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Roozi Roozegari

Roozi Roozegari (2010)

Roozi Roozegari

  • Genres:
    Family | Drama | Adventure
  • Release Date:
    14 September 2010
  • Broadcast Co:
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    49 min
  • Summary:
    Set in the 1960, the series follows the dramatic changes to the lives of the Akarsu family after the patriarch's extra marital affair.

Cast & Crew

Ayça Bingöl as Cemile Akarsu
Ayça Bingöl
(Cemile Akarsu)
Yildiz Çagri Atiksoy as Berrin Akarsu
Yildiz Çagri Atiksoy
(Berrin Akarsu)
Aras Bulut Iynemli as Mete Akarsu
Aras Bulut Iynemli
(Mete Akarsu)
Mete Horozoglu as Soner Talasoglu
Mete Horozoglu
(Soner Talasoglu)
Wilma Elles as Caroline Enke-Akarsu
Wilma Elles
(Caroline Enke-Akarsu)
Meral Çetinkaya as Hasefe Akarsu
Meral Çetinkaya
(Hasefe Akarsu)
Mine Tugay as Bahar
Mine Tugay
Erkan Petekkaya as Ali Akarsu
Erkan Petekkaya
(Ali Akarsu)
Farah Zeynep Abdullah as Aylin Akarsu
Farah Zeynep Abdullah
(Aylin Akarsu)
Emir Berke Zincidi as Osman Akarsu
Emir Berke Zincidi
(Osman Akarsu)
Zeyno Eracar as Neriman Akarsu
Zeyno Eracar
(Neriman Akarsu)
Nilperi Sahinkaya as Mesude Akarsu
Nilperi Sahinkaya
(Mesude Akarsu)
Doga Sakarya
Doga Sakarya
Orçun Iynemli as Ibo
Orçun Iynemli
Mina Nur Kaymas as Zehra
Mina Nur Kaymas
Gün Koper as Osman
Gün Koper
Ceren Reis as Deniz Talasoglu
Ceren Reis
(Deniz Talasoglu)
Furkan Sentürk as Mustafa
Furkan Sentürk
Nisa Melis Telli as Deniz
Nisa Melis Telli
Muhammet Uzuner as Arif
Muhammet Uzuner
Türkü Turan as Nihal
Türkü Turan
Yagiz Can Konyali as Aydin
Yagiz Can Konyali
Mehmet Gürhan as Kemal Akarsu
Mehmet Gürhan
(Kemal Akarsu)
Taner Birsel as Adult Osman Akarsu
Taner Birsel
(Adult Osman Akarsu)
Tolga Güleç as Ahmet Taser
Tolga Güleç
(Ahmet Taser)
Salih Bademci as Hakan Tatlioglu
Salih Bademci
(Hakan Tatlioglu)
Dila Akbas as Ayten
Dila Akbas
Suat Ergin as Suat
Suat Ergin
Gülizar Irmak as Selma Hanim
Gülizar Irmak
(Selma Hanim)
Sercan Badur as Necati
Sercan Badur
Arif Piskin as Halit
Arif Piskin
Orhan Alkaya as Balikci
Orhan Alkaya
Osman Dis Ses
Osman Dis Ses
Ferit Kaya as Resul
Ferit Kaya
Yeliz Kuvanci as Inci
Yeliz Kuvanci
Ebru Helvacioglu as Betül
Ebru Helvacioglu
Volkan Ünal as Ziya
Volkan Ünal
Tuba Ünsal as Filiz
Tuba Ünsal
Ece Çesmioglu as Ayça
Ece Çesmioglu
Renan Bilek as Süleyman
Renan Bilek
Osman Karagöz as Murat Talasoglu
Osman Karagöz
(Murat Talasoglu)
Kadriye Çetinkaya
Kadriye Çetinkaya
Enes Atis as Mithat
Enes Atis
Taner Rumeli as Doktor Tarik
Taner Rumeli
(Doktor Tarik)
