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Paytakht 6

Paytakht 6 (2020)

Paytakht 6

  • Genres:
    Comedy | Drama
  • Release Date:
    19 March 2020
  • Broadcast Co:
    Owj Media
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG (Parental Guidance Suggested)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    40 min
  • Summary:
    Serial Paytakht 6 With the death of Baba Panjali the starting and the pentad spirit in the series, you can make yourself a manager. Fariba has come back to Iran for years, but there are rumors to suggest that will make Fahimeh discouraged by her ex-husband. Behtash, who is in the fifth season of idle and comfortable spending a fortune reading soccer goalkeeper Nassaji Mazandaran , is a typical global political juggernaut.

Cast & Crew

Mohsen Tanabandeh as Naghi Maamouli
Mohsen Tanabandeh
(Naghi Maamouli)
Rima Raminfar as Homa
Rima Raminfar
Ahmad Mehranfar as Arastoo Amel
Ahmad Mehranfar
(Arastoo Amel)
Ali Reza Khamseh as Baba Panjali
Ali Reza Khamseh
(Baba Panjali)
Sara Forghaniasl as Sara
Sara Forghaniasl
Nika Forghaniasl as Nika
Nika Forghaniasl
Nasrin Nosrati as Fahimeh
Nasrin Nosrati
Hooman Hajabdollahi as Rahmat
Hooman Hajabdollahi
Bahram Afshari as Behtash Fariba
Bahram Afshari
(Behtash Fariba)
Mehran Ahmadi as Behbood Fariba
Mehran Ahmadi
(Behbood Fariba)
Mostafa Balalhabashi as Rahman
Mostafa Balalhabashi
Mojtaba Balalhabashi as Rahim
Mojtaba Balalhabashi
Salman Khati as Taghi
Salman Khati
Linda Kiani as Shole Fadavi
Linda Kiani
(Shole Fadavi)
Hedayat Hashemi as Oos Musa
Hedayat Hashemi
(Oos Musa)
Samira Hassanpour as Goli
Samira Hassanpour
Menghan Zhang as Cho Raheleh Chang
Menghan Zhang
(Cho Raheleh Chang)
Niloofar Rajaeifar as Elizabeth
Niloofar Rajaeifar
Bardia Bagheri as Behrooz Fariba
Bardia Bagheri
(Behrooz Fariba)
Khosrow Ahmadi as Naser
Khosrow Ahmadi
Alireza Ehtesabi
Alireza Ehtesabi
Rajabali Ghodrati as Moieni
Rajabali Ghodrati
Alireza Darvish as Ramezoon
Alireza Darvish
Pejman Bazeghi as Sarvan Jalali
Pejman Bazeghi
(Sarvan Jalali)
Hossein Moheb Ahari as Safar
Hossein Moheb Ahari
Navid Khodashenas
Navid Khodashenas
Bahram Moshtaghi as Himself
Bahram Moshtaghi
Ali Salehi as Dadashi
Ali Salehi
Rostam Irannejad as Governor
Rostam Irannejad
Maryam Khodarahmi as Sepideh
Maryam Khodarahmi
Arash Nozari as Hadi
Arash Nozari
Atieh Javid as Mehri
Atieh Javid
Madjid Bahrami
Madjid Bahrami
Hoda Nasseh
Hoda Nasseh
Esmail Soltanian as Mash Hashem
Esmail Soltanian
(Mash Hashem)
Amir Hossein Ghasemi as Khodnegar
Amir Hossein Ghasemi
Sara Monjezi as Roshanak
Sara Monjezi
Mohammad Reza Aghdayi Yazdi as Nakhoda
Mohammad Reza Aghdayi Yazdi
Rabe'e Madani
Rabe'e Madani
Ezzatollah Ramazanifar as Ayoub
Ezzatollah Ramazanifar
Parvin Meykade as Malihe Moulaei
Parvin Meykade
(Malihe Moulaei)
Amir Zarivand as Bagher
Amir Zarivand
Mehraneh Behnahad as Tirandaz
Mehraneh Behnahad
Boshrea Hosseini
Boshrea Hosseini
Safar Rouhi as Teymour
Safar Rouhi
Hossein Mahdavi
Hossein Mahdavi
Pouria Poursorkh as Masoud Kabiri
Pouria Poursorkh
(Masoud Kabiri)
Amir Atshani as Ghahreman
Amir Atshani
Naimeh Nezamdoost as Mandana
Naimeh Nezamdoost
Azita Lachini as Mohtaram
Azita Lachini
Afshin Sangchap as Ghasem
Afshin Sangchap
Mohammadreza Alimardani as Ba'oo
Mohammadreza Alimardani
Reza Banafshekhah
Reza Banafshekhah
Javad Zeytuni
Javad Zeytuni
Mona Farjad as Rabiei
Mona Farjad
Amir Jafari as Himself
Amir Jafari
Saeed Ghareh Khan Lou
Saeed Ghareh Khan Lou
Davoud Zadegh Abadi as Samad
Davoud Zadegh Abadi
Akbar Vares
Akbar Vares
Hosein Tooshe
Hosein Tooshe
Majid Vasheghani as Siamak
Majid Vasheghani
Mohammad Reza Ghiasabadi
Mohammad Reza Ghiasabadi
Bahman Hashemi as Himself
Bahman Hashemi
Afsaneh Tehranchi
Afsaneh Tehranchi
Abolfazl Rajabi as Behrooz Fariba
Abolfazl Rajabi
(Behrooz Fariba)
Hashem Rohani
Hashem Rohani
Sirus Asgari
Sirus Asgari
Javad Khiabani as Himself
Javad Khiabani
Mahya Dehghani as Sousan (2015)
Mahya Dehghani
(Sousan (2015))
Mohammad Reza Hayati as Himself
Mohammad Reza Hayati
Mehdi Danayi Moghaddam
Mehdi Danayi Moghaddam
Ardeshir Kazemi
Ardeshir Kazemi
Bahram Shafi as Himself
Bahram Shafi
Hossein Sheydaie
Hossein Sheydaie
Marie Tehrani as Shima
Marie Tehrani
Fazel Azizi
Fazel Azizi
Hasan Varasteh as Hajagha
Hasan Varasteh
Ali Soleymani
Ali Soleymani

Thumbnails & Trailers


Taraje Eshgh
Taraje Eshgh
Ghatlhaye Koochak
Ghatlhaye Koochak
Dae Jo Yeong
Dae Jo Yeong
Raghs Rooi é Shisheh
Raghs Rooi é Shisheh