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Khoshhal! (2017)


  • Genres:
    Action | Comedy | Crime | Mystery | Fantasy | Thriller
  • Release Date:
    6 December 2017
  • Broadcast Co:
    Littleton Road Productions - Original Film - Syfy - Universal Cable Productions -
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h
  • Summary:
    Nick Sax awakes on a hospital gurney. He's a hit man who used to be a cop; it's all part of the job. What's troubling Sax isn't his serious injury, but the seriously perky flying blue horse that claims it is the imaginary friend of someone who is in serious trouble. The horse's name? Happy, of course. Adapted from a Grant Morrison story.

Cast & Crew

Christopher Meloni as Nick Sax
Christopher Meloni
(Nick Sax)
Ritchie Coster as Francisco Scaramucci
Ritchie Coster
(Francisco Scaramucci)
Lili Mirojnick as Det. Meredith McCarthy
Lili Mirojnick
(Det. Meredith McCarthy)
Patton Oswalt as Happy
Patton Oswalt
Bryce Lorenzo as Hailey Hansen
Bryce Lorenzo
(Hailey Hansen)
Medina Senghore as Amanda Hansen
Medina Senghore
(Amanda Hansen)
Patrick Fischler as Smoothie
Patrick Fischler
Christopher Fitzgerald as Sonny Shine
Christopher Fitzgerald
(Sonny Shine)
Antonia Rey as Assunta
Antonia Rey
Joseph D. Reitman as Very Bad Santa
Joseph D. Reitman
(Very Bad Santa)
Quentin Morales as Cal
Quentin Morales
Gus Halper as Mikey Scaramucci
Gus Halper
(Mikey Scaramucci)
Ren Colley as Kenji
Ren Colley
Debi Mazar as Isabella Scaramucci
Debi Mazar
(Isabella Scaramucci)
Dwelvan David as Odipo
Dwelvan David
Katie Beth Hall as Brooke
Katie Beth Hall
Alexander Jameson as Noah
Alexander Jameson
Jaimie Kelton as Bo Peep
Jaimie Kelton
(Bo Peep)
Paul Wight as Big Pink
Paul Wight
(Big Pink)
Laura Poe as Jessica McCarthy
Laura Poe
(Jessica McCarthy)
Carly Sullivan as Gala Scaramucci
Carly Sullivan
(Gala Scaramucci)
Benjamin Snyder as Chris Wick
Benjamin Snyder
(Chris Wick)
Michael Maize as Le Dic
Michael Maize
(Le Dic)
Ben Cole as Landon
Ben Cole
Ashlie Atkinson as Ace
Ashlie Atkinson
Dante Pereira-Olson as Gerry Scaramucci
Dante Pereira-Olson
(Gerry Scaramucci)
Catherine LeFrere as Anna-Theresa
Catherine LeFrere
Stephanie Gibson as Pixley
Stephanie Gibson
Karen Giordano as Elena
Karen Giordano
Lily Buchanan as Jamie
Lily Buchanan
Hannah Hodson as Prostitute
Hannah Hodson
Daniel Sunjata as Simon
Daniel Sunjata
Curtis Armstrong as Dayglo Doug
Curtis Armstrong
(Dayglo Doug)
Donnetta Lavinia Grays as Hubble
Donnetta Lavinia Grays
Bob Turton as Scoot
Bob Turton
Lee R. Sellars as Kap Gostynski
Lee R. Sellars
(Kap Gostynski)
Ratnesh Dubey as Dr. Reddy
Ratnesh Dubey
(Dr. Reddy)
Jeffrey Emerson as Warden Kilpatrick
Jeffrey Emerson
(Warden Kilpatrick)
Roya Shanks as EVP
Roya Shanks
Andrew Kaempfer as Trotsky
Andrew Kaempfer
Collin Smith as Mannequin
Collin Smith
Samantha Bishop as Beth
Samantha Bishop
Laura Darrell as Sister Lee
Laura Darrell
(Sister Lee)
Ann-Margret as Bebe DeBarge
(Bebe DeBarge)
Jeffrey Ross as Twigs
Jeffrey Ross
Christopher Carley as Jessup
Christopher Carley
Mariana Cardenas as Exec #1
Mariana Cardenas
(Exec #1)
Tiffany Denise Hobbs as Nurse
Tiffany Denise Hobbs
Jim Ferris as Exec #2
Jim Ferris
(Exec #2)
Garth Kravits as Doctor
Garth Kravits
Jonathan Tindle as Chairman
Jonathan Tindle
Pearl Thomas as Exec #3
Pearl Thomas
(Exec #3)
Glenn Wein as Dr. Garnele
Glenn Wein
(Dr. Garnele)
Sam Wolf as Florian Scaramucci
Sam Wolf
(Florian Scaramucci)
Victor La Mantia as Mousy
Victor La Mantia
Joe Perrino as Pal Scaramucci
Joe Perrino
(Pal Scaramucci)
Amanda Dressel as Kellie Laskey
Amanda Dressel
(Kellie Laskey)
James Collins Jr. as Pencil Dick
James Collins Jr.
