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Odiseh (2013)


  • Genres:
    Drama | Adventure
  • Release Date:
    13 June 2013
  • Broadcast Co:
    GMT Productions - Making Prod - Sunflag - Moviheart
  • Country:
    Italy | France
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    45 min
  • Summary:
    The first episodes of the series are about what happened to Odyssey at Ithaca when he returned home, and the last episodes about what Homer left behind.

Cast & Crew

Caterina Murino as Pénèlope
Caterina Murino
Niels Schneider as Télémaque
Niels Schneider
Karina Testa as Cléa
Karina Testa
Carlo Brandt as Laerte
Carlo Brandt
Frédéric Quiring as Thyoscos
Frédéric Quiring
Fanny Paliard as Maia
Fanny Paliard
Diogo Dória as Euacide
Diogo Dória
José Mora Ramos as Phédon
José Mora Ramos
Tiago Manaïa as Timon
Tiago Manaïa
Manuel Wiborg as Cléon
Manuel Wiborg
Joseph Malerba as Mentor
Joseph Malerba
Jérémie Petrus as Homère
Jérémie Petrus
André Gago as Adraste
André Gago
Alessio Boni as Ulysse
Alessio Boni
Vittoria Scognamiglio as Eurynomé
Vittoria Scognamiglio
Philippe Maymat as Palamède
Philippe Maymat
Maria Cristina Heller as Théano
Maria Cristina Heller
Bruno Todeschini as Léocrite
Bruno Todeschini
Salim Kechiouche as Orion
Salim Kechiouche
Augustin Legrand as Antinoos
Augustin Legrand
Luís Gaspar as Dolios
Luís Gaspar
Vítor Andrade as Ouros
Vítor Andrade
Paulo Pinto as Elios
Paulo Pinto
Ugo Venel as Liodés
Ugo Venel
David Carreira as Xenon
David Carreira
Amilcar Azenha as Adonis
Amilcar Azenha
Nicolas Robin as Aristes
Nicolas Robin
Joana Barrios as Acté
Joana Barrios
Capucine Delaby as Nausicaa
Capucine Delaby
Victor Gonçalves as Mélénas
Victor Gonçalves
Miguel Raposo as Soldat Palamède
Miguel Raposo
(Soldat Palamède)
Miguel Romeira as Guarde 2
Miguel Romeira
(Guarde 2)
Luís Lucas as Akinoos
Luís Lucas
Sofia Grilo as Arété
Sofia Grilo
Amr Waked as Eukaristos
Amr Waked
Julie Gayet as Hélène
Julie Gayet
Sofia Pinto as Enya
Sofia Pinto
Marc Xavier as Dimos
Marc Xavier
Nuno Lopes as Amphynome
Nuno Lopes
Rita Loureiro as Femme plage #1
Rita Loureiro
(Femme plage #1)
Bruno Schiappa as Comédien #1
Bruno Schiappa
(Comédien #1)
Pedro Lacerda as Noémon
Pedro Lacerda
Hugo Matias as Comédien #2
Hugo Matias
(Comédien #2)
Bernardo Mendonça as Garde Hélène
Bernardo Mendonça
(Garde Hélène)
João Paulo Sousa as Comédien #3
João Paulo Sousa
(Comédien #3)
Teresa Madruga as Phémla
Teresa Madruga
Henrique Martins as Jeune Berger
Henrique Martins
(Jeune Berger)
Vincent Haquin as Kiros
Vincent Haquin
Philippe Leroux as Le Marchand
Philippe Leroux
(Le Marchand)
Nuno Casanovas as Jeune Ithaque
Nuno Casanovas
(Jeune Ithaque)
Sofia Nicholson as Femme plage #2
Sofia Nicholson
(Femme plage #2)
Samuel Alves as Esclave
Samuel Alves
Vitor Pinto
Vitor Pinto
Telmo Ramalho
Telmo Ramalho
Pedro Matos
Pedro Matos
Vanessa Almeida as Esclave unknown episodes
Vanessa Almeida
(Esclave unknown episodes)
Jorge Fernandes as Prétendent
Jorge Fernandes
Margarida da Costa Levy as Esclave
Margarida da Costa Levy

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Charkho Falak
Charkho Falak
Dokhtareh Mardom
Dokhtareh Mardom
Polishaye Tazekar
Polishaye Tazekar