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Razhaye Angel (2015)

Razhaye Angel

  • Genres:
    Romance | Drama
  • Release Date:
    8 June 2015
  • Broadcast Co:
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    R +18 (Under 18 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian)
  • Status:
    On Air
  • Runtime:
    1 h
  • Summary:
    A teenager who dreams of a career as a top model becomes part of a prostitution scheme and meets a powerful, obsessive businessman. As a last resort, he marries the girl's mother just to be near her. Hidden Truths explores the limits of obsession, wealth, and pleasure, using the fashion world as backdrop.

Cast & Crew

Camila Queiroz as Angel
Camila Queiroz
Rodrigo Lombardi as Alexandre Ticiano
Rodrigo Lombardi
(Alexandre Ticiano)
Drica Moraes as Carolina Brito
Drica Moraes
(Carolina Brito)
Reynaldo Gianecchini as Anthony Mariano
Reynaldo Gianecchini
(Anthony Mariano)
Rainer Cadete as Visky
Rainer Cadete
Marieta Severo as Fanny Richard
Marieta Severo
(Fanny Richard)
Agatha Moreira as Giovanna
Agatha Moreira
Guilhermina Guinle as Pia Lovatelli
Guilhermina Guinle
(Pia Lovatelli)
Grazi Massafera as Larissa
Grazi Massafera
Gabriel Leone as Guilherme Lovatelli
Gabriel Leone
(Guilherme Lovatelli)
Eva Wilma as Fábia
Eva Wilma
Ana Lúcia Torre as Hilda
Ana Lúcia Torre
Dida Camero as Lourdeca
Dida Camero
Adriano Toloza as Igor
Adriano Toloza
Felipe de Carolis as Sam
Felipe de Carolis
João Vitor Silva as Bruno
João Vitor Silva
Bel Kutner as Darlene
Bel Kutner
Raphael Sander as Leo
Raphael Sander
Jéssica Córes as Lyris
Jéssica Córes
Genésio de Barros as Oswaldo
Genésio de Barros
Gláucio Gomes as Robério Sá
Gláucio Gomes
(Robério Sá)
Flávio Tolezani as Roy
Flávio Tolezani
Natallia Rodrigues as Estela
Natallia Rodrigues
Mouhamed Harfouch as Everaldo
Mouhamed Harfouch
Mariana Molina as Patrícia
Mariana Molina
Felipe Hintze as Eziel
Felipe Hintze
Yasmin Brunet as Stephanie
Yasmin Brunet
Ana Barroso as Divanilda
Ana Barroso
João Cunha as Joel
João Cunha
Bella Piero as Nina
Bella Piero
Laryssa Dias as Viviane
Laryssa Dias
Fernando Eiras as Maurice
Fernando Eiras
Raphael Ghanem as Dudu
Raphael Ghanem
Giuliano Laffayette as Caco
Giuliano Laffayette
Pedro Gabriel Tonini as Edgard
Pedro Gabriel Tonini
Rhaísa Batista as Mayra
Rhaísa Batista
Christian Villegas as Daniel
Christian Villegas
Tarcísio Filho as Rogério
Tarcísio Filho
Maria Eduarda Miliante as Yasmin
Maria Eduarda Miliante
Alessandra Ambrosio as Samia
Alessandra Ambrosio
Iaçanã Martins as Sabina
Iaçanã Martins
Werles Pajero as Raulino
Werles Pajero
Sylbeth Soriano as Leidiana
Sylbeth Soriano
Fernanda Heras as Eunice
Fernanda Heras
Jack Berraquero as Rato
Jack Berraquero
Rômulo Estrela as Cristiano
Rômulo Estrela
Maria de Medeiros as Blanche Labelle
Maria de Medeiros
(Blanche Labelle)
Erika Januza as Laila
Erika Januza
Gabriel Braga Nunes as Percy
Gabriel Braga Nunes
Ícaro Silva as Joseph
Ícaro Silva
Rhay Polster as Chiara
Rhay Polster
Luciana Fernandes as Nalva
Luciana Fernandes
Bernardo Lessa as Fabrício
Bernardo Lessa
Maria Luísa Mendonça as Araídes
Maria Luísa Mendonça
Sergio Guizé as Ariel
Sergio Guizé
Martha Meola as Silvia
Martha Meola
Giulio Lopes as Renato
Giulio Lopes
Iza Moreira as Giulia
Iza Moreira
Júlia Byrro as Lara Cunha
Júlia Byrro
(Lara Cunha)
Julio Machado as Nicolau
Julio Machado
Deborah Evelyn as Betty
Deborah Evelyn
Alexia Dechamps as Lídice
Alexia Dechamps
Lourinelson Vladmir as Hélio
Lourinelson Vladmir
Celso Frateschi as Lorenzo
Celso Frateschi
Paula Burlamaqui as Aline
Paula Burlamaqui
Jonathan Azevedo as Eurípedes
Jonathan Azevedo
Julia Stockler as Irina
Julia Stockler
Kelner Macêdo as Mark
Kelner Macêdo
Mayara Russi as Vitoria
Mayara Russi
Malu Ogata as Rheiko
Malu Ogata
Eduardo Reyes as Edney
Eduardo Reyes
Aline Borges as Thaís
Aline Borges
Johnny Massaro as Giotto
Johnny Massaro
Isabeli Fontana as Self
Isabeli Fontana
Ronaldo as Self
Camila Mayrink as Bel
Camila Mayrink
Pathy Dejesus as Self
Pathy Dejesus
Caroline Trentini as Modelo
Caroline Trentini
Tessy Callado as Mirtes Guerra
Tessy Callado
(Mirtes Guerra)
Ike Levy as Self
Ike Levy
Álamo Facó as Emanoel
Álamo Facó
Elvir Ramovic as Bum
Elvir Ramovic
Charles Fricks as Medico
Charles Fricks
Maurício Branco as Dante
Maurício Branco
Breno de Filippo as Policial
Breno de Filippo
Myriam Pérsia
Myriam Pérsia
Bia Montez
Bia Montez
Claudio Garcia as Guy
Claudio Garcia
Celina Locks as Celina Locks
Celina Locks
(Celina Locks)
Alexandre Mofatti
Alexandre Mofatti
Kacau Fontabely as Colegia
Kacau Fontabely
Lilian Blanc as Ingrid
Lilian Blanc
Raica Oliveira as Modelo
Raica Oliveira
David Ypond as Ming
David Ypond
Daniela Carvalho
Daniela Carvalho
Beth Zalcman
Beth Zalcman
Shimon Nahmias as Advogado
Shimon Nahmias
Lilian Pacce as Self
Lilian Pacce
Luciana Mello as Self
Luciana Mello
Gilberto Miranda
Gilberto Miranda
Otto as Self
Jair Oliveira as Self
Jair Oliveira
Alberto Hiar as Self
Alberto Hiar
Neusa Maria Faro as Elisabeth Menezes
Neusa Maria Faro
(Elisabeth Menezes)
Bruno Montaleone as Matheus
Bruno Montaleone
Clara Choveaux as Tânia
Clara Choveaux
Roberto Frota as Detetive Mark
Roberto Frota
(Detetive Mark)
Lucas Gouvêa as Médico
Lucas Gouvêa
Ricardo Ripa as Médico
Ricardo Ripa
Gabriel Vieira as Tadeu
Gabriel Vieira

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