(Pencil Dick)
Benny Elledge as Jabba the Hebrew
Benny Elledge
(Jabba the Hebrew)
Alexander Aguilar as Barron
Alexander Aguilar
Malia Varela as Dagny
Malia Varela
Katie Grgecic as Callie Laskey
Katie Grgecic
(Callie Laskey)
Moise Morancy as Courier
Moise Morancy
Al Linea as Cillian
Al Linea
Luke Slattery as Sock Puppet
Luke Slattery
(Sock Puppet)
Lindsay Brill as Carol
Lindsay Brill
Olivia Fanders as Ellie Laskey
Olivia Fanders
(Ellie Laskey)
Allen Enlow as Coroner
Allen Enlow
Gino Cafarelli as Fusco
Gino Cafarelli
Lou Patane as Pope
Lou Patane
Ashley Paige Albert as Little Voice
Ashley Paige Albert
(Little Voice)
Kerry Flanagan as Rita
Kerry Flanagan
Erik McKay as Prison Guard
Erik McKay
(Prison Guard)
Billy West as Raspberry
Billy West
Alison Fraser as Mrs. Claws
Alison Fraser
(Mrs. Claws)
Jeff Goldblum as God
Jeff Goldblum
Johnny Weir as TV Reporter
Johnny Weir
(TV Reporter)
Don Stephenson as Emil
Don Stephenson
Jordan Gelber as Saul
Jordan Gelber
'Weird Al' Yankovic as Smoking Man Baby
'Weird Al' Yankovic
(Smoking Man Baby)
Lucas Van Engen as Erik Patterson
Lucas Van Engen
(Erik Patterson)
Paige Howard as Dr. Julie
Paige Howard
(Dr. Julie)
Amanda Palmer as Opera Singer
Amanda Palmer
(Opera Singer)
Wass Stevens as Geno Sarcuzzi
Wass Stevens
(Geno Sarcuzzi)
Asra Arif as Conception 'Coco' Sanz
Asra Arif
(Conception 'Coco' Sanz)
Brendan Burke as Terrance
Brendan Burke
Aaron Serotsky as David
Aaron Serotsky
Jennifer Kim as Elizabeth
Jennifer Kim
Jerry Springer as Jerry Springer
Jerry Springer
(Jerry Springer)
Jack Cotterell as Nutcracker
Jack Cotterell
Marylouise Burke as Nun
Marylouise Burke
Deshawn Wyatte as Officer #1
Deshawn Wyatte
(Officer #1)
Bonnie Milligan as Evie
Bonnie Milligan
Corey Allen as Father Appieh
Corey Allen
(Father Appieh)
Will McInerney as Benjamin Peters
Will McInerney
(Benjamin Peters)
David Bonderoff as Waiter #1
David Bonderoff
(Waiter #1)
Daniel Chase as Punk #1
Daniel Chase
(Punk #1)
Joe Giorgio as Officer #2
Joe Giorgio
(Officer #2)
Laura Jordan as Lena
Laura Jordan
Lily Davis as Delight
Lily Davis
Caleb Eberhardt as J.D.
