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Poldark (2015)


  • Genres:
    Romance | Drama | History
  • Release Date:
    8 March 2015
  • Broadcast Co:
    Mammoth Screen
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h
  • Summary:
    Ross Poldark returns to England after fighting in the American Revolution. His family and friends thought he was dead. The woman he hoped to marry is now engaged to his cousin. His father is dead, and the property he has inherited has been allowed to deteriorate. It is the late 1700s in Cornwall, England. This is a family drama, but is also about the challenges and conflicts between the rich and the poor. It is a time when fishermen are not catching much fish, tin and copper mines are closing down because prices are too low, but the price of food and rents are high. Ross faces the challenge of making his land productive, caring for the tenants who rely on him, and trying to win back the woman he loved - or finding a reason to live without her.

Cast & Crew

Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark
Aidan Turner
(Ross Poldark)
Eleanor Tomlinson as Demelza Poldark
Eleanor Tomlinson
(Demelza Poldark)
Jack Farthing as George Warleggan
Jack Farthing
(George Warleggan)
Beatie Edney as Prudie
Beatie Edney
Tristan Sturrock as Zacky Martin
Tristan Sturrock
(Zacky Martin)
Luke Norris as Dwight Enys
Luke Norris
(Dwight Enys)
Heida Reed as Elizabeth Warleggan
Heida Reed
(Elizabeth Warleggan)
Gabriella Wilde as Caroline Enys
Gabriella Wilde
(Caroline Enys)
Pip Torrens as Cary Warleggan
Pip Torrens
(Cary Warleggan)
Caroline Blakiston as Aunt Agatha
Caroline Blakiston
(Aunt Agatha)
Harry Richardson as Drake Carne
Harry Richardson
(Drake Carne)
Tom York as Sam Carne
Tom York
(Sam Carne)
Ellise Chappell as Morwenna Carne
Ellise Chappell
(Morwenna Carne)
Ed Browning as Paul Daniel
Ed Browning
(Paul Daniel)
John Hollingworth as Captain Henshawe
John Hollingworth
(Captain Henshawe)
Richard Hope as Harris Pascoe
Richard Hope
(Harris Pascoe)
Ruby Bentall as Verity Blamey
Ruby Bentall
(Verity Blamey)
Phil Davis as Jud Paynter
Phil Davis
(Jud Paynter)
Amelia Clarkson as Rosina Hoblyn
Amelia Clarkson
(Rosina Hoblyn)
Turlough Convery as Tom Harry
Turlough Convery
(Tom Harry)
Kyle Soller as Francis
Kyle Soller
Stuart Davidson as Warleggan Footman
Stuart Davidson
(Warleggan Footman)
Christian Brassington as Ossie Whitworth
Christian Brassington
(Ossie Whitworth)
Josh Whitehouse as Hugh Armitage
Josh Whitehouse
(Hugh Armitage)
James Wilby as Lord Falmouth
James Wilby
(Lord Falmouth)
John Macneill as Jacka Hoblyn
John Macneill
(Jacka Hoblyn)
Robert Daws as Dr. Choake
Robert Daws
(Dr. Choake)
John Nettles as Ray Penvenen
John Nettles
(Ray Penvenen)
Harry Marcus as Geoffrey Charles
Harry Marcus
(Geoffrey Charles)
Wensdae Gibbons as Clowance Poldark
Wensdae Gibbons
(Clowance Poldark)
Sean Gilder as Tholly Tregirls
Sean Gilder
(Tholly Tregirls)
Oscar Novak as Jeremy Poldark
Oscar Novak
(Jeremy Poldark)
John Hopkins as Sir Francis Basset
John Hopkins
(Sir Francis Basset)
Peter Sullivan as Ralph Hanson
Peter Sullivan
(Ralph Hanson)
