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Jong Miong

Jong Miong (2015)

Jong Miong

  • Genres:
    Romance | Drama | History
  • Release Date:
    13 April 2015
  • Broadcast Co:
  • Country:
    South Korea
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h
  • Summary:
    Fair Princess Jungmyung (Lee Yeon Hee) lives a life of the highest privilege, until her half-brother Prince Gwanghae (Cha Seung Won) executes the rightful crown prince and usurps the throne. Exiled from court, Jungmyung goes under disguise as a man and learns to adapt to life as a commoner - never forgetting Gwanghae's wrongdoing. But amidst rampant corruption throughout the kingdom, can Jungmyung exact her vengeance, restore order and take back her rightful place in the palace?

Cast & Crew

Tae-Ri Lee as Prince Bongrim (2015)
Tae-Ri Lee
(Prince Bongrim (2015))
Joon-hee Song
Joon-hee Song
Seung-won Cha as Prince Gwanghae unknown episodes
Seung-won Cha
(Prince Gwanghae unknown episodes)
Yeon-hee Lee as Princess Jeongmyeong unknown episodes
Yeon-hee Lee
(Princess Jeongmyeong unknown episodes)
Jae-won Kim as King Injo unknown episodes
Jae-won Kim
(King Injo unknown episodes)
Sung-Hyun Baek as Crown Prince Sohyeon (2015) unknown episodes
Sung-Hyun Baek
(Crown Prince Sohyeon (2015) unknown episodes)
Hyo-Seob Eom as Hong Young (2015) unknown episodes
Hyo-Seob Eom
(Hong Young (2015) unknown episodes)
Chan-Hee Kang as Ja Gyung (2015) unknown episodes
Chan-Hee Kang
(Ja Gyung (2015) unknown episodes)
Min-seo Kim as Soyong Jo (2015) unknown episodes
Min-seo Kim
(Soyong Jo (2015) unknown episodes)
Jong-hwan Choi as Prince Imhae unknown episodes
Jong-hwan Choi
(Prince Imhae unknown episodes)
Ahn Do-Gyoo as In-woo (Teen) unknown episodes
Ahn Do-Gyoo
(In-woo (Teen) unknown episodes)
Joo-wan Han as Kang In-woo unknown episodes
Joo-wan Han
(Kang In-woo unknown episodes)
Woong-in Jeong as Lee Yi-chum unknown episodes
Woong-in Jeong
(Lee Yi-chum unknown episodes)
Sung-ha Jo as Joo-Sun Kang unknown episodes
Sung-ha Jo
(Joo-Sun Kang unknown episodes)
Chang-wan Kim as Yi Won-ik unknown episodes
Chang-wan Kim
(Yi Won-ik unknown episodes)
Seung-wook Kim as Yi Hang-bok unknown episodes
Seung-wook Kim
(Yi Hang-bok unknown episodes)
Yeo-jin Kim as Kim Gae-shi unknown episodes
Yeo-jin Kim
(Kim Gae-shi unknown episodes)
Sung-min Lee as Yi Deok-hyeong unknown episodes
Sung-min Lee
(Yi Deok-hyeong unknown episodes)
Tae-Hwan Lee as Gwanghae (Teen) unknown episodes
Tae-Hwan Lee
(Gwanghae (Teen) unknown episodes)
Won-Sang Park as Jang Bong-soo unknown episodes
Won-Sang Park
(Jang Bong-soo unknown episodes)
Kang-Joon Seo as Hong Joo-won unknown episodes
Kang-Joon Seo
(Hong Joo-won unknown episodes)
Eun-Jeong Sin as Queen Inmok unknown episodes
Eun-Jeong Sin
(Queen Inmok unknown episodes)

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Shahr to ra mikhanad
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Esme Man Malekk
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Bi Hoviat
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Jessica Jones