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Mafiosa (2006)


  • Genres:
    Action | Crime | Drama
  • Release Date:
    12 December 2006
  • Broadcast Co:
    Canal+ - Image et Compagnie - Jimmy
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Some material may not be suitable for children)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    48 min
  • Summary:
    After the cold blood murder of Francois Paoli,a notorious Corsican mobster, Sandra Paoli, his niece, takes over the reign of violence, money, drug and sex in a world of it's own : Corsica.

Cast & Crew

Hélène Fillières as Sandra Paoli
Hélène Fillières
(Sandra Paoli)
Phareelle Onoyan as Carmen
Phareelle Onoyan
Eric Fraticelli as Tony
Eric Fraticelli
Véronique Volta as Saudade
Véronique Volta
Thierry Neuvic as Jean-Michel Paoli
Thierry Neuvic
(Jean-Michel Paoli)
Jean-Pierre Kalfon as Toussaint
Jean-Pierre Kalfon
Frédéric Graziani as Manu Mordiconi
Frédéric Graziani
(Manu Mordiconi)
Jean-Philippe Ricci as Alain Damiani
Jean-Philippe Ricci
(Alain Damiani)
Denis Braccini as Thomas Quilichini
Denis Braccini
(Thomas Quilichini)
Emmanuelle Hauck as Christelle Paoli
Emmanuelle Hauck
(Christelle Paoli)
Pierre-Marie Mosconi as Mattei
Pierre-Marie Mosconi
Fabrizio Rongione as Rémi Andréani
Fabrizio Rongione
(Rémi Andréani)
Jean-François Perrone as Jean Santini
Jean-François Perrone
(Jean Santini)
Paul Garatte as Jean-Luc
Paul Garatte
Jean-François Mattei as Alex
Jean-François Mattei
Jean-Marc Michelangeli as Sauveur Bonafedi
Jean-Marc Michelangeli
(Sauveur Bonafedi)
Caroline Baehr as Marie-Luce
Caroline Baehr
Michel Ferracci as André
Michel Ferracci
Paul Prudenti as Simon
Paul Prudenti
Linda Hardy as Livia
Linda Hardy
Cédric Appietto as Guy
Cédric Appietto
Sebastien Vandenberghe as Fred
Sebastien Vandenberghe
Alexandre de Seze as Lorenzini
Alexandre de Seze
Abraham Belaga as Mikaël
Abraham Belaga
Joey Starr as Moktar
Joey Starr
Olivier Ythier as Le Juge
Olivier Ythier
(Le Juge)
Patrick Dell'Isola as Commissaire Rocca
Patrick Dell'Isola
(Commissaire Rocca)
Philippe Corti as Manu Mordiconi
Philippe Corti
(Manu Mordiconi)
Bruno Magne as Daniel Colombani
Bruno Magne
(Daniel Colombani)
Stefano Accorsi as Enzo
Stefano Accorsi
Pierre Leccia as Grimaldi
Pierre Leccia
Mélissa Drigeard as Jessica
Mélissa Drigeard
Mickaël Chirinian as Mac Gyver
Mickaël Chirinian
(Mac Gyver)
Rémi Martin as Martial Santoni
Rémi Martin
(Martial Santoni)
Claude Faraldo as Ange Paoli
Claude Faraldo
(Ange Paoli)
Carlo Brandt as Orso Paoli
Carlo Brandt
(Orso Paoli)
Erick Desmarestz as Président Larcher
Erick Desmarestz
(Président Larcher)
Anna Mihalcea as Milka Demazon
Anna Mihalcea
(Milka Demazon)
Yves Jacques as Mathieu Zamponi
Yves Jacques
(Mathieu Zamponi)
Pierre Battesti as Augustin
Pierre Battesti
Marisa Berenson as Caterina Paoli
Marisa Berenson
(Caterina Paoli)
Marc Bodnar as Commissaire Keller
Marc Bodnar
(Commissaire Keller)
Jo Fondacci as Simon Bianchini
