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Majaraheye Nokdu

Majaraheye Nokdu (2019)

Majaraheye Nokdu

  • Genres:
    Action | Romance | Comedy | History
  • Release Date:
    30 September 2019
  • Broadcast Co:
    Monster Union - Production H
  • Country:
    South Korea
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    30 min
  • Summary:
    Jeon Nok Du is a man with extraordinary ambition to experience the big, wide world. With looks, brains, and athletic abilities, he is the epitome of perfection. After being swept up in an incident, he disguises himself as a woman to join a mysterious all-woman community and meets Dong Dong Joo. Dong Dong Joo is a prickly gisaeng trainee. Along with her fiery personality, she is clumsy, has absolutely no sense of rhythm, and is tone-deaf, which makes all of her peers look after her. However, she is skilled with her hands as she can make anything if given the right tools. Unable to stand injustice, she speaks her mind.

Cast & Crew

Dong-Yoon Jang as Jeon Nok Du
Dong-Yoon Jang
(Jeon Nok Du)
So-Hyun Kim as Dong Dong Joo
So-Hyun Kim
(Dong Dong Joo)
Tae-oh Kang as Cha Yul Mu
Tae-oh Kang
(Cha Yul Mu)
Jun-ho Jeong as King Gwang Hae
Jun-ho Jeong
(King Gwang Hae)
Seung-Joon Lee as Jung Yoon Jeo
Seung-Joon Lee
(Jung Yoon Jeo)
Mun-shik Lee as Hwang Jang Geun
Mun-shik Lee
(Hwang Jang Geun)
Geon-Hee Song as Jeon Hwang Tae
Geon-Hee Song
(Jeon Hwang Tae)
Jo Soo-Hyang as Kim Ssook
Jo Soo-Hyang
(Kim Ssook)
Gun-han Ko as Yeon Geun
Gun-han Ko
(Yeon Geun)
Tae-woo Kim as Lord Heo Yoon
Tae-woo Kim
(Lord Heo Yoon)
Joo-Bin Lee as Mae Hwa Soo
Joo-Bin Lee
(Mae Hwa Soo)
Yu-seon Yun as Cheon Haeng Soo
Yu-seon Yun
(Cheon Haeng Soo)
Park Da-Yeon as Aengdoo
Park Da-Yeon
Soo-bin Ahn as Widow saved by Nokdu
Soo-bin Ahn
(Widow saved by Nokdu)
Jin-seo Jun as Cha Yool Mu (young)
Jin-seo Jun
(Cha Yool Mu (young))
Ho-jae Lee as Elderly man
Ho-jae Lee
(Elderly man)

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