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Roozegari Dar Çukurova

Roozegari Dar Çukurova (2018)

Roozegari Dar Çukurova

  • Genres:
  • Release Date:
    6 September 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    Tims & B Productions
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
    On Air
  • Runtime:
    2 h
  • Summary:
    A young couple who dreams of marriage conceal their identity to escape from the darned. They will introduce themselves as sibling and work in the farm in Adana.

Cast & Crew

Vahide Perçin as Hünkar Yaman
Vahide Perçin
(Hünkar Yaman)
Hilal Altinbilek as Züleyha
Hilal Altinbilek
Murat Ünalmis as Demir Yaman
Murat Ünalmis
(Demir Yaman)
Ugur Günes as Yilmaz Akkaya
Ugur Günes
(Yilmaz Akkaya)
Turgay Aydin as Sebahattin
Turgay Aydin
Bülent Polat as Gaffur
Bülent Polat
Sibel Tasçioglu as Sermin Yaman
Sibel Tasçioglu
(Sermin Yaman)
Selin Genç as Fadik
Selin Genç
Selin Yeninci as Saniye
Selin Yeninci
Polen Emre as Gülten
Polen Emre
Serpil Tamur as Azize (Haminne)
Serpil Tamur
(Azize (Haminne))
Yeliz Dogramacilar as Füsun
Yeliz Dogramacilar
Kadim Yasar as Cengaver (Cengo)
Kadim Yasar
(Cengaver (Cengo))
Kerem Alisik as Ali Rahmet Fekeli
Kerem Alisik
(Ali Rahmet Fekeli)
Aras Senol as Çetin
Aras Senol
Ebru Ünlü as Seher
Ebru Ünlü
Melike Yalova as Müjgan Hekimoglu
Melike Yalova
(Müjgan Hekimoglu)
Ebru Aytemur as Nihan
Ebru Aytemur
Mehmet Kara as Hüseyin
Mehmet Kara
Mustafa Açilan as Veli
Mustafa Açilan
Begüm Fil as Mercan
Begüm Fil
Mehmet Polat as Hatip Aga
Mehmet Polat
(Hatip Aga)
Alp Özgur Yasin as Sait
Alp Özgur Yasin
Duygu Karaca as Inci
Duygu Karaca
Burak Sarimola as Temo
Burak Sarimola
Alayça Öztürk as Jülide Yalçinkaya
Alayça Öztürk
(Jülide Yalçinkaya)
Sirin Öten
Sirin Öten
Ömer Fethi Canpolat as Adnan
Ömer Fethi Canpolat
Esra Dermancioglu as Behice Hekimoglu
Esra Dermancioglu
(Behice Hekimoglu)
Sebnem Dilligil as Naime
Sebnem Dilligil
Teksin Pircanli as Nazire
Teksin Pircanli
Engin Yüksel as Behzat Hekimoglu
Engin Yüksel
(Behzat Hekimoglu)
Aysegül Akdemir as Gülsüm
Aysegül Akdemir
Ruzgar Aksoy as Ercüment
Ruzgar Aksoy
Seyma Cengiz
Seyma Cengiz
Mihriban Er as Sevil
Mihriban Er
Asuman Karakollukcu
Asuman Karakollukcu
Sadri Alisik as Young Ali Fekeli
Sadri Alisik
(Young Ali Fekeli)
Nuray Kanal
Nuray Kanal
Hikmet Karagöz as Ayhan
Hikmet Karagöz
Emine Erdem as Nezihe
Emine Erdem
Osman Kabakci as Young Adnan
Osman Kabakci
(Young Adnan)
Hidayet Erdinç as Salih
Hidayet Erdinç
Muharrem Bayrak as Naci
Muharrem Bayrak
Aydan Burhan as Nigar
Aydan Burhan
Emre Güner
Emre Güner
Berkent Müftüler
Berkent Müftüler
Berkan Müftüoglu
Berkan Müftüoglu
Cüneyt Sen as Hüseyin
Cüneyt Sen
Orhan Ayhan as Announcer
Orhan Ayhan
Seyhan Erdag as Journalist
Seyhan Erdag
Defne Kar as Young Hünkar
Defne Kar
(Young Hünkar)
Fatih Karabulut
Fatih Karabulut
Fatih Karakurt as Young Fekeli
Fatih Karakurt
(Young Fekeli)

Thumbnails & Trailers


Madare sefr darajeh
Madare sefr darajeh
Ezdevaj Mojaddad
Ezdevaj Mojaddad
Jadoogare Khoob
Jadoogare Khoob
Sefr o Yek
Sefr o Yek
Dirilishh Ertughtol
Dirilishh Ertughtol