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Saltanat (2013)


  • Genres:
    Drama | Fantasy
  • Release Date:
    17 October 2013
  • Broadcast Co:
    CBS Television Studios - World 2000 Entertainment - Octagon Films - Warner Bros. Television
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    R +18 (Under 18 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    42 min
  • Summary:
    Chronicles the rise to power of Mary Queen of Scots (Kane) when she arrives in France as a 15-year-old, betrothed to Prince Francis, and with her four best friends as ladies-in-waiting. It details the secret history of survival at French Court amidst fierce foes, dark forces, and a world of sexual intrigue.

Cast & Crew

Adelaide Kane as Mary Stuart
Adelaide Kane
(Mary Stuart)
Megan Follows as Catherine de' Medici
Megan Follows
(Catherine de' Medici)
Celina Sinden as Greer Castleroy
Celina Sinden
(Greer Castleroy)
Torrance Coombs as Sebastian 'Bash' de Poitiers
Torrance Coombs
(Sebastian 'Bash' de Poitiers)
Anna Popplewell as Lola
Anna Popplewell
Craig Parker as Stéphane Narcisse
Craig Parker
(Stéphane Narcisse)
Toby Regbo as Francis de Valois
Toby Regbo
(Francis de Valois)
Jonathan Keltz as Leith Bayard
Jonathan Keltz
(Leith Bayard)
Rose Williams as Claude de Valois
Rose Williams
(Claude de Valois)
Caitlin Stasey as Kenna de Poitiers
Caitlin Stasey
(Kenna de Poitiers)
Rachel Skarsten as Elizabeth Tudor
Rachel Skarsten
(Elizabeth Tudor)
Spencer Macpherson as Charles de Valois
Spencer Macpherson
(Charles de Valois)
Ben Geurens as Gideon Blackburn
Ben Geurens
(Gideon Blackburn)
Alan Van Sprang as Henry de Valois
Alan Van Sprang
(Henry de Valois)
Sean Teale as Louis de Bourbon
Sean Teale
(Louis de Bourbon)
Rossif Sutherland as Nostradamus
Rossif Sutherland
Dan Jeannotte as James Stuart
Dan Jeannotte
(James Stuart)
Jonathan Goad as John Knox
Jonathan Goad
(John Knox)
Charlie Carrick as Robert Dudley
Charlie Carrick
(Robert Dudley)
Will Kemp as Henry Stuart
Will Kemp
(Henry Stuart)
Michael Therriault as Aloysius Castleroy
Michael Therriault
(Aloysius Castleroy)
Alexandra Ordolis as Delphine
Alexandra Ordolis
Adam Croasdell as Lord Bothwell
Adam Croasdell
(Lord Bothwell)
Nola Augustson as Lady Lennox
Nola Augustson
(Lady Lennox)
Ann Pirvu as Nicole
Ann Pirvu
Jenessa Grant as Aylee
Jenessa Grant
Steve Lund as Luc Narcisse
Steve Lund
(Luc Narcisse)
Sara Garcia as Keira
Sara Garcia
Katie Boland as Clarissa
Katie Boland
Yael Grobglas as Olivia D'Amencourt
Yael Grobglas
(Olivia D'Amencourt)
Ben Aldridge as Antoine de Bourbon
Ben Aldridge
(Antoine de Bourbon)
Nathaniel Middleton as Christophe
Nathaniel Middleton
Anastasia Phillips as Leeza de Valois
Anastasia Phillips
(Leeza de Valois)
Nick Slater as Henri de Valois
Nick Slater
(Henri de Valois)
Megan Hutchings as Jane
Megan Hutchings
Vince Nappo as General Renaude
Vince Nappo
(General Renaude)
Andrew Shaver as David Rizzio
Andrew Shaver
(David Rizzio)
Tom Everett Scott as William
Tom Everett Scott
Claire Hunter as Emily Knox
Claire Hunter
(Emily Knox)
Ava Preston as Henriette
Ava Preston
Madison Oldroyd as Emone
