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Roz e Siah

Roz e Siah (2013)

Roz e Siah

  • Genres:
  • Release Date:
    29 March 2013
  • Broadcast Co:
    Avsar Film
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h 40 min
  • Summary:
    Ebru is a beautiful young woman who is married to Murat. They live in Istanbul and have a happy life with two daughters named Ada and Maya and son named Ruzgar.

Cast & Crew

Mesut Akusta as Kendal Samverdi
Mesut Akusta
(Kendal Samverdi)
Hilal Altinbilek as Ozlem Samverdi
Hilal Altinbilek
(Ozlem Samverdi)
Can Atak as Asim Samverdi
Can Atak
(Asim Samverdi)
Hülya Duyar as Emine Samverdi
Hülya Duyar
(Emine Samverdi)
Sevda Erginci as Ayse Özalp
Sevda Erginci
(Ayse Özalp)
Arda Erkuran as Ruzgar Samverdi
Arda Erkuran
(Ruzgar Samverdi)
Serif Sezer as Kadriye Samverdi
Serif Sezer
(Kadriye Samverdi)
Ayça Aysin Turan as Ada Samverdi
Ayça Aysin Turan
(Ada Samverdi)
Ece Uslu as Ebru Samverdi
Ece Uslu
(Ebru Samverdi)
Mert Yazicioglu as Baran Samverdi
Mert Yazicioglu
(Baran Samverdi)
Turan Selcuk Yerlikaya as Riza
Turan Selcuk Yerlikaya
Ilayda Çevik as Maya Samverdi
Ilayda Çevik
(Maya Samverdi)
Ogün Kaptanoglu as Yzb. Oguz Kilicoglu
Ogün Kaptanoglu
(Yzb. Oguz Kilicoglu)
Özlem Conker as Narin Mercan
Özlem Conker
(Narin Mercan)
Ebru Ojen Sahin as Sibel Özalp
Ebru Ojen Sahin
(Sibel Özalp)
Eser Karabil as Kasim
Eser Karabil
Sabahat Kumas as Melek Samverdi
Sabahat Kumas
(Melek Samverdi)
Burak Çelik as Serdar Kilicoglu
Burak Çelik
(Serdar Kilicoglu)
Saruhan Hünel as Kenan
Saruhan Hünel
Bülent Polat as Sabri
Bülent Polat
Konca Cilasun as Fikriye Güner
Konca Cilasun
(Fikriye Güner)
Su Olgac as Deniz Kilicoglu
Su Olgac
(Deniz Kilicoglu)
Leyla Uner Ermaya as Cicek
Leyla Uner Ermaya
Yavuz Bingöl as Firat Mercan
Yavuz Bingöl
(Firat Mercan)
Özcan Deniz as Murat Samverdi
Özcan Deniz
(Murat Samverdi)
Deniz Durmaz as Nazli
Deniz Durmaz
Açelya Elmas as Elif
Açelya Elmas
Feyzan Soykan as Emre
Feyzan Soykan
Çisem Çanci
Çisem Çanci
Özlem Akinözü as Gulizar
Özlem Akinözü
Mahmut Gökgöz as Idris
Mahmut Gökgöz
Ufuk Sen
Ufuk Sen
Mehmet Feim Mehmedof as Merdan
Mehmet Feim Mehmedof
Yalcin Erturk as Recep
Yalcin Erturk
Murat Tatli
Murat Tatli
Murat Baykan
Murat Baykan
Hüseyin Turunç
Hüseyin Turunç
Özlem Maden as Sevda
Özlem Maden
Irem Kendirici as Fatih
Irem Kendirici
Saydam Yeniay as Cemal
Saydam Yeniay
Eray Özbal as Salman Aga
Eray Özbal
(Salman Aga)

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Esme Man Malekk
Esme Man Malekk
Royaye Shirine Javani
Royaye Shirine Javani
Afsaneye Jumong
Afsaneye Jumong
Fatma Gul
Fatma Gul
Koohe Del
Koohe Del