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Kamo Bish Ghanooni (2011)

Kamo Bish Ghanooni

  • Genres:
    Comedy | Drama
  • Release Date:
    20 January 2011
  • Broadcast Co:
    Steve Stark Productions - Garfield St. Productions - Universal Cable Productions
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    41 min
  • Summary:
    A woman, who quit being an attorney at her father's law firm to become a mediator, copes after her father's death.

Cast & Crew

Sarah Shahi as Kate Reed
Sarah Shahi
(Kate Reed)
Michael Trucco as Justin Patrick
Michael Trucco
(Justin Patrick)
Virginia Williams as Lauren Reed
Virginia Williams
(Lauren Reed)
Baron Vaughn as Leonardo Prince
Baron Vaughn
(Leonardo Prince)
Ryan Johnson as Ben Grogan
Ryan Johnson
(Ben Grogan)
Esai Morales as D.A. Aaron Davidson
Esai Morales
(D.A. Aaron Davidson)
Gerald McRaney as Judge David Nicastro
Gerald McRaney
(Judge David Nicastro)
Richard Dean Anderson as David Smith
Richard Dean Anderson
(David Smith)
Ethan Embry as Spencer Reed
Ethan Embry
(Spencer Reed)
Tim Fellingham as Andrew
Tim Fellingham
Devon Weigel as Kim
Devon Weigel
Lloyd Owen as Robin Archer
Lloyd Owen
(Robin Archer)
Belita Moreno as Betty
Belita Moreno
Raugi Yu as Ben #1
Raugi Yu
(Ben #1)
Conrad Whitaker as Ben #2
Conrad Whitaker
(Ben #2)
Elizabeth Weinstein as Cute Assistant
Elizabeth Weinstein
(Cute Assistant)
Mark Margolis as Ian Saunders
Mark Margolis
(Ian Saunders)
Richard Keats as Judge Becker
Richard Keats
(Judge Becker)
Jamie Switch as Photographer
Jamie Switch
Jerry Rector as Vendor
Jerry Rector
Elliot Mandelcorn as Mr. Jones
Elliot Mandelcorn
(Mr. Jones)
Currie Graham as John Marsden
Currie Graham
(John Marsden)
Brittany Ishibashi as Julie Chang
Brittany Ishibashi
(Julie Chang)
Peter MacNicol as Judge Smollet
Peter MacNicol
(Judge Smollet)
Brian Markinson as Richard Neumeier
Brian Markinson
(Richard Neumeier)
Dean Norris as Coach Gardner
Dean Norris
(Coach Gardner)
Roman Podhora as Goran Pavlek
Roman Podhora
(Goran Pavlek)
Chris Vance as Paul Shelton
Chris Vance
(Paul Shelton)
David Alpay as Eric Malloy
David Alpay
(Eric Malloy)
Patrick Gilmore as Douglas Pease
Patrick Gilmore
(Douglas Pease)
Devon Gummersall as Marcus
Devon Gummersall
Scott Holroyd as Pete Marshall
Scott Holroyd
(Pete Marshall)
Eddie McClintock as Bobby
Eddie McClintock
Eileen Pedde as Marsha Neumeier
Eileen Pedde
(Marsha Neumeier)
Jonathan Potts as Mack Belber
Jonathan Potts
(Mack Belber)
Christina Vidal as Sofia Peña
Christina Vidal
(Sofia Peña)
Wendy Crewson as Warden Sara Wilkes
Wendy Crewson
(Warden Sara Wilkes)
Barry Shabaka Henley as Agent Donovan
Barry Shabaka Henley
(Agent Donovan)
Aaron Hill as Owen Maiken
Aaron Hill
(Owen Maiken)
Melinda McGraw as Judge Victoria Connors
Melinda McGraw