Madison Oldroyd
Giacomo Gianniotti as Julien Varga
Giacomo Gianniotti
(Julien Varga)
Anna Walton as Diane de Poitiers
Anna Walton
(Diane de Poitiers)
Nick Lee as Nicholas
Nick Lee
Clara Pasieka as Amy Dudley
Clara Pasieka
(Amy Dudley)
Mark Ghanimé as Don Carlos
Mark Ghanimé
(Don Carlos)
Steve Byers as Archduke Ferdinand
Steve Byers
(Archduke Ferdinand)
Adrian Griffin as Francis' Guard
Adrian Griffin
(Francis' Guard)
Anthony Ulc as Guard #1
Anthony Ulc
(Guard #1)
Macy Drouin as Agatha
Macy Drouin
Kathryn Prescott as Penelope
Kathryn Prescott
Gil Darnell as Christian de Guise
Gil Darnell
(Christian de Guise)
Linzee Barclay as Sharlene
Linzee Barclay
Peter DaCunha as Charles
Peter DaCunha
Pascal Langdale as Cardinal Desjardin
Pascal Langdale
(Cardinal Desjardin)
Charles Seminerio as Older Male Servant
Charles Seminerio
(Older Male Servant)
Brendan Cox as Tennis Boy
Brendan Cox
(Tennis Boy)
Morgan David Jones as Jeffrey
Morgan David Jones
Matt Cassidy as Royal Guard
Matt Cassidy
(Royal Guard)
Katy Grabstas as Sarah
Katy Grabstas
Amy Brenneman as Marie de Guise
Amy Brenneman
(Marie de Guise)
Jane Spidell as Nanny
Jane Spidell
Mac Fyfe as Jacob Rivell
Mac Fyfe
(Jacob Rivell)
Lewis Kirk as Martel de Guise
Lewis Kirk
(Martel de Guise)
Juan Chioran as Archbishop Ridolfi
Juan Chioran
(Archbishop Ridolfi)
Edie Inksetter as Female Servant
Edie Inksetter
(Female Servant)
Lucius Hoyos as Pascal
Lucius Hoyos
Saamer Usmani as Martin
Saamer Usmani
John Ralston as Lord Ruthven
John Ralston
(Lord Ruthven)
Michael Bradley as Male Servant
Michael Bradley
(Male Servant)
John Fitzgerald Jay as Physician
John Fitzgerald Jay
Seamus Patterson as Thierry
Seamus Patterson
Riley Gilchrist as Deputy
Riley Gilchrist
Alden Adair as Castle Guard #1
Alden Adair
(Castle Guard #1)
Shanda Bezic as Whore
Shanda Bezic
Stephen McGrath as Bonnay
Stephen McGrath
Martha Girvin as Governess Renee
Martha Girvin
(Governess Renee)
Claudia Jurt as Servant Girl
Claudia Jurt
(Servant Girl)
Sebastian MacLean as Castle Guard
Sebastian MacLean
(Castle Guard)
Neven Pajkic as Maramaldo
Neven Pajkic
Ted Atherton as Hugo
Ted Atherton
Hannah Emily Anderson as Rowan
Hannah Emily Anderson
Shawn Doyle as Claude de Guise
Shawn Doyle
(Claude de Guise)
Manolo Cardona as Tomás
Manolo Cardona
Luke Roberts as Simon Westbrook
Luke Roberts
(Simon Westbrook)
Douglas Nyback as Minister
Douglas Nyback
Ashley Charles as Colin McPhail
Ashley Charles
(Colin McPhail)
Jeffrey Wetsch as Captain
Jeffrey Wetsch
Sarah Winter as Yvette Castleroy
Sarah Winter
(Yvette Castleroy)
Vincent Gale as Lord Akers
Vincent Gale
(Lord Akers)
Giles Panton as Lord Cunningham
Giles Panton
(Lord Cunningham)
AJ Vaage as Young Man
AJ Vaage
(Young Man)
Jeanie Calleja as Wet Nurse
Jeanie Calleja
(Wet Nurse)
Richard Fleeshman as Francis Drake
Richard Fleeshman
(Francis Drake)
Amy Groening as Charlotte
Amy Groening
Kjartan Hewitt as Eduard
Kjartan Hewitt
Camille Stopps as Estelle
Camille Stopps
Blair Williams as Cardinal Morel
Blair Williams
(Cardinal Morel)
Jonathan Watton as Ridley
Jonathan Watton
Adam Kenneth Wilson as Duncan
Adam Kenneth Wilson