Jo Fondacci
(Simon Bianchini)
Jonathan Cohen as Patrick Benmussa
Jonathan Cohen
(Patrick Benmussa)
Daniel Duval as François Paoli
Daniel Duval
(François Paoli)
Asia Argento as Charly
Asia Argento
Sarah-Laure Estragnat as Betty
Sarah-Laure Estragnat
Lionel Tavera as Poli
Lionel Tavera
Reda Kateb as Nader
Reda Kateb
Stéphane Mendella as Lisandru Paoli
Stéphane Mendella
(Lisandru Paoli)
Jérémie Orsoni as Fanfan Paoli
Jérémie Orsoni
(Fanfan Paoli)
Denis Pierinelli as Pierre-Marie Paoli
Denis Pierinelli
(Pierre-Marie Paoli)
Jean-François Stévenin as Coco Casanova
Jean-François Stévenin
(Coco Casanova)
Philippe Nahon as Jules Acquaviva
Philippe Nahon
(Jules Acquaviva)
Guy Cimino as Yacinthe Léandri
Guy Cimino
(Yacinthe Léandri)
Catriona MacColl as Correspondante DEA
Catriona MacColl
(Correspondante DEA)
Dominique Valadié as Blanche Paoli
Dominique Valadié
(Blanche Paoli)
Vincent Heneine as François
Vincent Heneine
Gérard Mazzoni as Dume
Gérard Mazzoni
Jérémy Lornac as Agui
Jérémy Lornac
Gray Orsatelli as Donat
Gray Orsatelli
Chaïti Terrazzoni as Lezia
Chaïti Terrazzoni
Ange Basterga as Anto
Ange Basterga
Isabelle Tanakil as Maria Léandri
Isabelle Tanakil
(Maria Léandri)
Jérôme Robart as Sébastien Acquaviva
Jérôme Robart
(Sébastien Acquaviva)
Chany Sabaty as Louise infirmière
Chany Sabaty
(Louise infirmière)
David Clark as Agent DEA
David Clark
(Agent DEA)
Anto Mela as Ludo
Anto Mela
André Canonici as PFB
André Canonici
Bernard Destouches as Pascal Santini
Bernard Destouches
(Pascal Santini)
Daniel Delorme as Filipponi
Daniel Delorme
Diariata Niang as Garde Moktar
Diariata Niang
(Garde Moktar)
Renan Carteaux as Marc Acquaviva
Renan Carteaux
(Marc Acquaviva)
Jean-Françoise Istria as Jean-Simon Renucci
Jean-Françoise Istria
(Jean-Simon Renucci)
Valérie Donzelli as L'avocate
Valérie Donzelli
Louise Szpindel
Louise Szpindel
Agnès Regolo as Juge des libertés
Agnès Regolo
(Juge des libertés)
Raymond Aquaviva as Louis-Pierre Filippi
Raymond Aquaviva
(Louis-Pierre Filippi)
Didier Landucci as Maestracci
Didier Landucci
David Saracino as Batti
David Saracino
Sophie Meister as Sophia
Sophie Meister
Michel Albertini as Paul-Noël Agostini
Michel Albertini
(Paul-Noël Agostini)
Ghjulla Pierrini-Darcourt as Mimi
Ghjulla Pierrini-Darcourt
Dominique Régnier as Paula Filipponi
Dominique Régnier
(Paula Filipponi)
Tony Secondi as Croupier Dakota
Tony Secondi
(Croupier Dakota)
Ange Chiaroni as Ange
Ange Chiaroni
Françoise Colombani as Jacky Tramoni
Françoise Colombani
(Jacky Tramoni)
Toussaint Martinetti as Marco Bonelli
Toussaint Martinetti
(Marco Bonelli)
Antoine Basler as Commissaire Rocca
Antoine Basler
(Commissaire Rocca)
Venantino Venantini as Charly Scaglia 'La Machine'
Venantino Venantini
(Charly Scaglia 'La Machine')
Jean-Pierre Lanfranchi as Gïo Sperandeï
Jean-Pierre Lanfranchi
(Gïo Sperandeï)
Axel Acosta as Jean-Michel enfant
Axel Acosta
(Jean-Michel enfant)
Didier Ferrari as Jo Nicoli