(Judge Victoria Connors)
Meat Loaf as Charles McKay
Meat Loaf
(Charles McKay)
Kevin Weisman as Danny Martin
Kevin Weisman
(Danny Martin)
Jennifer Copping as Sherry Belber
Jennifer Copping
(Sherry Belber)
Joe Cortese as Danny Sabbatino
Joe Cortese
(Danny Sabbatino)
Barclay Hope as Joe Riley
Barclay Hope
(Joe Riley)
Ryan Kennedy as Tim Hemmond
Ryan Kennedy
(Tim Hemmond)
Clyde Kusatsu as Joseph Chang
Clyde Kusatsu
(Joseph Chang)
David Richmond-Peck as Det. Harrington
David Richmond-Peck
(Det. Harrington)
Malcolm Stewart as Harry Karl
Malcolm Stewart
(Harry Karl)
Tom Amandes as Mitch Rhinehart
Tom Amandes
(Mitch Rhinehart)
Lindy Booth as Rachel
Lindy Booth
Betsy Brandt as Natalie Roberts
Betsy Brandt
(Natalie Roberts)
Agnes Bruckner as Lea Ferran
Agnes Bruckner
(Lea Ferran)
Chris Payne Gilbert as Jim Hayward
Chris Payne Gilbert
(Jim Hayward)
Jonathan Keltz as Jacob Mathews
Jonathan Keltz
(Jacob Mathews)
RonReaco Lee as Travis Cleighton
RonReaco Lee
(Travis Cleighton)
Mark Moses as Bob
Mark Moses
Timothy V. Murphy as Captain Maiken
Timothy V. Murphy
(Captain Maiken)
Laura Regan as Olivia McKee
Laura Regan
(Olivia McKee)
Josefina Scaglione as Claudia Alves
Josefina Scaglione
(Claudia Alves)
Steve Belford as Jeff
Steve Belford
Aaron Craven as Lester Marin
Aaron Craven
(Lester Marin)
Kathleen Gati as Renata
Kathleen Gati
Chelah Horsdal as Brooke Keller
Chelah Horsdal
(Brooke Keller)
Ken Howard as Charles Pease
Ken Howard
(Charles Pease)
Teryl Rothery as Valerie
Teryl Rothery
Camille Sullivan as Beth
Camille Sullivan
Ted Atherton as Jerry Blankstein
Ted Atherton
(Jerry Blankstein)
Sarayu Blue as Allison
Sarayu Blue
Brian Goodman as Lt. Frank O'Hara
Brian Goodman
(Lt. Frank O'Hara)
Michael Hogan as George Algers
Michael Hogan
(George Algers)
Kelly Hu as Lydia
Kelly Hu
Laci J Mailey as Ashley Woods
Laci J Mailey
(Ashley Woods)
James Martinez as Emilio Cedeno
James Martinez
(Emilio Cedeno)
Tyler McClendon as Lance Ward
Tyler McClendon
(Lance Ward)
Khary Payton as Tom Finnerman
Khary Payton
(Tom Finnerman)
Tahmoh Penikett as Mark Ellison
Tahmoh Penikett
(Mark Ellison)
Connor Trinneer as A.D.A. Tracey Barber
Connor Trinneer
(A.D.A. Tracey Barber)
Katie Walder as Beth Shepperd
Katie Walder
(Beth Shepperd)
Jonna Walsh as Eliza
Jonna Walsh
Lou Casal as Ralph Sabbatino
Lou Casal
(Ralph Sabbatino)
Colm Hill as Brandon Belber
Colm Hill
(Brandon Belber)
Anne-Marie Johnson as Jennifer
Anne-Marie Johnson
Rob LaBelle as Frank Griffin
Rob LaBelle
(Frank Griffin)
Robert Moloney as Paul Hainsley
Robert Moloney
(Paul Hainsley)
Dan Payne as Nick Grunyan
Dan Payne
(Nick Grunyan)
Tom Stevens as Rick Riley
Tom Stevens
(Rick Riley)
John Aylward as Sam Childs
John Aylward
(Sam Childs)
David Barrera as Eddie Salinas
David Barrera
(Eddie Salinas)