Oliver Becker as Severin
Oliver Becker
Kate Ross as Gigi
Kate Ross
Zoe Cleland as Odette
Zoe Cleland
Eli Ham as Guard #1
Eli Ham
(Guard #1)
Richard de Klerk as Federico de Toledo
Richard de Klerk
(Federico de Toledo)
Lyla Porter-Follows as Ellen
Lyla Porter-Follows
Philip Riccio as Ambassador Richards
Philip Riccio
(Ambassador Richards)
James Downing as Assassin #1
James Downing
(Assassin #1)
Jon Rhys as Marcel
Jon Rhys
Kyle Gatehouse as Magnus
Kyle Gatehouse
Kristian Hodko as Carrick
Kristian Hodko
Mal Dassin as Assassin #2
Mal Dassin
(Assassin #2)
Rob Stewart as Envoy
Rob Stewart
Andy Trithardt as Guard #1
Andy Trithardt
(Guard #1)
Andrew Church as Lord Montgomery
Andrew Church
(Lord Montgomery)
Patrick Galligan as General Gaghan
Patrick Galligan
(General Gaghan)
Thomas Mitchell as Guard #3
Thomas Mitchell
(Guard #3)
Sarah Dodd as Agnes
Sarah Dodd
M.E. Lewis as Father Michael
M.E. Lewis
(Father Michael)
Dan Chameroy as Lord Lionel
Dan Chameroy
(Lord Lionel)
David Patrick Flemming as Council Member
David Patrick Flemming
(Council Member)
Sofia Banzhaf as Bianca
Sofia Banzhaf
Jason Gray as Ignorant Noble
Jason Gray
(Ignorant Noble)
Claire Alan as Alexandra
Claire Alan
Mathieu Bourassa as Messenger
Mathieu Bourassa
Stephen Tracey as Lord Thomas
Stephen Tracey
(Lord Thomas)
Bruno Verdoni as Mysterious Man
Bruno Verdoni
(Mysterious Man)
Marni Van Dyk as Aroused Woman
Marni Van Dyk
(Aroused Woman)
Michael Rubenfeld as Corrupt Deputy
Michael Rubenfeld
(Corrupt Deputy)
Jonathan Dickson as Guard
Jonathan Dickson
Kaylee Harwood as Juliet
Kaylee Harwood
William Matthews as Hugo
William Matthews
Graham Abbey as Lord Fraser
Graham Abbey
(Lord Fraser)
Simon Northwood as Assassin
Simon Northwood
Catherine Bérubé as Emanuelle
Catherine Bérubé
Amanda Smith as Shona
Amanda Smith
Robert Tsonos as Deputy
Robert Tsonos
Justin Tensen as Scottish Soldier
Justin Tensen
(Scottish Soldier)
David Dantes as Balfont
David Dantes
Ash Catherwood as Privy Councilor #1
Ash Catherwood
(Privy Councilor #1)
Wade Bogert-O'Brien as Isaac
Wade Bogert-O'Brien
Adam Langton as Joseph Tudor
Adam Langton
(Joseph Tudor)
Kelly Penner as Conde's Page
Kelly Penner
(Conde's Page)
Ed Murphy as MacFie Clansman
Ed Murphy
(MacFie Clansman)
John Barrowman as Munro
John Barrowman
Jackson Hodge-Carter as Little Prince Henry
Jackson Hodge-Carter
(Little Prince Henry)
Tahmoh Penikett as John Prevo
Tahmoh Penikett
(John Prevo)
Michael Aronov as Count Vincent
Michael Aronov
(Count Vincent)
Greg Bryk as Richard Delacroix
Greg Bryk
(Richard Delacroix)
Daniel Fathers as Alec
Daniel Fathers
Orlando Seale as Liam
Orlando Seale
Lola Tash as Natalia
Lola Tash
Matt Baram as Marquis Duveaux
Matt Baram
(Marquis Duveaux)
Amy Forsyth as Isobel Derant
Amy Forsyth
(Isobel Derant)
David A. Jansen as Charles Schuler
David A. Jansen
(Charles Schuler)
Geordie Johnson as Bartos
Geordie Johnson
Ari Millen as Roger
Ari Millen
Andrew Airlie as Lord McKenzie
Andrew Airlie
(Lord McKenzie)
Evan Buliung as Maurice Bisset
Evan Buliung
(Maurice Bisset)
Michael Dyson as Farmer
Michael Dyson
Sarah Evans as Noble Mother (Woman)
Sarah Evans
