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Koshtane Eve (2018)

Koshtane Eve

  • Genres:
    Action | Drama | Adventure | Thriller
  • Release Date:
    8 April 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    Sid Gentle Films - Endeavor Content - BBC America
  • Country:
    USA | UK | Italy
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    42 min
  • Summary:
    Eve is a bored, whip-smart security services operative whose desk-bound job doesn't fulfill her fantasies of being a spy. Villanelle is a talented killer, who clings to the luxuries her violent job affords her. These two fierce women, equally obsessed with each other, will go head to head in an epic game of cat and mouse, toppling the typical spy-action thriller.

Cast & Crew

Sandra Oh as Eve Polastri
Sandra Oh
(Eve Polastri)
Jodie Comer as Villanelle
Jodie Comer
Fiona Shaw as Carolyn Martens
Fiona Shaw
(Carolyn Martens)
Kim Bodnia as Konstantin
Kim Bodnia
Owen McDonnell as Niko Polastri
Owen McDonnell
(Niko Polastri)
Sean Delaney as Kenny Stowton
Sean Delaney
(Kenny Stowton)
Kirby Howell-Baptiste as Elena Felton
Kirby Howell-Baptiste
(Elena Felton)
Edward Bluemel as Hugo
Edward Bluemel
Henry Lloyd-Hughes as Aaron Peel
Henry Lloyd-Hughes
(Aaron Peel)
Nina Sosanya as Jess
Nina Sosanya
Darren Boyd as Frank Haleton
Darren Boyd
(Frank Haleton)
Sonia Elliman as Madame Tattevin
Sonia Elliman
(Madame Tattevin)
David Haig as Bill Pargrave
David Haig
(Bill Pargrave)
Aaron Vodovoz as Prison Guard 3
Aaron Vodovoz
(Prison Guard 3)
Adrian Scarborough as Raymond
Adrian Scarborough
Jung Sun den Hollander as The Ghost
Jung Sun den Hollander
(The Ghost)
Emma Pierson as Gemma
Emma Pierson
Andrei Zayats as Concierge
Andrei Zayats
Luke de Woolfson as British Dad
Luke de Woolfson
(British Dad)
Susan Lynch as Anna
Susan Lynch
Ken Nwosu as Max Sanford
Ken Nwosu
(Max Sanford)
Emanuele Romano as Palazzo Guard
Emanuele Romano
(Palazzo Guard)
Olivia Ross as Nadia
Olivia Ross
Adeel Akhtar as Martin
Adeel Akhtar
Billy Matthews as Dominik Wolanski
Billy Matthews
(Dominik Wolanski)
Andrea Tivadar as Young Woman
Andrea Tivadar
(Young Woman)
Zhenya Leverett as Agniya
Zhenya Leverett
Laura Karklina as Young Woman 2
Laura Karklina
(Young Woman 2)
Shannon Tarbet as Amber Peel
Shannon Tarbet
(Amber Peel)
Yakim Nedelchev as Filip Petrova
Yakim Nedelchev
(Filip Petrova)
Topher Collins as Police Officer
Topher Collins
(Police Officer)
Yuli Lagodinsky as Irina
Yuli Lagodinsky
Sabrina Open as Local Girl
Sabrina Open
(Local Girl)
Irina Lytiak as Paramedic
Irina Lytiak
Arian Nik as Jay
Arian Nik
Tom Ward-Thomas as Legoland Receptionist
Tom Ward-Thomas
(Legoland Receptionist)
Irina Kara as Head Guard
Irina Kara
(Head Guard)
Simon Thorp as Greg Richardson
Simon Thorp
(Greg Richardson)
Zoë Wanamaker as Helen Jacobson
Zoë Wanamaker
(Helen Jacobson)
Elina Alminas as Prison Guard 1
Elina Alminas
(Prison Guard 1)
Simon Chin as Zhang Wu
Simon Chin
(Zhang Wu)
Remo Girone as Cesare Greco
Remo Girone
(Cesare Greco)
Haruka Kuroda as Keiko Pargrave
Haruka Kuroda
(Keiko Pargrave)
Barbara Sotelsek as Hot Medica Receptionist
Barbara Sotelsek
(Hot Medica Receptionist)
Victoria Howell as Launderette Owner
Victoria Howell
(Launderette Owner)