Michael Benyaer as Grantham Pace HR Lawyer
Michael Benyaer
(Grantham Pace HR Lawyer)
John Brotherton as Agent 'Stan' Hughes
John Brotherton
(Agent 'Stan' Hughes)
Ben Cotton as Dave Tildon
Ben Cotton
(Dave Tildon)
Bruce Dawson as Det. C. Smith
Bruce Dawson
(Det. C. Smith)
Noel Johansen as Glenn
Noel Johansen
P. Lynn Johnson as Judge Walker
P. Lynn Johnson
(Judge Walker)
Eric Keenleyside as Mr. Davis, Eliza's Father
Eric Keenleyside
(Mr. Davis, Eliza's Father)
Rebecca Staab
Rebecca Staab
Alanna Ubach as Bonnie
Alanna Ubach
Chris Ellis as Bo
Chris Ellis
Don Knodel as Robert Kenton
Don Knodel
(Robert Kenton)
David Orth as Ben Collins
David Orth
(Ben Collins)
Sandy Robson as Chuck
Sandy Robson
Sean Rogerson as Brian Michaels
Sean Rogerson
(Brian Michaels)
Carrie Ruscheinsky as Claudia Evans
Carrie Ruscheinsky
(Claudia Evans)
Olivia Steele Falconer as Veronika
Olivia Steele Falconer
Travis Turner as Billy
Travis Turner
Primo Allon as Nick Constantino
Primo Allon
(Nick Constantino)
Randal Edwards as Jonathan Wade
Randal Edwards
(Jonathan Wade)
Susan Hogan as Lorraine Brody
Susan Hogan
(Lorraine Brody)
Rick Peters as Carl Redmayne
Rick Peters
(Carl Redmayne)
Kurt Max Runte as John Swenson
Kurt Max Runte
(John Swenson)
Zak Santiago as Rick Nuñez
Zak Santiago
(Rick Nuñez)
Tobias Slezak as Case
Tobias Slezak
Kett Turton as Antonio
Kett Turton
Sean Baden as Attorney #1
Sean Baden
(Attorney #1)
Luke Camilleri as Alec Brownstein
Luke Camilleri
(Alec Brownstein)
Brenda Crichlow as Laurie Davidson
Brenda Crichlow
(Laurie Davidson)
Melissa Dionisio as Receptionist
Melissa Dionisio
Jessica Parker Kennedy as Jessica Nord
Jessica Parker Kennedy
(Jessica Nord)
Paul Schulze as Steve Janks
Paul Schulze
(Steve Janks)
Jill Teed as Margo Harvey
Jill Teed
(Margo Harvey)
Aubrey Tennant as Cyrus
Aubrey Tennant
Nadine Wright as Donna
Nadine Wright
Andrew Airlie as Neal Mathews
Andrew Airlie
(Neal Mathews)
Andrea Brooks as Emma Childs
Andrea Brooks
(Emma Childs)
Olivia Cheng as Sullivan
Olivia Cheng
Arleo Dordar as Luiz Delfino
Arleo Dordar
(Luiz Delfino)
Jenna Hastings as Burrows
Jenna Hastings
Michael Ryan as Judge Anthony Keeton
Michael Ryan
(Judge Anthony Keeton)
Linnea Sharples as Nora
Linnea Sharples
Taylor Wegner as Danny's Son
Taylor Wegner
(Danny's Son)
Bart Anderson as Steve Karros
Bart Anderson
(Steve Karros)
Paul Anthony as Lou Pompilio
Paul Anthony
(Lou Pompilio)
John Ashton as Lou Fisher
John Ashton
(Lou Fisher)
Lini Evans as Mrs. Gardner
Lini Evans
(Mrs. Gardner)
Fred Keating as Wally Sniler
Fred Keating
(Wally Sniler)
Alison Araya as Lewers
Alison Araya
Bryce Hodgson as Arnel
Bryce Hodgson
Nick Hunnings as Hugo Fanelli
Nick Hunnings
(Hugo Fanelli)
Robyn Ross as Danny's Wife
Robyn Ross
(Danny's Wife)
Martha Luz Sanchez as Isabelle Salinas
