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Mr. Bean (1990)

Mr. Bean

  • Genres:
    Family | Comedy
  • Release Date:
    1 January 1990
  • Broadcast Co:
    Tiger Aspect Productions - Thames Television - Central Television
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    35 min
  • Summary:
    Life is a difficult challenge for Mr Bean, who despite being a grown adult, has trouble completing even the simplest of tasks. Thankfully, his perseverance is usually rewarded, and he finds an ingenious way around the problem.

Cast & Crew

Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean
Rowan Atkinson
(Mr. Bean)
Robin Driscoll as Man Buying Tokens
Robin Driscoll
(Man Buying Tokens)
Matilda Ziegler as The Girlfriend
Matilda Ziegler
(The Girlfriend)
Matthew Ashforde as Hotel Porter
Matthew Ashforde
(Hotel Porter)
Roger Sloman as The Blind Man
Roger Sloman
(The Blind Man)
Susie McKenna as Mother
Susie McKenna
Nick Hancock as The Camera Thief
Nick Hancock
(The Camera Thief)
C.J. Allen
C.J. Allen
Rupert Vansittart as Guardsman
Rupert Vansittart
Howard Goodall as Musician
Howard Goodall
Hugo Mendez as The Boy in Park
Hugo Mendez
(The Boy in Park)
Christopher Driscoll as Man in School Corridor
Christopher Driscoll
(Man in School Corridor)
Rupert Bates
Rupert Bates
Paul Bown as The Student
Paul Bown
(The Student)
Angus Deayton as Man on Park Bench
Angus Deayton
(Man on Park Bench)
Dave O'Higgins as The Busker
Dave O'Higgins
(The Busker)
Richard Wilson as The Dentist
Richard Wilson
(The Dentist)
Michael Fenton Stevens as Hotel Guest
Michael Fenton Stevens
(Hotel Guest)
Robert Austin as Party Guest
Robert Austin
(Party Guest)
Suzanne Bertish as Art Teacher
Suzanne Bertish
(Art Teacher)
Suzy Aitchison
Suzy Aitchison
Jacqueline Defferary as Woman in Laundry Room
Jacqueline Defferary
(Woman in Laundry Room)
Paul McDowell as The Customer
Paul McDowell
(The Customer)
Rudolph Walker as The Invigilator
Rudolph Walker
(The Invigilator)
Su Douglas as The Lady with Letter
Su Douglas
(The Lady with Letter)
Caroline Quentin as The Traffic Warden
Caroline Quentin
(The Traffic Warden)
Roger Brierley as Hotel Manager
Roger Brierley
(Hotel Manager)
Andy Bradford
Andy Bradford
Lucy Fleming as Angry Teacher with Boy
Lucy Fleming
(Angry Teacher with Boy)
Simon Godley as Rupert
Simon Godley
Elizabeth Bennett
Elizabeth Bennett
Grant Masters as Man in Laundry Room
Grant Masters
(Man in Laundry Room)
Frederick Treves as Colonel
Frederick Treves
William Vandyck as The Checkout Manager
William Vandyck
(The Checkout Manager)
Dursley McLinden as The Shoe Salesman
Dursley McLinden
(The Shoe Salesman)
Owen Brenman as Store Clerk
Owen Brenman
(Store Clerk)
Sam Mead as The Schoolboy
Sam Mead
(The Schoolboy)
John Rolfe as The Postman
John Rolfe
(The Postman)
Al Ashton as ACF Drill Instructor
Al Ashton
(ACF Drill Instructor)
Helen Burns
Helen Burns
Nick Scott
Nick Scott
David Battley as Golf Attendant
David Battley
(Golf Attendant)
Tony Haase as Derek
Tony Haase
John Junkin as The Maitre D'
John Junkin
(The Maitre D')
Christine Ellerbeck as Mum
Christine Ellerbeck
Stephen Frost as The Laughing Man
Stephen Frost
(The Laughing Man)
John Warner
John Warner
Danny La Rue as Himself
Danny La Rue
Lydia Henderson-Boyle
Lydia Henderson-Boyle
David Schneider as Karate Instructor
David Schneider
(Karate Instructor)
David Stoll
David Stoll
Marilyn Finlay
Marilyn Finlay
Penelope Nice
Penelope Nice
Richard Briers as Mr. Sprout
Richard Briers
(Mr. Sprout)
Roger Lloyd Pack as The Waiter
Roger Lloyd Pack
(The Waiter)
Alan Shaxon as Eddie Spangle
Alan Shaxon
(Eddie Spangle)
Lee Barrett
Lee Barrett
Bridget Brammall as The Dental Nurse
Bridget Brammall
(The Dental Nurse)
John Barrard as Stamp Collector
John Barrard
(Stamp Collector)
Anthony Hamblin
Anthony Hamblin
Jamie Yeates as Jamie
Jamie Yeates
Steve McNicholas as The Violinist
Steve McNicholas
(The Violinist)
Julia Howson as Monique
Julia Howson
Eryl Maynard as The Air Hostess
Eryl Maynard
(The Air Hostess)
Chris Sanders
Chris Sanders
John Clegg as Calligrapher
John Clegg
Andy Greenhalgh
Andy Greenhalgh
Colin Wells as Man with Pony Tail
Colin Wells
(Man with Pony Tail)
Michael Godley as Man in Wheelchair
Michael Godley
(Man in Wheelchair)
Jonathan Stratt
Jonathan Stratt
Sam Driscoll as Boy in Chemistry Lab
Sam Driscoll
(Boy in Chemistry Lab)
Richard Marcangelo as Musician
Richard Marcangelo
Nathan Lewis as The Car Thief
Nathan Lewis
(The Car Thief)
Tracey Roberts
Tracey Roberts
Tina Maskell as The Royal
Tina Maskell
(The Royal)
Mark Khan as Disco Dancer
Mark Khan
(Disco Dancer)
Harriet Eastcott as Electrocuted Woman
Harriet Eastcott
(Electrocuted Woman)
Phil Nice as Disco Dancer
Phil Nice
(Disco Dancer)
Cindy Milo as Nude Model in Art Class
Cindy Milo
(Nude Model in Art Class)
Christopher Ryan as Karate Student
Christopher Ryan
(Karate Student)
Teddy as Teddy
Danielle Kronenberg as Kid in Toy Shop
Danielle Kronenberg
(Kid in Toy Shop)
Anna-Marie Wayne as Carol Singer
Anna-Marie Wayne
(Carol Singer)
Elliot Henderson-Boyle
Elliot Henderson-Boyle
George Webb as Headmaster
George Webb

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