Caleb Eberhardt
Brian Ogilvie as Lenny Donnelly
Brian Ogilvie
(Lenny Donnelly)
J.Stephen Brantley as Trucker #1
J.Stephen Brantley
(Trucker #1)
Stephanie Gould as Waiter #2
Stephanie Gould
(Waiter #2)
Julian Lerner as Calev
Julian Lerner
Devon Moyd as Punk #2
Devon Moyd
(Punk #2)
John Lichtwait as Redneck Dad
John Lichtwait
(Redneck Dad)
Anne Troup as Emma Baker
Anne Troup
(Emma Baker)
George Letrell as Prison Guard
George Letrell
(Prison Guard)
Mandela Bellamy as Waiter #3
Mandela Bellamy
(Waiter #3)
Liam James Daniels as Trucker #2
Liam James Daniels
(Trucker #2)
Olan Montgomery as Gambler #1
Olan Montgomery
(Gambler #1)
Morpheus Peters as Audience Kid
Morpheus Peters
(Audience Kid)
Jon Haslam as Brent Baker
Jon Haslam
(Brent Baker)
Paco Tolson as Sonny Shine Security Guard
Paco Tolson
(Sonny Shine Security Guard)
Aubin Bradley as Earnest Kid
Aubin Bradley
(Earnest Kid)
Elisa de La Roche as Cheryl
Elisa de La Roche
Inna Dukach as Opera Soprano
Inna Dukach
(Opera Soprano)
Lidiane Fernandes as Sister Philomena
Lidiane Fernandes
(Sister Philomena)
Brian Hastert as ER Doctor
Brian Hastert
(ER Doctor)
Erin Leigh Peck as Deb
Erin Leigh Peck
Ron Stroman as Gambler #2
Ron Stroman
(Gambler #2)
Catherine Ashmore Bradley as Penny Baker
Catherine Ashmore Bradley
(Penny Baker)
Celia Howard as Mrs. Jablonski
Celia Howard
(Mrs. Jablonski)
Richard Bergman as Bingo Caller
Richard Bergman
(Bingo Caller)
Yvonne Cone as Waitress
Yvonne Cone
Raphael Corkhill as Gate Guard
Raphael Corkhill
(Gate Guard)
Natalia Elizabeth as Pauline
Natalia Elizabeth
Shannon Harris as ER Nurse
Shannon Harris
(ER Nurse)
Elizabeth Rich as Deandra
Elizabeth Rich
Marc Basil as Lead Gangster
Marc Basil
(Lead Gangster)
Junior Mendez as Cop 1
Junior Mendez
(Cop 1)
Billy Bollbach as Big Red
Billy Bollbach
(Big Red)
Jaime Joseph as Paulette
Jaime Joseph
Peter Kybart as Heckler #1
Peter Kybart
(Heckler #1)
Kimberly Magness as Void Angel
Kimberly Magness
(Void Angel)
Thedra Porter as Recovering Addict #1
Thedra Porter
(Recovering Addict #1)
Sawandi Wilson as Cop 2
Sawandi Wilson
(Cop 2)
Matthew F. O'Connor as Smoking Teamster
Matthew F. O'Connor
(Smoking Teamster)
Lawrence Cioppa as Heckler #2
Lawrence Cioppa
(Heckler #2)
Byrne Davis Jr. as Recovering Addict #2
Byrne Davis Jr.