Freddie Wise as Geoffrey Charles
Freddie Wise
(Geoffrey Charles)
Woody Norman as Valentine Warleggan
Woody Norman
(Valentine Warleggan)
Matthew Wilson as Mark Daniel
Matthew Wilson
(Mark Daniel)
Sofia Oxenham as Tess Tregidden
Sofia Oxenham
(Tess Tregidden)
Crystal Leaity as Margaret
Crystal Leaity
Gracee O'Brien as Jinny
Gracee O'Brien
Robin Ellis as Reverend Halse
Robin Ellis
(Reverend Halse)
Jake Blight as Wheal Leisure Miner
Jake Blight
(Wheal Leisure Miner)
Glen Passingham as Barrister
Glen Passingham
Kerri McLean as Kitty Despard
Kerri McLean
(Kitty Despard)
Lily Dodsworth-Evans as Cecily Hanson
Lily Dodsworth-Evans
(Cecily Hanson)
Michael Culkin as Horace Treneglos
Michael Culkin
(Horace Treneglos)
Jason Squibb as Reverend Odgers
Jason Squibb
(Reverend Odgers)
Esme Coy as Rowella Solway
Esme Coy
(Rowella Solway)
Anthony Calf as William Wickham
Anthony Calf
(William Wickham)
Sally Dexter as Mrs. Chynoweth
Sally Dexter
(Mrs. Chynoweth)
Lewis Peek as Ted Carkeek
Lewis Peek
(Ted Carkeek)
Emma Spurgin Hussey as Mrs. Zacky Martin
Emma Spurgin Hussey
(Mrs. Zacky Martin)
Sebastian Armesto as Tankard
Sebastian Armesto
Mark Frost as Tom Carne
Mark Frost
(Tom Carne)
Lauren Vandike as Beth Daniel
Lauren Vandike
(Beth Daniel)
Alfie Rigby as Valentine Warleggan
Alfie Rigby
(Valentine Warleggan)
Vincent Regan as Ned Despard
Vincent Regan
(Ned Despard)
Tim Dutton as Joseph Merceron
Tim Dutton
(Joseph Merceron)
Harriet Ballard as Ruth Teague
Harriet Ballard
(Ruth Teague)
Henry Garrett as Captain McNeil
Henry Garrett
(Captain McNeil)
Rory Wilton as Richard Tonkin
Rory Wilton
(Richard Tonkin)
Louis Davison as Geoffrey Charles
Louis Davison
(Geoffrey Charles)
Rebecca Front as Lady Whitworth
Rebecca Front
(Lady Whitworth)
David Cradduck as Member of Parliament
David Cradduck
(Member of Parliament)
Max Willis as Geoffrey Charles
Max Willis
(Geoffrey Charles)
Ciara Charteris as Emma Tregirls
Ciara Charteris
(Emma Tregirls)
Richard Harrington as Captain Andrew Blamey
Richard Harrington
(Captain Andrew Blamey)
Will Merrick as Arthur Solway
Will Merrick
(Arthur Solway)
Patrick Ryecart as Sir Hugh Bodrugan
Patrick Ryecart
(Sir Hugh Bodrugan)
Ross Green as Charlie Kempthorne
Ross Green
(Charlie Kempthorne)
Hugh Skinner as Unwin Trevaunance
Hugh Skinner
(Unwin Trevaunance)
Max Bennett as Monk Adderley
Max Bennett
(Monk Adderley)
Warren Clarke as Charles Poldark
Warren Clarke
(Charles Poldark)
Alexander Arnold as Jim Carter
Alexander Arnold
(Jim Carter)
Richard McCabe as Mr. Trencrom
Richard McCabe
(Mr. Trencrom)
Hywel Simons as Harry Blewitt
Hywel Simons
(Harry Blewitt)
Mike Burnside as Nathaniel Pearce
Mike Burnside
(Nathaniel Pearce)
Daniel Cook as John Treneglos
Daniel Cook
(John Treneglos)
Marc Danbury as Jim Vercoe
Marc Danbury
(Jim Vercoe)
Sabrina Bartlett as Keren Smith
Sabrina Bartlett
(Keren Smith)
Zachary Fall as Laurent
Zachary Fall
Mary Woodvine as Mrs. Teague
Mary Woodvine
(Mrs. Teague)
Edward Bennett as Prime Minister Pitt
Edward Bennett
(Prime Minister Pitt)
Geoffrey Bersey as Chairman
Geoffrey Bersey
Danny Kirrane as Harry Harry
Danny Kirrane
(Harry Harry)
Jason Thorpe as Sanson
