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Maxira (2016)


  • Genres:
    Family | Romance | Drama
  • Release Date:
    9 February 2016
  • Broadcast Co:
    Most Production
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    42 min
  • Summary:
    The story about a girl who does the impossible to be with the person that she loves. Conversely, he has no feelings for her.

Cast & Crew

Tayanç Ayaydin as Hüseyin Cevher
Tayanç Ayaydin
(Hüseyin Cevher)
Ecem Özkaya as Melek Çamoglu Cevher
Ecem Özkaya
(Melek Çamoglu Cevher)
Seray Gözler as Süheyla Cevher
Seray Gözler
(Süheyla Cevher)
Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan as Bayram Cevher
Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan
(Bayram Cevher)
Birkan Sokullu as Kerim Cevher
Birkan Sokullu
(Kerim Cevher)
Burcu Biricik as Hülya Çamoglu Cevher
Burcu Biricik
(Hülya Çamoglu Cevher)
Olgun Toker as Mahir Duru
Olgun Toker
(Mahir Duru)
Pelin Öztekin as Zeynep Namikoglu
Pelin Öztekin
(Zeynep Namikoglu)
Almila Bagriacik as Filiz
Almila Bagriacik
Osman Alkas as Müfit Namikoglu
Osman Alkas
(Müfit Namikoglu)
Deniz Altan as Bade Cevher
Deniz Altan
(Bade Cevher)
Aydan Tas as Nilay
Aydan Tas
Deniz Sen Hamzaoglu as Kaya
Deniz Sen Hamzaoglu
Recep Güneysu as Cem Darende
Recep Güneysu
(Cem Darende)
Gamze Demirbilek as Hatice Cevher
Gamze Demirbilek
(Hatice Cevher)
Pinar Hamzaoglu as Ceylan
Pinar Hamzaoglu
Serap Önder as Aysel
Serap Önder
Pamir Pekin as Hazer Torunbas
Pamir Pekin
(Hazer Torunbas)
Beste Kökdemir as Melisa Torunbas
Beste Kökdemir
(Melisa Torunbas)
Filiz Ahmet as Nurgül
Filiz Ahmet
Ahmet Saraçoglu as Salih Çamoglu
Ahmet Saraçoglu
(Salih Çamoglu)
Ezgi Tombul as Mine
Ezgi Tombul
Özlem Türay as Emine Çamoglu
Özlem Türay
(Emine Çamoglu)
Zeynep Köse as Burçin
Zeynep Köse
Ayhan Kizilsu as Atif
Ayhan Kizilsu
Sibel Melek Arat as Hülya(kücüklük)
Sibel Melek Arat
Atsiz Karaduman as Ziya Torunbas
Atsiz Karaduman
(Ziya Torunbas)
Cem Kenar as Young Kaya
Cem Kenar
(Young Kaya)
Aden Duru Orak as Melek (Kücüklügü)
Aden Duru Orak
(Melek (Kücüklügü))
Elif Sevinç as Young Nilay
Elif Sevinç
(Young Nilay)
Taha Yusuf Tan as Young Kerim
Taha Yusuf Tan
(Young Kerim)
Melike Yalova as Suzi
Melike Yalova
Umut Açabuga
Umut Açabuga
Serhat Sümer
Serhat Sümer
Ayça Varlier as Mahsa
Ayça Varlier
Denise Ankel as Aylin Tuncer
Denise Ankel
(Aylin Tuncer)
Folke Paulsen as Taxifahrer Paul
Folke Paulsen
(Taxifahrer Paul)
Cihangir Aktas
Cihangir Aktas
Mert Arat
Mert Arat
Gözde Bayram
Gözde Bayram
Orhan Dere
Orhan Dere
Tugçe Dogan
Tugçe Dogan
Özgür Elmas
Özgür Elmas
Mercan Yelda Ertan
Mercan Yelda Ertan
Fatma Gunalp
Fatma Gunalp
Can Güvenç
Can Güvenç
Defne Halman as Hikmet (Guest Star)
Defne Halman
(Hikmet (Guest Star))
Frederic Heidorn as Alex
Frederic Heidorn
Orhan Huseynov
Orhan Huseynov
Mehmet Zeki Kalkan
Mehmet Zeki Kalkan
Evren Penez
Evren Penez
Resul Teymur
Resul Teymur
Poyraz Turan
Poyraz Turan
Rüzgar Turan
Rüzgar Turan
Defne Yazar
Defne Yazar
Volkan Çolpan
Volkan Çolpan

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Ghole Sharaf
Ghole Sharaf