Martha Luz Sanchez
(Isabelle Salinas)
Matt Ward as A.D.A. Weaver
Matt Ward
(A.D.A. Weaver)
John Anthony as Robber
John Anthony
Philip Granger as Carl Roth
Philip Granger
(Carl Roth)
Evans Johnson as Dana Sacks
Evans Johnson
(Dana Sacks)
James Kot as Todd
James Kot
Colin Lawrence as Lawyer Buddy
Colin Lawrence
(Lawyer Buddy)
Michael Karl Richards as Sam Balfus
Michael Karl Richards
(Sam Balfus)
Laura Soltis as Margo
Laura Soltis
Reese Alexander as Security
Reese Alexander
Eric Breker as Moby
Eric Breker
Charlie Gallant as ADA Foster
Charlie Gallant
(ADA Foster)
Scott North as Bailiff
Scott North
Angelo Renai as Mr. Anderson
Angelo Renai
(Mr. Anderson)
Dariush Zadeh as Keyboardist
Dariush Zadeh
Rukiya Bernard as Susan Williams
Rukiya Bernard
(Susan Williams)
Kaitlin Cheung as Young Julie
Kaitlin Cheung
(Young Julie)
Justin Doran as Security Guard
Justin Doran
(Security Guard)
Neelam Khabra as Jolene
Neelam Khabra
Rob Morton as Tommy Rosso
Rob Morton
(Tommy Rosso)
Gordon Douglas Myren as Large Boy
Gordon Douglas Myren
(Large Boy)
Iris Paluly as Karen Brown
Iris Paluly
(Karen Brown)
Benjamin Ratner as Willie Schmidt
Benjamin Ratner
(Willie Schmidt)
Patrick Sabongui as Roadie
Patrick Sabongui
Giacomo Baessato as Marcus
Giacomo Baessato
Darren Dolynski as Tony
Darren Dolynski
Ian Edwards as Bartender
Ian Edwards
Kurt Evans as Cliff
Kurt Evans
Hiro Kanagawa as Dale Rence
Hiro Kanagawa
(Dale Rence)
Kayvon Kelly as Alistair Beckwith
Kayvon Kelly
(Alistair Beckwith)
Ryan Jefferson Booth as Security Guard
Ryan Jefferson Booth
(Security Guard)
Taya Clyne as Flower Girl
Taya Clyne
(Flower Girl)
Conner Dwelly as Young Beth
Conner Dwelly
(Young Beth)
Aaron Isaacs as Raymond
Aaron Isaacs
Shaw Madson as Agent #1
Shaw Madson
(Agent #1)
Derek Morrison as Large Man
Derek Morrison
(Large Man)
Barry Nerling as Fire Marshall
Barry Nerling
(Fire Marshall)
Juan Riedinger as Grant Sloss
Juan Riedinger
(Grant Sloss)
Ted Whittall as Tim Connelly
Ted Whittall
(Tim Connelly)
Brady Schlecker as Prison Guard
Brady Schlecker
(Prison Guard)
Lucia Walters as Emily
Lucia Walters
June B. Wilde as Business Woman #1
June B. Wilde
(Business Woman #1)
Camille Atebe as Officer Vandorn
Camille Atebe
(Officer Vandorn)
Osmond L. Bramble as Bailiff
Osmond L. Bramble
Michael Brock as Bike Messenger
Michael Brock
(Bike Messenger)
Mitch Duffield as Young Bo
Mitch Duffield
(Young Bo)
Geoff Gustafson as Driver
Geoff Gustafson
Luc Roderique as Nathan Henry
Luc Roderique
(Nathan Henry)
John Stewart as Guy #1
John Stewart
(Guy #1)
Connor Widdows as Russell
Connor Widdows
Sonia Beeksma as Reporter
Sonia Beeksma
Elizabeth McLaughlin as Business Woman #2
Elizabeth McLaughlin
(Business Woman #2)
Suzanne Ristic as Dr. Feeney
Suzanne Ristic
(Dr. Feeney)
James Tyce as Cop #1