Didier Ferrari
(Jo Nicoli)
Frédéric Poggi as Jean-Jo
Frédéric Poggi
Anne Cart as Journaliste
Anne Cart
Serge Barbagallo as Nono
Serge Barbagallo
Edouard Nikitine as Jancovic
Edouard Nikitine
Marie Favasuli as Aurélia
Marie Favasuli
Moussa Maaskri as Suleiman
Moussa Maaskri
Pascal Farre as Dédé
Pascal Farre
Matthew Gonder as Technicien DEA
Matthew Gonder
(Technicien DEA)
Jean-François Fieschi as Jeune garde Sandra
Jean-François Fieschi
(Jeune garde Sandra)
Thomas Bronzini de Caraffa as Antoine
Thomas Bronzini de Caraffa
Pascale Castelli Profizi as Barmaid Dakota
Pascale Castelli Profizi
(Barmaid Dakota)
Alain Blazquez as Directeur SRPJ - Bastia
Alain Blazquez
(Directeur SRPJ - Bastia)
Jean Pierre Acquaviva as Journalist TV
Jean Pierre Acquaviva
(Journalist TV)
Alexandre Fanti as Serveur paillote
Alexandre Fanti
(Serveur paillote)
Jean-Louis Loca as Gino
Jean-Louis Loca
Héléna Noguerra as Laetitia
Héléna Noguerra
Colomba Sabeur as Julia
Colomba Sabeur
Laurent Straboni as Le gros Jo
Laurent Straboni
(Le gros Jo)
Thierry Agostini as Hommes Dumé
Thierry Agostini
(Hommes Dumé)
Serge Allegre as Homme Luciani
Serge Allegre
(Homme Luciani)
Christophe Brault as Avocat D'Enzo
Christophe Brault
(Avocat D'Enzo)
Marie-Paule Franceschetti as Madame Aquaviva
Marie-Paule Franceschetti
(Madame Aquaviva)
Fanny Kowalewsky as Genny
Fanny Kowalewsky
Laurent Leca as Hommes Dumé
Laurent Leca
(Hommes Dumé)
Alexandre Mariani as Homme Luciani
Alexandre Mariani
(Homme Luciani)
Marie Murcia as Marie-Paule
Marie Murcia
Pascale Profizi Casteli as Barmaid Dakota
Pascale Profizi Casteli
(Barmaid Dakota)
Chjara d'Ortoli as Lezia Paoli
Chjara d'Ortoli
(Lezia Paoli)
Alexandre Joannides as Natio cagoule1
Alexandre Joannides
(Natio cagoule1)
Matteo Michelangeli as Sampierro Paoli
Matteo Michelangeli
(Sampierro Paoli)
Batti Profizi as Natio cagoule3
Batti Profizi
(Natio cagoule3)
Auguste Rouffy as Auguste barman Cercle
Auguste Rouffy
(Auguste barman Cercle)
Hippolyte Girardot
Hippolyte Girardot
Jean-Luc Borras as Santi
Jean-Luc Borras
Franck Adrien as Carmino
Franck Adrien
Jacques Germain as Directeur supermarché
Jacques Germain
(Directeur supermarché)
Fred Epaud as Peretti
Fred Epaud
Francescu Raffaelli as Bourbaki
Francescu Raffaelli
Pascal Tagnati as Aldo
Pascal Tagnati
Stéphane Blancafort as Copain #1
Stéphane Blancafort
(Copain #1)
Mickaël Delis as 'Victoria'
Mickaël Delis
Jean-Pierre Sanchez as Kevin
Jean-Pierre Sanchez
Robert Assolen as Copain #2
Robert Assolen
(Copain #2)
Cloé Senac as Sandra enfant
Cloé Senac
(Sandra enfant)
Bruno Flender as Barthélémy Ambrosiani
Bruno Flender
(Barthélémy Ambrosiani)
Abdelhafid Metalsi as Driss Kebir
Abdelhafid Metalsi
(Driss Kebir)
Jean-Paul Nicolaï as Mémé Livardi
Jean-Paul Nicolaï
(Mémé Livardi)
Jérome Raschiero as Brigadier police
Jérome Raschiero
(Brigadier police)
Pierre Beziers as Gérant lavomatic
Pierre Beziers
(Gérant lavomatic)
Jacques Dau as Lucien Chiesa
Jacques Dau
(Lucien Chiesa)