Thomas Jeand'Heure as TCA Officer
Thomas Jeand'Heure
(TCA Officer)
Aidan Kelly as Charles
Aidan Kelly
Tomi May as Danny
Tomi May
Julian Michael Deuster as Man in Hot Medica Reception
Julian Michael Deuster
(Man in Hot Medica Reception)
Will Haddington as London Waiter
Will Haddington
(London Waiter)
Geff Francis as John
Geff Francis
Nickolas Grace as Larry
Nickolas Grace
Elena Saurel as Woman at Train Station
Elena Saurel
(Woman at Train Station)
Claire Vousden as Supermarket Woman
Claire Vousden
(Supermarket Woman)
Rinat Khismatouline as Leon
Rinat Khismatouline
Mohamed Badissy as Taxi Driver
Mohamed Badissy
(Taxi Driver)
Julian Barratt as Julian
Julian Barratt
Charlie Hamblett as Sebastian
Charlie Hamblett
Emily McIllwraith as Inga
Emily McIllwraith
Terrence Amadi as Security Guard
Terrence Amadi
(Security Guard)
Michael Hanratty as Supermarket Cashier
Michael Hanratty
(Supermarket Cashier)
Lina Garvardt as Prison Guard 4
Lina Garvardt
(Prison Guard 4)
Amelia Hoy as Peel HQ Secretary
Amelia Hoy
(Peel HQ Secretary)
André Refig as Paris Doctor
André Refig
(Paris Doctor)
Tom Scurr as Journalist
Tom Scurr
Edward Akrout as Diego
Edward Akrout
Viorica Bantas as School Receptionist
Viorica Bantas
(School Receptionist)
David Bertrand as Jerome
David Bertrand
Tatiana Gurin as Woman with Pram
Tatiana Gurin
(Woman with Pram)
Pierre Atri as Gabriel
Pierre Atri
Laurentiu Possa as Vladimir Betkin
Laurentiu Possa
(Vladimir Betkin)
Austin Hardiman as Tommy
Austin Hardiman
Richard Pryal as Peel Lawyer
Richard Pryal
(Peel Lawyer)
Ana Maria Bercu as Air Hostess
Ana Maria Bercu
(Air Hostess)
Edyta Budnik as Kasia Molkovska
Edyta Budnik
(Kasia Molkovska)
Jan Carey as Veronica Hill
Jan Carey
(Veronica Hill)
Gin Mar as Van Guard
Gin Mar
(Van Guard)
Susie Trayling as Pamela
Susie Trayling
Nigel Betts as Quartermaster
Nigel Betts
Caroline Crier as Madame Dubois
Caroline Crier
(Madame Dubois)
Ethan Kai as Tony
Ethan Kai
Ania Marson as Ethel Rubynovitch
Ania Marson
(Ethel Rubynovitch)
Anatole Taubman as Weber
Anatole Taubman
Laura Bayston as Babs
Laura Bayston
Diana Payan as Julian's Mother
Diana Payan
(Julian's Mother)
Eunice Roberts as Linda
Eunice Roberts
David Agranov as Dr Marat
David Agranov
(Dr Marat)
Andrew Byron as Anton
Andrew Byron
Huw Parmenter as Senior
Huw Parmenter
Basienka Blake as Marie
Basienka Blake
Zoë Pastelle Holthuizen as Dutch Hipster
Zoë Pastelle Holthuizen
(Dutch Hipster)
Michael Moore as Oliver
Michael Moore
Andy Secombe as Eric
Andy Secombe
Lobo Chan as Jin Yeong
Lobo Chan
(Jin Yeong)
Larissa Kouznetsova as Prison Guard 2
Larissa Kouznetsova
(Prison Guard 2)
Stefanie Mueller as Nicole Moreaux
Stefanie Mueller
(Nicole Moreaux)
Olivia Carruthers as Ms. Leary
Olivia Carruthers
(Ms. Leary)
Roeland Fernhout as Markus
Roeland Fernhout
Barbara Flynn as Julia
Barbara Flynn
Phil McKee as Iain
Phil McKee
Coline Atterbury as Berlin Shop Assistant
Coline Atterbury
(Berlin Shop Assistant)
Aurélie Meriel as Carla De Mann
Aurélie Meriel
(Carla De Mann)
Annelies Appelhof as Sarah (Markus' Wife)
Annelies Appelhof
(Sarah (Markus' Wife))
Marko Leht as Ivan
Marko Leht
Nicoló Ambrosio as Davide
Nicoló Ambrosio
Renars Latkovskis as Gregor
Renars Latkovskis
Cat Simmons as Carleen
Cat Simmons