(Recovering Addict #2)
Britt Faulkner as Secretary
Britt Faulkner
E. James Ford as Easter Bunny
E. James Ford
(Easter Bunny)
Maggie Weston as Void Goddess
Maggie Weston
(Void Goddess)
Genson Blimline as Funny Teamster
Genson Blimline
(Funny Teamster)
Scott Burik as Gio
Scott Burik
Anthony Alessandro as Dario
Anthony Alessandro
Tonya Canady as Juvi Cop
Tonya Canady
(Juvi Cop)
David O'Brien as Narrator
David O'Brien
Lars Engstrom as Police Officer
Lars Engstrom
(Police Officer)
Enga Davis as Mother
Enga Davis
Peter Angelinas as Mailbox Clerk
Peter Angelinas
(Mailbox Clerk)
Katie Wylie as Daughter
Katie Wylie
Anthony Vaughn Merchant as Paramedic 1
Anthony Vaughn Merchant
(Paramedic 1)
Anais Lee as Daughter
Anais Lee
Michael Ryan Segal as Ricky
Michael Ryan Segal
Whitney Andrews as Intern
Whitney Andrews
Griffin Reese as Kid
Griffin Reese
Diana Ruppe as Mother
Diana Ruppe
Dorcas Sowunmi as Nanny
Dorcas Sowunmi
Brady Adair as Insurance Agent
Brady Adair
(Insurance Agent)
Sebastian Chacon as Paramedic 2
Sebastian Chacon
(Paramedic 2)
David Abeles as Irish Goon
David Abeles
(Irish Goon)
Morgan Wolk as Wife
Morgan Wolk
Annie Meisels as Mom
Annie Meisels
Gary Ray as Hunter
Gary Ray
Meredith Salenger as Antonia De Sica
Meredith Salenger
(Antonia De Sica)
dL Sams as Nanny #2
dL Sams
(Nanny #2)
Michael Twaine as Chess Player #1
Michael Twaine
(Chess Player #1)
Camiel Warren-Taylor as Snickering Twit
Camiel Warren-Taylor
(Snickering Twit)
Louis Balletta as Studio Goon
Louis Balletta
(Studio Goon)
Scotty Crowe as Husband
Scotty Crowe
Megan Densmore as Biker #2
Megan Densmore
(Biker #2)
Aixa Kendrick as Strange Woman
Aixa Kendrick
(Strange Woman)
Carlos Ledesma as Delivery Guy
Carlos Ledesma
(Delivery Guy)
Geddeth Smith as Chess Player #2
Geddeth Smith
(Chess Player #2)
Matt Giroveanu as Hospital Security Cop
Matt Giroveanu
(Hospital Security Cop)
Paul Bomba as Cop
Paul Bomba
Gavin Lodge as Windsor-Tied Exec
Gavin Lodge
(Windsor-Tied Exec)
Emma Factor as Jenna
Emma Factor
Anthony J. Gallo as Father Emil
Anthony J. Gallo
(Father Emil)
Alexandra Moruzzi as Snotball
Alexandra Moruzzi
Meghan O'Neill as Ms. Palm
Meghan O'Neill
(Ms. Palm)
Jude Tibeau as Desk Cop
Jude Tibeau
(Desk Cop)
Bartley Booz as Executive Assistant
Bartley Booz
(Executive Assistant)
Michael Alban as Head Guard
Michael Alban
(Head Guard)
Erik Frandsen as Herr Zimmer
Erik Frandsen
(Herr Zimmer)
Chazz Menendez as Gangster #2
Chazz Menendez
(Gangster #2)
Magdalena Borlando as Intern
Magdalena Borlando
A.D. Johnson as Lead Orderly
A.D. Johnson
(Lead Orderly)
Alya Thackeray as Nerdy Girl #1
Alya Thackeray
(Nerdy Girl #1)
Anthony Pettine as Captain Pancake
Anthony Pettine
(Captain Pancake)
Victoria Dillon as Nerdy Girl #2
Victoria Dillon
(Nerdy Girl #2)
Kyle Klaus as Brad
Kyle Klaus
Harley Yeager as Orderly
Harley Yeager
Emily Ackerman as 8 Bit Cat
Emily Ackerman
(8 Bit Cat)
Brad Makarowski as Dad
Brad Makarowski
Tara Pacheco as Daisy
Tara Pacheco
Joy Shatz as Jean
Joy Shatz
Ethan Herschenfeld as Halal Vendor
Ethan Herschenfeld
(Halal Vendor)
Jenna Jolley as Cartoon Eleanor Roosevelt
Jenna Jolley
(Cartoon Eleanor Roosevelt)
Jacob Laval as Excitable Kid
Jacob Laval
(Excitable Kid)
Ian Unterman as Gene
Ian Unterman
Ruth Righi as Wiseman #1