Michel Voletti as Procureur
Michel Voletti
Gilda Albertoni as Tina
Gilda Albertoni
Philippe Méry as Technicien Policie scientifique
Philippe Méry
(Technicien Policie scientifique)
Axel Zeppegno as Surfeur
Axel Zeppegno
Antoine Carboni as Polo le berger
Antoine Carboni
(Polo le berger)
Franck Libert as Homme tabassé
Franck Libert
(Homme tabassé)
Cécile Paoli as Alberta
Cécile Paoli
Valérie Leboutte as Médecin
Valérie Leboutte
Tracy Darin as Médecin
Tracy Darin
Corrado Invernizzi as Technicien italien
Corrado Invernizzi
(Technicien italien)
Marie Lapasset as Copine Carmen
Marie Lapasset
(Copine Carmen)
Ahcène Nini as Momo
Ahcène Nini
Gigi Ledron as Violette
Gigi Ledron
Cédric Maruani as Marc Livardi
Cédric Maruani
(Marc Livardi)
Christian Mazucchini as Lorenzo
Christian Mazucchini
Kazem Messalti as Slimane Kebir
Kazem Messalti
(Slimane Kebir)
Monique Chaumette as Mme Mordiconi
Monique Chaumette
(Mme Mordiconi)
Henri Olmetta as Philippi
Henri Olmetta
Yasmina Lumet as Khalima Kebir
Yasmina Lumet
(Khalima Kebir)
Nouda Mouna as Jeune albanaise
Nouda Mouna
(Jeune albanaise)
Giovanni Portincasa as Michele le conférencier
Giovanni Portincasa
(Michele le conférencier)
Anita Sarxian as Pénélope
Anita Sarxian
Olivier le Royer as Livreur Aston Martin
Olivier le Royer
(Livreur Aston Martin)
Laurent Battist as Comique italien
Laurent Battist
(Comique italien)
José Heuzé as Officier de gendarmerie
José Heuzé
(Officier de gendarmerie)
Ivia Medori as Suzanne Colonna
Ivia Medori
(Suzanne Colonna)
Jean-Jérôme Esposito as Tino Marmara
Jean-Jérôme Esposito
(Tino Marmara)
Jean-Pierre Gourdain as Le bijoutier
Jean-Pierre Gourdain
(Le bijoutier)
Jean-François Malet as Patron Balnéo
Jean-François Malet
(Patron Balnéo)
Frédéric Soulié as Commentateur de boxe
Frédéric Soulié
(Commentateur de boxe)
Stephan Chrisz as Interne maternité
Stephan Chrisz
(Interne maternité)
Laurence Cormerais as Vendeuse bijouterie
Laurence Cormerais
(Vendeuse bijouterie)
Bernard Llopis as Patron Métropolis
Bernard Llopis
(Patron Métropolis)
Dominick Breuil as Capitaine des affaires maritimes
Dominick Breuil
(Capitaine des affaires maritimes)
Gildas Saublet as Jeune con #1
Gildas Saublet
(Jeune con #1)
Guy Hampartzoumian as Le Marseillais
Guy Hampartzoumian
(Le Marseillais)
Nicolas Maestracci as Jeune con #2
Nicolas Maestracci
(Jeune con #2)
Laurent Maurel as Capitaine de gendarmerie
Laurent Maurel
(Capitaine de gendarmerie)
Catherine Sparta as Serena
Catherine Sparta
François Berlinghi as Bartoli
François Berlinghi
Pierre-Laurent Santelli as Le dentiste
Pierre-Laurent Santelli
(Le dentiste)
Guillaume Lanson as Gendarme Tino
Guillaume Lanson
(Gendarme Tino)
Tatiana Korian as Alix
Tatiana Korian
Lény Sellam as Flic Dakota
Lény Sellam
(Flic Dakota)
Alice Pol as Aurélie
Alice Pol
Fabrice Talon as L'agent immobilier
Fabrice Talon
(L'agent immobilier)
Robin Causse as Le jeune homme
Robin Causse
(Le jeune homme)
Emilie Jumeaux as Emilie