(Noble Mother (Woman))
Charlotte Hegele as Jenny
Charlotte Hegele
Jonathan Higgins as Ferdinand
Jonathan Higgins
Ben Lewis as Father Benoit
Ben Lewis
(Father Benoit)
Shauna MacDonald as Hortenza de' Medici
Shauna MacDonald
(Hortenza de' Medici)
Steven McCarthy as Shepherd
Steven McCarthy
Kimberly-Sue Murray as Courtesan
Kimberly-Sue Murray
Michael Torontow as King's Guard
Michael Torontow
(King's Guard)
Patrick Garrow as Senneck
Patrick Garrow
Peter Cockett as Cardinal Tessen
Peter Cockett
(Cardinal Tessen)
Allison Dawn Doiron as Theresa
Allison Dawn Doiron
Sergio Di Zio as Lord Cane
Sergio Di Zio
(Lord Cane)
Joe Doyle as James Stuart
Joe Doyle
(James Stuart)
Stephen Farrell as Henry's Advisor
Stephen Farrell
(Henry's Advisor)
Brian Frank as Complaining Man
Brian Frank
(Complaining Man)
Brittany Gray as Gabrielle
Brittany Gray
Brian Jagersky as Queen's Guard
Brian Jagersky
(Queen's Guard)
Noam Jenkins as Gifford
Noam Jenkins
Cyrus Lane as Lord Ducasse
Cyrus Lane
(Lord Ducasse)
Matthew MacFadzean as Roman de' Medici
Matthew MacFadzean
(Roman de' Medici)
Nancy Palk as Francesca
Nancy Palk
Ken James Stewart as Messenger
Ken James Stewart
Sarah Wilson as Cecelia
Sarah Wilson
Greg Calderone as Aristeo Gianopoulos
Greg Calderone
(Aristeo Gianopoulos)
Jordan Monaghan as Constance
Jordan Monaghan
Siobhan Williams as Amelie
Siobhan Williams
Siobhan Murphy as Countess Von Court
Siobhan Murphy
(Countess Von Court)
Gord Rand as Lord Vendell
Gord Rand
(Lord Vendell)
Richard Alan Campbell as Carriage Driver
Richard Alan Campbell
(Carriage Driver)
Allan James Cooke as King Henry's Guard
Allan James Cooke
(King Henry's Guard)
Chris George as Page
Chris George
Daniel Kerr as Boy
Daniel Kerr
Eleanor Methven as Abbess
Eleanor Methven
Zach Apostoleris as Guard
Zach Apostoleris
Daniel Briere as Page
Daniel Briere
Diana Cofini as Lady Ducasse
Diana Cofini
(Lady Ducasse)
John Fray as Secretary
John Fray
Carlos Gonzalez-Vio as Venetian Envoy
Carlos Gonzalez-Vio
(Venetian Envoy)
Thor Knai as Philipe Nardin
Thor Knai
(Philipe Nardin)
Ron Lea as The Count
Ron Lea
(The Count)
Tadhg McMahon as Nobleman
Tadhg McMahon
Matthew Nette as Narcisse's Guard
Matthew Nette
(Narcisse's Guard)
Ric Reid as Cardinal Morosini
Ric Reid
(Cardinal Morosini)
Evan Sabba as Pietro
Evan Sabba
Alex Sims as King's Guard
Alex Sims
(King's Guard)
Chris Reginald Taylor as Praetorian Guard
Chris Reginald Taylor
(Praetorian Guard)
Deborah Tennant as Smiling Villager
Deborah Tennant
(Smiling Villager)
Alanna Bale as Female Servant
Alanna Bale
(Female Servant)
Meghan Heffern as Annabelle
Meghan Heffern
Bruce Ramsay as Cardinal Perazzo
Bruce Ramsay
(Cardinal Perazzo)
Cristina Rosato as Donatella
Cristina Rosato
Rachel Wilson as Lady Yvonne
Rachel Wilson
(Lady Yvonne)
Christopher Jacot as The Butcher
Christopher Jacot
(The Butcher)
James Preston Rogers as Geant
James Preston Rogers
Dylan Taylor as Lieutenant Gambon
Dylan Taylor
(Lieutenant Gambon)
Stewart Arnott as Earl of Clan Gordon
Stewart Arnott
(Earl of Clan Gordon)
Ian D. Clark as Percy
Ian D. Clark
Duncan Lacroix as Soldier
Duncan Lacroix
Ali Lyons as Rose