Ruth Righi
(Wiseman #1)
Joe Feldman-Barros as Passenger
Joe Feldman-Barros
Eric McKinley as August Edgebloom
Eric McKinley
(August Edgebloom)
Jon Martens as Wiseman #2
Jon Martens
(Wiseman #2)
Garrett Richmond as Cheap Suit
Garrett Richmond
(Cheap Suit)
Lily Du as Colleen
Lily Du
Mami Kimura as Nurse
Mami Kimura
Stephen Lin as Ping
Stephen Lin
Edan Jacob Levy as Fedora Hat
Edan Jacob Levy
(Fedora Hat)
Meng Ai as Willy
Meng Ai
Eston Fung as Delivery Boy
Eston Fung
(Delivery Boy)
Schecter Lee as Chinese Elder
Schecter Lee
(Chinese Elder)
Kathryn Grace as Angel
Kathryn Grace
Chris Cafero as Officer Clark unknown episodes
Chris Cafero
(Officer Clark unknown episodes)
Emmy Elliott as Hot Elf unknown episodes
Emmy Elliott
(Hot Elf unknown episodes)
Zabryna Guevara as Amanda unknown episodes
Zabryna Guevara
(Amanda unknown episodes)
Ava Englenton as Classmate
Ava Englenton
Amanda Virzi as Classmate
Amanda Virzi
Roger Brenner as EMT
Roger Brenner
David Chen as Fighting Jerry Springer Guest
David Chen
(Fighting Jerry Springer Guest)
Hermione Heckrich as Santa Lap Kid
Hermione Heckrich
(Santa Lap Kid)
Martin Pfefferkorn as Sunglasses Wearing Santa in Strip Club
Martin Pfefferkorn
(Sunglasses Wearing Santa in Strip Club)
Frankie Verroca as Drunk Santa Claus
Frankie Verroca
(Drunk Santa Claus)
Bill Walters as Santa in Strip Club
Bill Walters
(Santa in Strip Club)
Pedro Marcelino as Squeaky Party Guest
Pedro Marcelino
(Squeaky Party Guest)
Annie Pisapia as Visitor
Annie Pisapia
Genoveva Rossi as Squeaky Party Guest
Genoveva Rossi
(Squeaky Party Guest)
Art Shrian Tiwari as Passerby
Art Shrian Tiwari
Sloane Wolfe as Nativity Shepard
Sloane Wolfe
(Nativity Shepard)
Phoebe Amirault as Audience Kid
Phoebe Amirault
(Audience Kid)
Giuseppe Ardizzone as MTA Bus Driver
Giuseppe Ardizzone
(MTA Bus Driver)
Avondre E.D. Beverley as Kid
Avondre E.D. Beverley
Assibey Blake as Mental Patient
Assibey Blake
(Mental Patient)
Kristoffe Brodeur as Russian Prison Gang Member
Kristoffe Brodeur
(Russian Prison Gang Member)
Jamaal Burcher as Bell Boy
Jamaal Burcher
(Bell Boy)
E.J. Carroll as Jelly
E.J. Carroll
Aidan Christman as Show Attendee
Aidan Christman
(Show Attendee)
Marmee Regine Cosico as SAG Pedestrian
Marmee Regine Cosico
(SAG Pedestrian)
Jim Ford as Mob Hospital Medic #2
Jim Ford
(Mob Hospital Medic #2)
Melina Lanza as Student
Melina Lanza
Bob Leszczak as Elderly Dead Guy Draped over Chair
Bob Leszczak
(Elderly Dead Guy Draped over Chair)
Anthony Mecca as Cop #2
Anthony Mecca
(Cop #2)
Emma R. Mudd as Little Girl in Audience
Emma R. Mudd
(Little Girl in Audience)
Jivan Xander Ramesh as Audience Kid
Jivan Xander Ramesh
(Audience Kid)
Derrick Simmons as Mob Hospital Medic #1
Derrick Simmons
(Mob Hospital Medic #1)
Kimmy Suzuki as Asian Nun
Kimmy Suzuki
(Asian Nun)
Giuseppe Virzi as Gerry
Giuseppe Virzi
Samantha Whyland as Playground Child
Samantha Whyland
(Playground Child)
Joe Wooley as Pedestrian
Joe Wooley
Frankie Petrosino as Young boy
Frankie Petrosino
(Young boy)
Cruz Rodriguez as Child at Concert
Cruz Rodriguez
(Child at Concert)

Thumbnails & Trailers


Sharayete Khas
Sharayete Khas
Hotel Del Luna
Hotel Del Luna
Dar Arezooye Ezdevaj
Dar Arezooye Ezdevaj
Ghavi del
Ghavi del
Haram Sareye Soltan
Haram Sareye Soltan