Emilie Jumeaux
Jacques Leporati
Jacques Leporati
Jacques Nicolini as Jeune 2
Jacques Nicolini
(Jeune 2)
Anthony Pichard as Jeune 1
Anthony Pichard
(Jeune 1)
Jean-François Regazzi as Capitaine des pompiers
Jean-François Regazzi
(Capitaine des pompiers)
Jean-Michel Ropers as Client de Driss
Jean-Michel Ropers
(Client de Driss)
Marcelle Stefanelli as Vieille dame
Marcelle Stefanelli
(Vieille dame)
Philippe Amati as Homme journaliste
Philippe Amati
(Homme journaliste)
Angelo Aybar as Le gitan
Angelo Aybar
(Le gitan)
Pierre Benezit as Murat
Pierre Benezit
Patrick Bernaud as Pilote moto
Patrick Bernaud
(Pilote moto)
Virgile Bramly as Pipo
Virgile Bramly
Eric Challier as Homme Dakota
Eric Challier
(Homme Dakota)
Mickaël Collart as Derveur Bellagio
Mickaël Collart
(Derveur Bellagio)
Jean-Marc Desmond as L'infirmier
Jean-Marc Desmond
Albane Fioretti as L'infirmière
Albane Fioretti
Cid Freer as Paolo
Cid Freer
Benjamin Garcia-Casinelli as Mari de Mimi
Benjamin Garcia-Casinelli
(Mari de Mimi)
Christine Ghipponi as Marie-Noelle Bonafedi
Christine Ghipponi
(Marie-Noelle Bonafedi)
Gianni Giardinelli as Nico
Gianni Giardinelli
Jando Graziani as Fanfan
Jando Graziani
Jérôme Keen as Dozlan
Jérôme Keen
Xavier Leccia as Chasseur 1
Xavier Leccia
(Chasseur 1)
Richard Macchi as Serveur Pigalle
Richard Macchi
(Serveur Pigalle)
Charles Marcellesi as Docteur Pietri
Charles Marcellesi
(Docteur Pietri)
Jean-Pierre Marcellesi as Grazziani
Jean-Pierre Marcellesi
Antonia Mariani as Claudie
Antonia Mariani
Manuela Marsolle as Claudia
Manuela Marsolle
Jean Menconi as Le nationaliste
Jean Menconi
(Le nationaliste)
Christophe Mondoloni as L'indic
Christophe Mondoloni
Nicolas Poli as Serveur Restaurant Jean-Michel
Nicolas Poli
(Serveur Restaurant Jean-Michel)
Jean-Claude Profizi as Chasseur 2
Jean-Claude Profizi
(Chasseur 2)
Morgane Rouault as Fillette du puits
Morgane Rouault
(Fillette du puits)
Elisa Sebag as Femme de Pipo
Elisa Sebag
(Femme de Pipo)
Pierre Vander-Meiren as Garçonnet du puits
Pierre Vander-Meiren
(Garçonnet du puits)
Michel Bidet as Chauffeur Jules Acquaviva
Michel Bidet
(Chauffeur Jules Acquaviva)
Anna D'Annunzio as Copine Batti
Anna D'Annunzio
(Copine Batti)
Patricia Folly as Danseuse Crazy
Patricia Folly
(Danseuse Crazy)
Kamel Laadaili as Bensallah
Kamel Laadaili
Maurice Mattei as Le curé
Maurice Mattei
(Le curé)
Khalil Mjahed as L'épicier
Khalil Mjahed
Eugené Orsini as Paulo
Eugené Orsini
Yann Peira as Policier hôpital
Yann Peira
(Policier hôpital)
Joan Piercecchi as Homme Poli
Joan Piercecchi
(Homme Poli)
Jean-Roger Renucci as Gardien Person 2
Jean-Roger Renucci
(Gardien Person 2)
Philippe Riolacci as Gardien Person 1
Philippe Riolacci
(Gardien Person 1)
Angela Rossi as Copine Ludo
Angela Rossi
(Copine Ludo)
Seven as Eentraîneuse Dakota
(Eentraîneuse Dakota)
Tatiana Thialon as Serveuse
Tatiana Thialon
Féodor Atkine as Banquier Muller
Féodor Atkine
(Banquier Muller)
Antoine Cholet as Anthony directeur ferries 1
