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Royaye Shirine Javani

Royaye Shirine Javani (2012)

Royaye Shirine Javani

  • Genres:
  • Release Date:
    21 May 2012
  • Broadcast Co:
    Shakuntlalam Telefilms
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    43 min
  • Summary:
    The story of two teenage girls Gunjan and Rachna. Gunjan, a modern girl living in Mumbai, loses her very loved mother after she gets diagnosed with cancer. Sneha, Gunjan's late mother, tells her sister Shail before she dies to take Gunjan back to her very large family and home in Banaras. Gunjan is very disrespectful to everyone but slowly gets to realise the habits of the Garg household. Rachna, an old- fashioned, sweet and simple girl living in Banaras is delighted to have a sister and makes Gunjan happy in every way she can with her mischievous little cousin, Dholu. Lots of problems enter the Garg household but will they be able to handle them whilst sticking together as one?

Cast & Crew

Roopal Tyagi as Gunjan
Roopal Tyagi
Mahima Makwana as Rachana
Mahima Makwana
Ankit Gera as Mayank
Ankit Gera
Ankit Bhardwaj as Vachan Singh
Ankit Bhardwaj
(Vachan Singh)
Alka Mogha as Seema
Alka Mogha
Shakti Singh as Dayal Garg
Shakti Singh
(Dayal Garg)
Mithila Purohit
Mithila Purohit
Gaurav Walia as Pitambar
Gaurav Walia
Piyush Sahdev as Kabir Tripathi
Piyush Sahdev
(Kabir Tripathi)
Aanchal Khurana as Charu
Aanchal Khurana
Mansi Salvi as Sneha (2012)
Mansi Salvi
(Sneha (2012))
Meet Mukhi as Dholu
Meet Mukhi
Sanjay Nath as Mr. Gautam Sehgal
Sanjay Nath
(Mr. Gautam Sehgal)
Pooran Kiri as Rahul Tiwari (Mayank's Boss) unknown episodes
Pooran Kiri
(Rahul Tiwari (Mayank's Boss) unknown episodes)

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