Ali Lyons
Salvatore Antonio as Cardinal Vasari
Salvatore Antonio
(Cardinal Vasari)
Ari Cohen as Robert Norwood
Ari Cohen
(Robert Norwood)
Shawn Devlin as Innkeeper
Shawn Devlin
Thomas Duplessie as Emile
Thomas Duplessie
Andrew Gillies as Father Leduc
Andrew Gillies
(Father Leduc)
Samantha Helt as Singing Girl
Samantha Helt
(Singing Girl)
Brian Paul as Majordomo
Brian Paul
Domenic Ricci as Guy
Domenic Ricci
Carter Siddall as Survivor
Carter Siddall
Sarah Slywchuk as Servant Woman
Sarah Slywchuk
(Servant Woman)
Dylan Trowbridge as Yves
Dylan Trowbridge
Aaron Willis as Nervous Servant
Aaron Willis
(Nervous Servant)
Tori Anderson as Lady Atley
Tori Anderson
(Lady Atley)
Katie Bergin as Graveyard Woman
Katie Bergin
(Graveyard Woman)
Michael Dufays as Conde's Lieutenant
Michael Dufays
(Conde's Lieutenant)
Steven Love as Lyon Desrochers
Steven Love
(Lyon Desrochers)
T.J. McGibbon as Young Girl
T.J. McGibbon
(Young Girl)
Andrew Musselman as Counting House Man
Andrew Musselman
(Counting House Man)
Adam Stevenson as Jolly Courtier
Adam Stevenson
(Jolly Courtier)
Ted Whittall as Lord Grenier
Ted Whittall
(Lord Grenier)
Ferelith Young as Countess Gisella Almassy
Ferelith Young
(Countess Gisella Almassy)
Ben Carlson as Arturo
Ben Carlson
Krystin Pellerin as Anne Boleyn
Krystin Pellerin
(Anne Boleyn)
Christopher Russell as Hans
Christopher Russell
Shauna Black as Lady Donal
Shauna Black
(Lady Donal)
Ted Dykstra as Lord Maxford
Ted Dykstra
(Lord Maxford)
Paulino Nunes as Cardinal Odomo
Paulino Nunes
(Cardinal Odomo)
Tyrone Savage as Lord Hamilton
Tyrone Savage
(Lord Hamilton)
Sean Arbuckle as Father Ronissi
Sean Arbuckle
(Father Ronissi)
John Blackwood as Older Vendor
John Blackwood
(Older Vendor)
Rogan Christopher as Italian Lieutenant
Rogan Christopher
(Italian Lieutenant)
Edsson Morales as Miguel
Edsson Morales
Caoimhe O'Malley as Princess Elizabeth
Caoimhe O'Malley
(Princess Elizabeth)
Katherine Barrell as Pretty Servant Girl
Katherine Barrell
(Pretty Servant Girl)
Stephanie Bitten as Nervous Servant
Stephanie Bitten
(Nervous Servant)
Paul Braunstein as Scottish Footman
Paul Braunstein
(Scottish Footman)
Michael Cox as Young Male Servant
Michael Cox
(Young Male Servant)
Michael Cram as Catholic Thug Ringleader
Michael Cram
(Catholic Thug Ringleader)
Ian Fisher as Gravedigger
Ian Fisher
Deborah Grover as Old Woman
Deborah Grover
(Old Woman)
Paul Harris as Priest
Paul Harris
Howard Hoover as Priest
Howard Hoover
Darren Hynes as Gaston
Darren Hynes
Ty Kostyk as Travers
Ty Kostyk
Anastasia Marinina as Anna
Anastasia Marinina
Romano Orzari as Summoner
Romano Orzari
Aislinn Paul as Cosette
Aislinn Paul
Taso Alexander as Male Servant
Taso Alexander
(Male Servant)
Krystina Bojanowski as Lola's Nanny
Krystina Bojanowski
(Lola's Nanny)
Alexander Crowther as Randall
Alexander Crowther
Adrian Falconer as Lord Desmarais
Adrian Falconer
(Lord Desmarais)
Brock Morgan as Messenger
Brock Morgan
Lisa Norton as Suzanne
Lisa Norton
Caroline Palmer as Flirty Noblewoman
Caroline Palmer
(Flirty Noblewoman)
Matthew Alan Taylor as King's Guard
Matthew Alan Taylor
(King's Guard)
