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Otaghe Ghermez

Otaghe Ghermez (2020)

Otaghe Ghermez

  • Genres:
  • Release Date:
    4 September 2020
  • Broadcast Co:
    OGM Pictures
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
    On Air
  • Runtime:
    2 h
  • Summary:
    The events of the series revolve around a psychological clinic, and the stories and attitudes of a group of psychiatric patients who frequent it, and who lived different events between pain and joy, narrated by one of the psychiatrists who own the clinic, supervising their follow-up and trying to treat them. It is reported that "The Red Room" is a new Turkish series that belongs to the social drama that deals with real events and issues that have already occurred. It is adapted from a curious book entitled "The Red Room".

Cast & Crew

Binnur Kaya as Doktor Hanim
Binnur Kaya
(Doktor Hanim)
Tülin Özen as Dr. Piraye
Tülin Özen
(Dr. Piraye)
Burak Sevinç as Dr. Deniz
Burak Sevinç
(Dr. Deniz)
Meric Aral as Dr. Ayse
Meric Aral
(Dr. Ayse)
Halit Özgür Sari as Klinik Müdürü Murat
Halit Özgür Sari
(Klinik Müdürü Murat)
Gulcin Kultur Sahin as Tuna
Gulcin Kultur Sahin
Baran Can Eraslan as Hüseyin
Baran Can Eraslan
Sezin Bozaci as Aynur
Sezin Bozaci
Evrim Alasya as Meliha
Evrim Alasya
Salih Bademci as Mehmet
Salih Bademci
Hande Dogandemir as Nesrin
Hande Dogandemir
Melisa Sözen as Alya
Melisa Sözen
Deniz Altan as Nur
Deniz Altan
Canberk Gültekin as Salih
Canberk Gültekin
Özgür Koç as Meliha's Father
Özgür Koç
(Meliha's Father)
Cansu Dagdelen as Meliha's Mother
Cansu Dagdelen
(Meliha's Mother)
Su Burcu Coskun as Güler
Su Burcu Coskun
Idil Yade Kirnik as Young Meliha
Idil Yade Kirnik
(Young Meliha)
Sinem Karaçoban as Derya
Sinem Karaçoban
Tanem Aydin as Ayse
Tanem Aydin
Baran Yüksel as Ali
Baran Yüksel
Süleyman Eymen Aydin as Hasan
Süleyman Eymen Aydin
Önem Piskin
Önem Piskin
Kadir Tuncel
Kadir Tuncel
Dursun Celil Cephe
Dursun Celil Cephe
Talha Tosun
Talha Tosun
Mehmet Kefli
Mehmet Kefli
Ayse Merya Bagiran as Nesrin and Mehmet's Daughter
Ayse Merya Bagiran
(Nesrin and Mehmet's Daughter)
Batuhan Düz as Nesrin and Mehmet's Son
Batuhan Düz
(Nesrin and Mehmet's Son)
Gamze Apaydin as Nesrin's Mother
Gamze Apaydin
(Nesrin's Mother)
Almaç Sarikaya as Nesrin's Father
Almaç Sarikaya
(Nesrin's Father)
Damla Alibese as Young Nesrin
Damla Alibese
(Young Nesrin)
Irem Bakiner as Nesrin's Sister
Irem Bakiner
(Nesrin's Sister)
Aytekin Sahin
Aytekin Sahin
Büsra Nayir
Büsra Nayir
Emine Tugçe Altas
Emine Tugçe Altas
Salih Arslan
Salih Arslan
Yigit Sayin
Yigit Sayin
Yagiz Sayin
Yagiz Sayin
Ecem Uzun as Doktor Nihal (2020) unknown episodes
Ecem Uzun
(Doktor Nihal (2020) unknown episodes)

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Roozegare Talkh
Roozegare Talkh
Soltane Ghalbam
Soltane Ghalbam