Jason Thorpe
Nicholas Read as Geoffrey Charles
Nicholas Read
(Geoffrey Charles)
Will Mattos as Nick Vigus
Will Mattos
(Nick Vigus)
Mark Schneider as Killewarren Footman
Mark Schneider
(Killewarren Footman)
Rose Reynolds as Betty Carkeek
Rose Reynolds
(Betty Carkeek)
Billy Geraghty as Blight
Billy Geraghty
Norman Bowman as James Bannantine
Norman Bowman
(James Bannantine)
Daisy Moore as Rosa
Daisy Moore
Andrew Gower as James Hadfield
Andrew Gower
(James Hadfield)
Isabella Parriss as Esther Blamey
Isabella Parriss
(Esther Blamey)
Peter Forbes as Thomas Erskine
Peter Forbes
(Thomas Erskine)
Josh Taylor as Viscount Bollington
Josh Taylor
(Viscount Bollington)
Alexander Morris as James Blamey
Alexander Morris
(James Blamey)
Eoin Lynch as John Macnamara
Eoin Lynch
(John Macnamara)
Sean Pogmore as Nick Vigus
Sean Pogmore
(Nick Vigus)
Emily Patrick as Belinda
Emily Patrick
Derek Frood as Captain Bray
Derek Frood
(Captain Bray)
Steve Walsh as French Spy in Le Coq Rouge
Steve Walsh
(French Spy in Le Coq Rouge)
Jason Gregg as Eli Clemmow
Jason Gregg
(Eli Clemmow)
Steve Jacobs as Landlord
Steve Jacobs
William Mannering as Jeffrey Clymer
William Mannering
(Jeffrey Clymer)
Martyn Mayger as Dignitary
Martyn Mayger
Tim Delap as Captain
Tim Delap
Darcy Vanhinsbergh as Soldier
Darcy Vanhinsbergh
Mark Seaman as Mr. Tressidder
Mark Seaman
(Mr. Tressidder)
Dan Wheeler as Constable
Dan Wheeler
Jack Riddiford as Jago Martin
Jack Riddiford
(Jago Martin)
Sophie Simnett as Andromeda Page
Sophie Simnett
(Andromeda Page)
Richard Durden as Dr. Anselm
Richard Durden
(Dr. Anselm)
Charlie Field as John Craven
Charlie Field
(John Craven)
Stephen Boxer as Judge Wentworth Lister
Stephen Boxer
(Judge Wentworth Lister)
Adrian Lukis as Sir John Mitford
Adrian Lukis
(Sir John Mitford)
Siobhan O'Carroll as Amelia Chynoweth
Siobhan O'Carroll
(Amelia Chynoweth)
Elsa Mollien as Mariette
Elsa Mollien
Susie Fairfax as Mrs. Parkins
Susie Fairfax
(Mrs. Parkins)
Nicolas Carpentier as Jacques Clisson
Nicolas Carpentier
(Jacques Clisson)
Freddie Watkins as Enright
Freddie Watkins
Madeleine Knight as Joan Peter
Madeleine Knight
(Joan Peter)
Nico Rogner as General Jules Toussaint
Nico Rogner
(General Jules Toussaint)
Merriel Plummer as Polly Tregaskis
Merriel Plummer
(Polly Tregaskis)
Ben Lambert as St John Peter
Ben Lambert
(St John Peter)
Robin McCallum as Justice Trehearne
Robin McCallum
(Justice Trehearne)
Max Gold as Doctor
Max Gold
Simon Meacock as Jailer
Simon Meacock
Ben Callon as Trooper Wilkins
Ben Callon
(Trooper Wilkins)
Jean Baptiste Fillon as French Guard
Jean Baptiste Fillon
(French Guard)
Alex Bartram as Town Hall Clerk
Alex Bartram
(Town Hall Clerk)
Julian Seager as Landlord
Julian Seager
Joshua McCord as Gaming House Waiter
Joshua McCord
(Gaming House Waiter)
Sam Crane as Sir Spencer Percival
Sam Crane
(Sir Spencer Percival)
Simon Thorp as Dr. Penrose
Simon Thorp
(Dr. Penrose)
William Sebag-Montefiore as Foreman of the Jury
William Sebag-Montefiore
(Foreman of the Jury)
Simon Williams as Lord Justice Kenyon
Simon Williams
(Lord Justice Kenyon)
Gruffudd Glyn as Sergeant Tremayne
Gruffudd Glyn