Jefferson Brown as Assassin
Jefferson Brown
Gregg Lowe as Cedric
Gregg Lowe
Jack Morton as Page
Jack Morton
Chad Connell as Lord Taylor
Chad Connell
(Lord Taylor)
Lawrence Cotton as French Physician
Lawrence Cotton
(French Physician)
Jacquelyn French as Lady Innes
Jacquelyn French
(Lady Innes)
Rebecca Liddiard as Margot de Valois
Rebecca Liddiard
(Margot de Valois)
Max Lloyd-Jones as John Hawkins
Max Lloyd-Jones
(John Hawkins)
Vanessa Carter as Madeleine
Vanessa Carter
Michelle Read as Queen's Emissary
Michelle Read
(Queen's Emissary)
Christopher Redman as Samson
Christopher Redman
John Stead as Bruno
John Stead
Angela Vint as Judith
Angela Vint
Kathryn Alexandre as Lady Barnard
Kathryn Alexandre
(Lady Barnard)
Christopher Cordell as Kingsguard
Christopher Cordell
Cameron Cox as Scout
Cameron Cox
Richard Denison as Old Man
Richard Denison
(Old Man)
Justin Goodhand as Assassin #3
Justin Goodhand
(Assassin #3)
Brian Hamman as Other Catholic Thug
Brian Hamman
(Other Catholic Thug)
Sophie Holdstock as Seamstress
Sophie Holdstock
Brittany Johnson as Serving Girl
Brittany Johnson
(Serving Girl)
Thom Marriott as King's Guard
Thom Marriott
(King's Guard)
Joe Parro as Coachman
Joe Parro
Natalia Payne as Mystery Woman
Natalia Payne
(Mystery Woman)
Spencer Robson as Benjamin
Spencer Robson
Sean Connolly Affleck as Porter
Sean Connolly Affleck
Kevin Allan as Carriage Driver
Kevin Allan
(Carriage Driver)
Zachary Bennett as Lt. Joubert
Zachary Bennett
(Lt. Joubert)
Andrew Chown as Page
Andrew Chown
Joel Cox as Mark
Joel Cox
John Fleming as Munitions Guard #1
John Fleming
(Munitions Guard #1)
William Foley as Lord Germain
William Foley
(Lord Germain)
Nigel Hamer as Specialist
Nigel Hamer
Lucy Hill as Female Servant
Lucy Hill
(Female Servant)
Colin Lepage as Broussard
Colin Lepage
Billy Otis as Innkeeper
Billy Otis
Marie Ward as Helene
Marie Ward
Keith Dinicol as Lord Fluret
Keith Dinicol
(Lord Fluret)
Robert Dodds as Court Physician
Robert Dodds
(Court Physician)
Norman Owen as Campfire Man
Norman Owen
(Campfire Man)
Briana Caitlyn Palmer as Female Servant
Briana Caitlyn Palmer
(Female Servant)
Irene Poole as Maurissa
Irene Poole
Cameron Bitove as Village Girl
Cameron Bitove
(Village Girl)
James Gilbert as Lord Barrett
James Gilbert
(Lord Barrett)
Jordan Imray as Servant
Jordan Imray
Mark McGrinder as Court Physician
Mark McGrinder
(Court Physician)
Joe Bostick as Cook
Joe Bostick
Chris Gibbs as Stable Keeper
Chris Gibbs
(Stable Keeper)
M. John Kennedy as Castle Guard
M. John Kennedy
(Castle Guard)
Rayisa Kondracki as Servant Girl
Rayisa Kondracki
(Servant Girl)
Sophie O'Brien as 7 Year Old Mary
Sophie O'Brien
(7 Year Old Mary)
Shaun Austin-Olsen as Bishop
Shaun Austin-Olsen
Benjamin Clost as Peasant #1
Benjamin Clost
(Peasant #1)
Matthew Edison as Father Lucien
Matthew Edison
(Father Lucien)
Brian J. Graham as Captain of the Guard
Brian J. Graham
(Captain of the Guard)
Aaron Katz as Handsome Young Guard
Aaron Katz
(Handsome Young Guard)
Taras Lavren as William
Taras Lavren
Alan Norman as Sinister Guard
Alan Norman
(Sinister Guard)
Devon Phillipson as Andrew
Devon Phillipson