Simay Küçük as Meral
Simay Küçük
Senay Aydin as Amina Taser
Senay Aydin
(Amina Taser)
Göksen Ates
Göksen Ates
Fayat Budak as Kerim
Fayat Budak
Serhat Özcan as Tugrul
Serhat Özcan
Ahmet Varli as Ilhan
Ahmet Varli
Elçin Sangu as Jale
Elçin Sangu
Zülfinaz Dogan Esitmez as Süheyla
Zülfinaz Dogan Esitmez
Zafer Gokcek
Zafer Gokcek
Birkan Pusa as Murat
Birkan Pusa
Deniz Altan
Deniz Altan
Ersel Sibil
Ersel Sibil
Cansu Kurgun as Gözde
Cansu Kurgun
Tolga Saritas as Mert
Tolga Saritas
Osman Alkas as Ekrem
Osman Alkas
Ahmet Ariman as Bakkal
Ahmet Ariman
Bedir Bedir
Bedir Bedir
Yurtsen Fidan as Hizmetçi (2011)
Yurtsen Fidan
(Hizmetçi (2011))
Ahmet Ilker Okumus as Bozkurt Nuhoglu
Ahmet Ilker Okumus
(Bozkurt Nuhoglu)
Onur Özaydin as Cengiz
Onur Özaydin
Esref Seyitoglu as Polis
Esref Seyitoglu
Yilmaz Öztürk as Itfayeci
Yilmaz Öztürk
Nusret Albayrak as Hüseyin
Nusret Albayrak
Nail Andaç as Nakliyat Sti. Md.
Nail Andaç
(Nakliyat Sti. Md.)
Öner Ates as Horsemen 3
Öner Ates
(Horsemen 3)
Savas Aykiliç as Emniyet Md. Yrd.
Savas Aykiliç
(Emniyet Md. Yrd.)
Nergis Basaran as Bahar
Nergis Basaran
Mehmet Bozdogan as Ekber
Mehmet Bozdogan
Onat Bulut as Seyit
Onat Bulut
Murat Bölük as Filistinli erkek
Murat Bölük
(Filistinli erkek)
Gaye Cankaya as Rich Woman
Gaye Cankaya
(Rich Woman)
Hüseyin Avni Danyal as Kenan
Hüseyin Avni Danyal
Vedat Erincin as Rich Man
Vedat Erincin
(Rich Man)
Emre Erkan as Tayfun
Emre Erkan
Boran Gökçe as Bicycle Man
Boran Gökçe
(Bicycle Man)
Hakan Havuz as Police Officer
Hakan Havuz
(Police Officer)
Anil Ilter as Sedat
Anil Ilter
Muhammed Kasapoglu as Horsemen 1
Muhammed Kasapoglu
(Horsemen 1)
Hasan Kizilcan as Horsemen 2
Hasan Kizilcan
(Horsemen 2)
Emre Korkmaz
Emre Korkmaz
Soydan Kus as Devrimci Lider
Soydan Kus
(Devrimci Lider)
Hakan Tolga Polat as Karci Trike Mudur
Hakan Tolga Polat
(Karci Trike Mudur)
Ahmet Somers as Aktör
Ahmet Somers
Ismet Tanfer as Horsemen 4
Ismet Tanfer
(Horsemen 4)
Oktay Tosun as Tekne Sahibi
Oktay Tosun
(Tekne Sahibi)
Metin Ulutas as Mailman
Metin Ulutas
Zafer Yilmaz as Doctor
Zafer Yilmaz
Haluk Yüksel as Dogan
Haluk Yüksel
Ayhan Çelik as Waitor
Ayhan Çelik
Vahdet Çelik as Horsemen 5
Vahdet Çelik
(Horsemen 5)
Derya Özkan as Karci Trike Sekreter
Derya Özkan
(Karci Trike Sekreter)
Hasan Üner as Kom. Halil
Hasan Üner
(Kom. Halil)
Sadettin Kanpalta as Doctor
Sadettin Kanpalta
Murat Bölücek as Suikastçi
Murat Bölücek
Yasar Kutbay
Yasar Kutbay
Ron de Groen as Police Officer 2010
Ron de Groen
(Police Officer 2010)

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