Antoine Cholet
(Anthony directeur ferries 1)
Aymeric Dapsence as Commandant Mangin
Aymeric Dapsence
(Commandant Mangin)
Delphine de Turckheim as Gardienne prison
Delphine de Turckheim
(Gardienne prison)
Amlan Larcher as Copine Quilichini
Amlan Larcher
(Copine Quilichini)
Oksana Markham as Copine Quilichini
Oksana Markham
(Copine Quilichini)
Bernez Moal as Curé
Bernez Moal
Luca Musso as L'enfant au vélo
Luca Musso
(L'enfant au vélo)
Karina Obrien
Karina Obrien
Franceschi Pierre-Jean as Le Curé
Franceschi Pierre-Jean
(Le Curé)
Patrice Pujol as Freeman
Patrice Pujol
Patrick Zamboni as Natio cagoule1
Patrick Zamboni
(Natio cagoule1)
Frédéric Achard as Policier maritime unknown episodes
Frédéric Achard
(Policier maritime unknown episodes)
Marianne Anska as Madame Leonelli unknown episodes
Marianne Anska
(Madame Leonelli unknown episodes)
Robert Archiapati as Léonce Ambrosiani unknown episodes
Robert Archiapati
(Léonce Ambrosiani unknown episodes)
Fanny Avram as Tueuse unknown episodes
Fanny Avram
(Tueuse unknown episodes)
Yves Borrini as Préfet unknown episodes
Yves Borrini
(Préfet unknown episodes)
Armand Chagot as Responsable des docks unknown episodes
Armand Chagot
(Responsable des docks unknown episodes)
Henri Costa as Vendeur supermarché unknown episodes
Henri Costa
(Vendeur supermarché unknown episodes)
Jérôme de Lempdes as Max le barman unknown episodes
Jérôme de Lempdes
(Max le barman unknown episodes)
Anne-Renée Duhaime as Solange unknown episodes
Anne-Renée Duhaime
(Solange unknown episodes)
Didier Ferrara as Jo Nicoli unknown episodes
Didier Ferrara
(Jo Nicoli unknown episodes)
Sylvie Ferro as Docteur Brunetti unknown episodes
Sylvie Ferro
(Docteur Brunetti unknown episodes)
Marie-Ange Geronimi as Gabriela unknown episodes
Marie-Ange Geronimi
(Gabriela unknown episodes)
Berthélémy Giulj as Gardien de la paix unknown episodes
Berthélémy Giulj
(Gardien de la paix unknown episodes)
Alexandra Le Garrec as Secrétaire Santi unknown episodes
Alexandra Le Garrec
(Secrétaire Santi unknown episodes)
Iva Medori as unknown episodes
Iva Medori
(unknown episodes)
Carim Messalti as Expert unknown episodes
Carim Messalti
(Expert unknown episodes)
Olivier Meurville as Tueur unknown episodes
Olivier Meurville
(Tueur unknown episodes)
Bertrand Milliot as Homme des assurances unknown episodes
Bertrand Milliot
(Homme des assurances unknown episodes)
Luc Mondolini as Commentateur TV unknown episodes
Luc Mondolini
(Commentateur TV unknown episodes)
Roland Munter as Capitaine du Sarajevo unknown episodes
Roland Munter
(Capitaine du Sarajevo unknown episodes)
Frédéric Soulie as Commentateur de boxe unknown episodes
Frédéric Soulie
(Commentateur de boxe unknown episodes)
Pierrick Tonelli as Police Officer
Pierrick Tonelli
(Police Officer)

Thumbnails & Trailers


Baraye Eshgham Jan Midaham
Baraye Eshgham Jan Midaham
Asheghan Mah
Asheghan Mah
Hekayate Kohneh
Hekayate Kohneh
Zendegie Man
Zendegie Man