Geoffrey Pounsett as King's Guard Captain
Geoffrey Pounsett
(King's Guard Captain)
Kent Sheridan as Lord Barnard
Kent Sheridan
(Lord Barnard)
Severn Thompson as Ada
Severn Thompson
Brendan Wall as Doomed Noble
Brendan Wall
(Doomed Noble)
Marilla Wex as Midwife
Marilla Wex
Brendan Beiser as Edmond
Brendan Beiser
Jerald Bezener as Noble
Jerald Bezener
Rain Clews-Fehr as Paul
Rain Clews-Fehr
Darryl Flatman as Royal Riding Guard
Darryl Flatman
(Royal Riding Guard)
Andrew Jackson as Lord Barker
Andrew Jackson
(Lord Barker)
Deanna Jarvis as Servant Girl
Deanna Jarvis
(Servant Girl)
Jay Kee as Village Man #1
Jay Kee
(Village Man #1)
Julian Lewis as Assassin #1
Julian Lewis
(Assassin #1)
Mike McPhaden as Patron
Mike McPhaden
Grant Roll as Kenna's Carriage Driver
Grant Roll
(Kenna's Carriage Driver)
David Rosser as Old Shrivel
David Rosser
(Old Shrivel)
Richard Waugh as Lord Giles
Richard Waugh
(Lord Giles)
Ryan Bainbridge as Page
Ryan Bainbridge
Ian Busher as Martel's Lieutenant
Ian Busher
(Martel's Lieutenant)
Josh Cruddas as Rat Catcher
Josh Cruddas
(Rat Catcher)
Stephen Joffe as Felix
Stephen Joffe
Jean-Michel Le Gal as Lord Mollet
Jean-Michel Le Gal
(Lord Mollet)
Colin Paradine as Red Faced Peasant
Colin Paradine
(Red Faced Peasant)
Angela Besharah as Innkeeper
Angela Besharah
Siobhan Bolton as Noblewoman
Siobhan Bolton
Andrea Creighton as Lady Calum
Andrea Creighton
(Lady Calum)
Miles Faber as Giles
Miles Faber
Christina Fox as Nurse
Christina Fox
Philip Graeme as Court Physician
Philip Graeme
(Court Physician)
Sean Treacy as 7 Year Old Francis
Sean Treacy
(7 Year Old Francis)
Bruce Beaton as Husband
Bruce Beaton
Tim Campbell as Medici Thug #1
Tim Campbell
(Medici Thug #1)
Shane Carty as Bishop
Shane Carty
Reed Clare as Lead Guard
Reed Clare
(Lead Guard)
Nicole de Boer as Lady Doisneau
Nicole de Boer
(Lady Doisneau)
Erica Deutschman as Servant Girl #1
Erica Deutschman
(Servant Girl #1)
Massimo Fraschetti as Altar Boy
Massimo Fraschetti
(Altar Boy)
Alex Furber as Mary's Servant
Alex Furber
(Mary's Servant)
Stephen Gartner as Lord Reynard
Stephen Gartner
(Lord Reynard)
Kira Gelineau as Shepherd's Daughter
Kira Gelineau
(Shepherd's Daughter)
Garrett Hnatiuk as Porter
Garrett Hnatiuk
Elicia Mackenzie as Courtesan
Elicia Mackenzie
David MacNiven as Banker
David MacNiven
Jim Watson as Fredrick
Jim Watson
Paul Dunn as Tradesman
Paul Dunn
Tayves Fiddis as Castle Guard #1
Tayves Fiddis
(Castle Guard #1)
Richard Gingras as Monk
Richard Gingras
Luke Gordon as Master of Ceremonies
Luke Gordon
(Master of Ceremonies)
Anastasia Kokolakis as Duchess Von Amsberg
Anastasia Kokolakis
(Duchess Von Amsberg)
Robert Notman as Village Man #2
Robert Notman
(Village Man #2)
Matthew Sears as Renaude's Soldier #1
Matthew Sears
(Renaude's Soldier #1)
Austin Strugnell as Laurent
Austin Strugnell
Chris Young as Squire
Chris Young
Chris Baker as Steward
Chris Baker
Drew Carnwath as Loyal Subject
Drew Carnwath
(Loyal Subject)
Myles Dobson as Messenger
Myles Dobson
Scott McCulloch as Footman
Scott McCulloch
Sarah Orenstein as Denise
Sarah Orenstein
Maria Syrgiannis as Governess
Maria Syrgiannis