Wendy Vrijenhoek as Woman in Cafe
Wendy Vrijenhoek
(Woman in Cafe)
Paolo D Bovani as Leoluca
Paolo D Bovani
Neil Ford as Man in Café
Neil Ford
(Man in Café)
Nadia Mayer as Cesare Greco's Wife
Nadia Mayer
(Cesare Greco's Wife)
Emma Josten as Sex Worker #1
Emma Josten
(Sex Worker #1)
Charlyne Francis as Reception Nurse
Charlyne Francis
(Reception Nurse)
Hugo Nicholson as Geordie Stag
Hugo Nicholson
(Geordie Stag)
Azaan Symes as Kebab Shop Man
Azaan Symes
(Kebab Shop Man)
Sally Reeve as Nurse Watkins
Sally Reeve
(Nurse Watkins)
Giulia Patrignani as Girl in Ice Cream Parlor
Giulia Patrignani
(Girl in Ice Cream Parlor)
Michael Akinsulire as Jordan
Michael Akinsulire
Paolo Roca Rey as Ice Cream Vendor
Paolo Roca Rey
(Ice Cream Vendor)
David Cann as Len
David Cann
Mike Reus as AIVD Officer
Mike Reus
(AIVD Officer)
Doortje Kleinrensink as Sex Worker #2
Doortje Kleinrensink
(Sex Worker #2)
Jonathan Huisman as Drug Dealer
Jonathan Huisman
(Drug Dealer)
Thomas Kuratli as Club DJ
Thomas Kuratli
(Club DJ)
Chelsea Mather as Goth Girl
Chelsea Mather
(Goth Girl)
Elisabeth Bonjour as Nanny
Elisabeth Bonjour
Bern Collaço as Bridge Passerby
Bern Collaço
(Bridge Passerby)
Sam Douglas as David Rokes
Sam Douglas
(David Rokes)
Anthony Maynard as Self - Restaurant Diner
Anthony Maynard
(Self - Restaurant Diner)
Harriet Walter
Harriet Walter
Alfredo Tavares as Golfing Resort Patron
Alfredo Tavares
(Golfing Resort Patron)
Raj Awasti as Bridge Player
Raj Awasti
(Bridge Player)
Maria Alexandrova as Prison Guard
Maria Alexandrova
(Prison Guard)
Gintare Beinoraviciute as Passerby
Gintare Beinoraviciute
Ruth Horrocks as Headshot - MI6 Unit Crime Board
Ruth Horrocks
(Headshot - MI6 Unit Crime Board)
Ty Hurley as French Dinner Guest
Ty Hurley
(French Dinner Guest)
Alyson Larholm as Prisoner
Alyson Larholm
Martin Müller as Pub Garden Guest
Martin Müller
(Pub Garden Guest)
Sanjev Parma as Bridge Player
Sanjev Parma
(Bridge Player)
Stephanie Pezolano as French Lady Exiting Toilets
Stephanie Pezolano
(French Lady Exiting Toilets)
Amy Savage as Club goer
Amy Savage
(Club goer)
Tamara Sharpe as Pub Customer
Tamara Sharpe
(Pub Customer)
Katya Shulepko as Russian Prisoner
Katya Shulepko
(Russian Prisoner)
Jo Wheatley as Prisoner
Jo Wheatley
Wong Charlie as Tourist
Wong Charlie
Aranka Geene as Passerby
Aranka Geene
Michel Alexandre Gonzalez as Man in a Restaurant
Michel Alexandre Gonzalez
(Man in a Restaurant)
Guna Gultniece as Prisoner
Guna Gultniece
Patrick Holly as Commuter
Patrick Holly
Lana Ish-Muhametova as Tube Passerby
Lana Ish-Muhametova
(Tube Passerby)
Jefferson King as Detective Neil
Jefferson King
(Detective Neil)
Tiago Martins as Commuter
Tiago Martins
Elena Mazzon as Hotel Receptionist
Elena Mazzon
(Hotel Receptionist)
Jesse Meester as Stag
Jesse Meester
Andrew Novell as Bad Breath Alan
Andrew Novell
(Bad Breath Alan)
Gianni Calchetti as Restaurant Goer
Gianni Calchetti
(Restaurant Goer)
Rob Day as John Wallace
Rob Day
(John Wallace)
Pino Maiello as Wedding Guest
Pino Maiello
(Wedding Guest)

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Yek Eshgh Yek Jonoon
Yek Eshgh Yek Jonoon
Fazilat Khanum
Fazilat Khanum
Ashianeye Delam
Ashianeye Delam
Ham Gonah
Ham Gonah
Salhaye Mashroteh
Salhaye Mashroteh