James Tyce
(Cop #1)
Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman as Server
Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman
Brad Dryborough as Cyclist
Brad Dryborough
Anthony Joseph as D'Sean Henry
Anthony Joseph
(D'Sean Henry)
Chris Keeler as Man in Suit
Chris Keeler
(Man in Suit)
Eliza Norbury as Woman
Eliza Norbury
Jim Shield as Big Bo
Jim Shield
(Big Bo)
Thomas Cadrot as Cop #2
Thomas Cadrot
(Cop #2)
Michael Patrick Denis as Elevator Person #1
Michael Patrick Denis
(Elevator Person #1)
Luke Welland as Coffee Shop Manager
Luke Welland
(Coffee Shop Manager)
Julian LeBlanc as Young Steve Janks
Julian LeBlanc
(Young Steve Janks)
Michael Sangha as Concierge
Michael Sangha
BJ Harrison as Elevator Person #2
BJ Harrison
(Elevator Person #2)
Rachel Hutchinson as Girlfriend #1
Rachel Hutchinson
(Girlfriend #1)
Natalie Skye as Bankruptcy Client #1
Natalie Skye
(Bankruptcy Client #1)
Crystal Dalman as Mother
Crystal Dalman
Holly Hougham as Pretty Girl
Holly Hougham
(Pretty Girl)
Juno Rinaldi as Girl in Store
Juno Rinaldi
(Girl in Store)
Nicola Anderson as Elevator Person #3
Nicola Anderson
(Elevator Person #3)
Alicia Crudo as Girlfriend #2
Alicia Crudo
(Girlfriend #2)
Sukh Singh as Bankruptcy Cilent #2
Sukh Singh
(Bankruptcy Cilent #2)
Terence Kelly as Marty Fliegel
Terence Kelly
(Marty Fliegel)
Drew Ray Tanner as Elevator Person #4
Drew Ray Tanner
(Elevator Person #4)
Tom Tasse as Bankruptcy Client #3
Tom Tasse
(Bankruptcy Client #3)
Maureen Thomas as Phyllis Fliegel
Maureen Thomas
(Phyllis Fliegel)
Paul Duchart as Elevator Person #5
Paul Duchart
(Elevator Person #5)
Ty Olsson as Sergeant Danny Harrington
Ty Olsson
(Sergeant Danny Harrington)
Simon Bradbury as Colston
Simon Bradbury
Dan Joffre as Deli Owner
Dan Joffre
(Deli Owner)
Mig Macario as Warne
Mig Macario
Elfina Luk as Waitress
Elfina Luk
Gigi Jackman as Wing Girl #1
Gigi Jackman
(Wing Girl #1)
Lissa Neptuno as Secretary #2
Lissa Neptuno
(Secretary #2)
Ruthie Unaegbu as Wing Girl #2
Ruthie Unaegbu
(Wing Girl #2)
Marci T. House as Nathan's Mother
Marci T. House
(Nathan's Mother)
Jennifer Mawhinney as Wing Girl #3
Jennifer Mawhinney
(Wing Girl #3)
Ricardo Scarabelli as Guard #1
Ricardo Scarabelli
(Guard #1)
Jane Blinston as Baby Lila Reed
Jane Blinston
(Baby Lila Reed)
Katherine Blinston as Baby Lila Reed
Katherine Blinston
(Baby Lila Reed)
Dianne Greenwood as Lawyer
Dianne Greenwood
Mark Lavell as Ferry Boat Passenger
Mark Lavell
(Ferry Boat Passenger)
Richard Abbott as Judge
Richard Abbott
Mark Acheson as Bartender
Mark Acheson
Reid Anderson as Zack Maiken
Reid Anderson
(Zack Maiken)
Rene Belyea as Deffense Attorney
Rene Belyea
(Deffense Attorney)
Arien Boey as Nancy's Son #1
Arien Boey
(Nancy's Son #1)
Anita Brown as Justin's Date
Anita Brown
(Justin's Date)
