ex-Military
Charmar Jeter
Leroy Phillips Jr. as Pedestrian
Leroy Phillips Jr.
Nadia Sobehart as High School Student
Nadia Sobehart
(High School Student)
David C. Yashin as Trish Fan
David C. Yashin
(Trish Fan)
Jamaal Burcher as Man on Crutches
Jamaal Burcher
(Man on Crutches)
Jim Cleary as Lawyer
Jim Cleary
Ashley Couture as Brunette
Ashley Couture
John DiGiorgio as Restaurant Patron
John DiGiorgio
(Restaurant Patron)
Perry King Jr. as Driver
Perry King Jr.
Sarah Kathryn Makl as Young Blonde Actress
Sarah Kathryn Makl
(Young Blonde Actress)
Ryan Jordan McCarthy as Policeman
Ryan Jordan McCarthy
Glen Raphael as Police Detective
Glen Raphael
(Police Detective)
Derrick Reuben as NYPD Hazmat Officer
Derrick Reuben
(NYPD Hazmat Officer)
Matthew R. Staley as Front Desk Clerk
Matthew R. Staley
(Front Desk Clerk)

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Rismane Eshgh
Rismane Eshgh
Afsaneye Khorshid va Mah
Afsaneye Khorshid va Mah
Baradar Jaan
Baradar Jaan
Eshgh Mamno
Eshgh Mamno