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Roozegare Talkh

Roozegare Talkh (2005)

Roozegare Talkh

  • Genres:
    Action | Romance | Drama
  • Release Date:
    14 December 2005
  • Broadcast Co:
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    40 min
  • Summary:
    Mehmet and Nermin are desperately in love with each other. Both are living in the suburbs of Istanbul, trying to stay one step ahead of poverty by working harder each day. Their only aim is to get married and have a nice home. While Mehmet works as a welder in a shipyard, Nermin is a manicurist in one of the well known coiffeurs. But no matter how hard they try, they just never earn enough money to realize their dream. Ender, one of Istanbul's playboys sees Nermin and falls in love with her. Nermin, not being able to realise her dreams, gets upset, drunk and makes the biggest mistake of her life and spends the night with Ender. She has no other choice than to marry him. She leaves her old poor life and her only real love behind and starts a new life in richness with Ender.

Cast & Crew

Kenan Imirzalioglu as Mehmet Kosovali
Kenan Imirzalioglu
(Mehmet Kosovali)
Selin Demiratar as Nermin Yildiz
Selin Demiratar
(Nermin Yildiz)
Gökcan Gökmen as Aysu
Gökcan Gökmen
Umut Oguz as Ercu
Umut Oguz
Atilla Alpar as Kamil
Atilla Alpar
Oguz Galeli as Ender Kervancioglu
Oguz Galeli
(Ender Kervancioglu)
Ebru Kocaaga as Filiz Kervancioglu
Ebru Kocaaga
(Filiz Kervancioglu)
Ahmet Yenilmez as Hasan Cin
Ahmet Yenilmez
(Hasan Cin)
Ekin Türkmen as Ozlem Kosovali
Ekin Türkmen
(Ozlem Kosovali)
Murat Soydan as Celal Kosovali
Murat Soydan
(Celal Kosovali)
Meral Orhonsay as Sultan Kosovali
Meral Orhonsay
(Sultan Kosovali)
Ferdi Merter as Sefa Kervancioglu
Ferdi Merter
(Sefa Kervancioglu)
Anta Toros as Belkis Kervancioglu
Anta Toros
(Belkis Kervancioglu)
Nalan Basaran as Asiye Yildiz
Nalan Basaran
(Asiye Yildiz)
Gülseven Yilmaz as Melek
Gülseven Yilmaz
Burak Çevik as Mehmet
Burak Çevik
Özlem Turhal as Muge
Özlem Turhal
Turgay Tanülkü as Sabri Yildiz
Turgay Tanülkü
(Sabri Yildiz)
Tekin Temel as Sukru
Tekin Temel
Ugur Tasdemir as Cagdas
Ugur Tasdemir
Halil Ibrahim Kalaycioglu as Topal Izzet
Halil Ibrahim Kalaycioglu
(Topal Izzet)
Mehmet Polat as Bekir Karadag
Mehmet Polat
(Bekir Karadag)
Ercan Demirel as Rahman Maras
Ercan Demirel
(Rahman Maras)
Leyla Basak as Eda
Leyla Basak
Basak Parlak as Gizem
Basak Parlak
Irmak Ünal as Avukat
Irmak Ünal
Yesim Dalgiçer as Cansu
Yesim Dalgiçer
Ayhan Eroglu as Sedat
Ayhan Eroglu
Ibrahim Güldogan as Remzi
Ibrahim Güldogan
Dara Tan as Beyin Cerrahi
Dara Tan
(Beyin Cerrahi)
Sait Genay as Emniyet Müdürü
Sait Genay
(Emniyet Müdürü)
Erdal Cindoruk
Erdal Cindoruk
Bülent Keser as Sarhos
Bülent Keser
Umut Kurt as -
Umut Kurt

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