Alec Burden as Fredrick Larsen
Alec Burden
(Fredrick Larsen)
Brian Calvert as Fisherman
Brian Calvert
Fulvio Cecere as Mr. Donhill
Fulvio Cecere
(Mr. Donhill)
Maria J. Cruz as Angela
Maria J. Cruz
Paul Cummings as Protestor #2
Paul Cummings
(Protestor #2)
Terence Dament as Talking Swat Guy
Terence Dament
(Talking Swat Guy)
Chantele Francis as Nurse
Chantele Francis
Evan Frayne as McKay's Lawyer
Evan Frayne
(McKay's Lawyer)
Jennifer Cheon Garcia as Jenny Chang
Jennifer Cheon Garcia
(Jenny Chang)
Mark Ghanimé as CSI Detective
Mark Ghanimé
(CSI Detective)
Jason Griffith as Beefy Protestor
Jason Griffith
(Beefy Protestor)
Jacob Hoppenbrouwer as Natalie's Son #2
Jacob Hoppenbrouwer
(Natalie's Son #2)
Serge Houde as Dr. Laventhol
Serge Houde
(Dr. Laventhol)
Don House as Baliff
Don House
Juliet Jarikre as Union Assistant
Juliet Jarikre
(Union Assistant)
Tristan Jensen as Officer
Tristan Jensen
Greg Kean as Epstein
Greg Kean
Larisa Oleynik as Officer Glacki
Larisa Oleynik
(Officer Glacki)
Libby Osler as Becka Maiken
Libby Osler
(Becka Maiken)
Shekhar Paleja as Reporter
Shekhar Paleja
Zahf Paroo as Joe
Zahf Paroo
Patrick P. Pon as Yamamoto
Patrick P. Pon
Sean Owen Roberts as Ty Rolfson
Sean Owen Roberts
(Ty Rolfson)
Sachin Sahel as Law Clerk
Sachin Sahel
(Law Clerk)
Nisreen Slim as Receptionist
Nisreen Slim
Izaak Smith as Franco Wheeler
Izaak Smith
(Franco Wheeler)
Kavan Smith as Jesse
Kavan Smith
Teana-Marie Smith as Cassandre
Teana-Marie Smith
Stacie Steadman as Roxanne
Stacie Steadman
John Emmet Tracy as Mike Duffy
John Emmet Tracy
(Mike Duffy)
Felipe Viana as Delivery Guy
Felipe Viana
(Delivery Guy)
Latonya Williams as Waitress
Latonya Williams
Donna Yamamoto as Judge Gordon
Donna Yamamoto
(Judge Gordon)
Peter Arpesella as Additional Voices
Peter Arpesella
(Additional Voices)
Michael Adamthwaite as Cashier
Michael Adamthwaite
Alex Arsenault as Hoodie
Alex Arsenault
Noah Beggs as Police Officer
Noah Beggs
(Police Officer)
Adrian Bustamante as Angry Hot Dog Buyer
Adrian Bustamante
(Angry Hot Dog Buyer)
Carl Chamberlin as Hurried Passenger
Carl Chamberlin
(Hurried Passenger)
Nathan Dashwood as Young Hewlitt
Nathan Dashwood
(Young Hewlitt)
Alison Kumar as Court Reporter
Alison Kumar
(Court Reporter)
Jaeson Lee as Taekwondo Instructor
Jaeson Lee
(Taekwondo Instructor)
Maggie Ma as Fan
Maggie Ma
Carl Marino as Businessman
Carl Marino
Ilona Marino as Businesswoman
Ilona Marino
Kristian Messere as Young Bill Gates
Kristian Messere
(Young Bill Gates)
Erika Pearson as Neighbor
Erika Pearson
Marlo Franson as Protester
Marlo Franson
Anjeli Jana as Paralegal
Anjeli Jana
Tom MacNeill as Trucker
Tom MacNeill
Brendan Taylor as Apartment Manager
Brendan Taylor
(Apartment Manager)

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