(Sergeant Tremayne)
Cornelius Booth as Sir Christopher Hawkins
Cornelius Booth
(Sir Christopher Hawkins)
Richard Dixon as Lord Ellenborough
Richard Dixon
(Lord Ellenborough)
Alexander Perkins as Stone
Alexander Perkins
Dan O'Keefe as Coldbath Prison Guard
Dan O'Keefe
(Coldbath Prison Guard)
Don Gallagher as Vicar
Don Gallagher
Matthew Cotterell as Illugan Miner
Matthew Cotterell
(Illugan Miner)
Richard Dillane as Henry Bull
Richard Dillane
(Henry Bull)
Chris Gallarus as Clerk to the Court
Chris Gallarus
(Clerk to the Court)
Andrew McGillan as Foreman of the Jury
Andrew McGillan
(Foreman of the Jury)
Stuart McNeil as Kemp
Stuart McNeil
Samuel Valentine as Jack Tripp
Samuel Valentine
(Jack Tripp)
Sian Angharad Anthony as Lady Bassett
Sian Angharad Anthony
(Lady Bassett)
Will Husbands as Captain Trevose
Will Husbands
(Captain Trevose)
Nick Owenford as Hangman's Assistant
Nick Owenford
(Hangman's Assistant)
Irina Klimovich as Protestor
Irina Klimovich
Jack Michael Stacey as Jonas Pettigrew
Jack Michael Stacey
(Jonas Pettigrew)
Daniel Ferguson as Miner
Daniel Ferguson
David Cromarty as Peasant
David Cromarty
Dominic Barrow as Tess Tregidden's Brother
Dominic Barrow
(Tess Tregidden's Brother)
Anthony Farrelly as Footman
Anthony Farrelly
Ty Hurley as Posh London Gent
Ty Hurley
(Posh London Gent)
Kathryn Carmichael as Rich Lady
Kathryn Carmichael
(Rich Lady)
Richard Price as Naval Officer
Richard Price
(Naval Officer)
Tim Seyfert as Redcoat Soldier
Tim Seyfert
(Redcoat Soldier)
Pino Maiello as Islander
Pino Maiello
Guillaume Rivaud as Vicomte de Sombreuil
Guillaume Rivaud
(Vicomte de Sombreuil)
Raphael J. Bishop as Valentine Warleggan
Raphael J. Bishop
(Valentine Warleggan)
David Ellis as Country Gentleman
David Ellis
(Country Gentleman)
Miles Hamilton as Miner
Miles Hamilton
Richard Heacock as Musician at wedding
Richard Heacock
(Musician at wedding)
Matthew Rohman as Dancer
Matthew Rohman
Avenda Burnell Walsh as Party and wedding guest
Avenda Burnell Walsh
(Party and wedding guest)
Boyd Rogers as Landlord of Red Lion
Boyd Rogers
(Landlord of Red Lion)
Adrian Dobson as Head Footman
Adrian Dobson
(Head Footman)
Laurent C. Lucas as French Beheaded
Laurent C. Lucas
(French Beheaded)
Lewis Reynolds as Court Clerk
Lewis Reynolds
(Court Clerk)
Morton Tooley as Poor Miner
Morton Tooley
(Poor Miner)
Marc Esse as Pauper
Marc Esse
Sally Harding as Wealthy Donator
Sally Harding
(Wealthy Donator)
Kevin Hudson as Beggar
Kevin Hudson
Lex Lamprey as Footman
Lex Lamprey
Jamie Stanley as Bobby
Jamie Stanley
Rosalind Whelan as Party Guest
Rosalind Whelan
(Party Guest)
Daniel Joseph Woolf as Vauxhall Waiter
Daniel Joseph Woolf
(Vauxhall Waiter)
Lasco Atkins as Hanging Attendee
Lasco Atkins
(Hanging Attendee)
Alexander Capper as Messenger
Alexander Capper
Bern Collaço as Indian Waiter
Bern Collaço
(Indian Waiter)
Jon Ian Dredge as Red Coat Soldier
Jon Ian Dredge
(Red Coat Soldier)
Timmy Hodgson as Fire performer
Timmy Hodgson
(Fire performer)
Rich Lawton as Footman
Rich Lawton
Heather Nute as Upper-class Passer-by
Heather Nute
(Upper-class Passer-by)

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