Alex Wall as Daniel
Alex Wall
Clive Walton as Duke Boinel
Clive Walton
(Duke Boinel)
Brandon Beers as Sinister Clansman
Brandon Beers
(Sinister Clansman)
Christy Bruce as Mother
Christy Bruce
Jason Cadieux as Viktor Koslov
Jason Cadieux
(Viktor Koslov)
Jordan Campbell as Scottish Servant
Jordan Campbell
(Scottish Servant)
Trish Fagan as Lady McEwan
Trish Fagan
(Lady McEwan)
Neil Foster as Cardinal Rosales
Neil Foster
(Cardinal Rosales)
Christopher Fowler as Count Von Buren
Christopher Fowler
(Count Von Buren)
Paul Hopkins as Captain Evans
Paul Hopkins
(Captain Evans)
Dan Lett as General Lecroix
Dan Lett
(General Lecroix)
Sean Tabares as Darnley's Servant
Sean Tabares
(Darnley's Servant)
Eric Frank as Robert
Eric Frank
Joe Taylor as Black robed Bishop
Joe Taylor
(Black robed Bishop)
Wayne Ward as Blood Priest
Wayne Ward
(Blood Priest)
Ella Ballentine as Little Girl
Ella Ballentine
(Little Girl)
Tom Barnett as Head Guard #1
Tom Barnett
(Head Guard #1)
David Christo as False Guard #1
David Christo
(False Guard #1)
Eric Craig as Noble #1
Eric Craig
(Noble #1)
Tosha Doiron as Wife
Tosha Doiron
Heidi Lynch as Servant Girl #2
Heidi Lynch
(Servant Girl #2)
David Macniven as Banker
David Macniven
Ian Matthews as Tower Guard #2
Ian Matthews
(Tower Guard #2)
Tara Nicodemo as Constance
Tara Nicodemo
Karl Westerholm as Boy
Karl Westerholm
Max White as Beefy guard
Max White
(Beefy guard)
Matthew Bradley as Francis' Guard
Matthew Bradley
(Francis' Guard)
Andrew Butcher as Courtyard Guard
Andrew Butcher
(Courtyard Guard)
Adam Chuckryk as Renaude's Soldier #2
Adam Chuckryk
(Renaude's Soldier #2)
Kate Fenton as Cloaked Woman
Kate Fenton
(Cloaked Woman)
Michael Iliadis as Nobleman
Michael Iliadis
Peter Jorgensen as Bash's Soldier
Peter Jorgensen
(Bash's Soldier)
Ryan Kelly as Scottish Messenger
Ryan Kelly
(Scottish Messenger)
Helen King as Deputy's Wife
Helen King
(Deputy's Wife)
Miranda Lukane as Servant Woman
Miranda Lukane
(Servant Woman)
Eleni Nico as Whore #1
Eleni Nico
(Whore #1)
James Pettitt as Royal Messenger
James Pettitt
(Royal Messenger)
Carson Reaume as Young Bash
Carson Reaume
(Young Bash)
Justin Strazzanti as Duke Von Amsberg
Justin Strazzanti
(Duke Von Amsberg)
Eric Trask as Admiral Sinet
Eric Trask
(Admiral Sinet)
Robert Verlaque as Court Doctor
Robert Verlaque
(Court Doctor)
Jason Faulkner as Frustrated Nobleman
Jason Faulkner
(Frustrated Nobleman)
Sofie Holland as Alice
Sofie Holland
Mary Kelly as Matronly Servant
Mary Kelly
(Matronly Servant)
Miranda Millar as Kitchen Maid
Miranda Millar
(Kitchen Maid)
Tomaso Sanelli as Henry
Tomaso Sanelli
Rod Wilson as Lord Rutherford
Rod Wilson
(Lord Rutherford)
Tanya Bevan as Nanny
Tanya Bevan
Scott Garland as Lord Kinloch
Scott Garland
(Lord Kinloch)
Ramona Gilmour-Darling as Mother
Ramona Gilmour-Darling
Randi Helmers as Mother
Randi Helmers
Parker Lauzon as Dark-Haired Fencing Boy
Parker Lauzon
(Dark-Haired Fencing Boy)
Mark McIntyre as Male Highlander
Mark McIntyre
(Male Highlander)
Tessa Mossey as Scottish Girl
Tessa Mossey
(Scottish Girl)
Rose Napoli as Lucrezia de Medici
Rose Napoli
(Lucrezia de Medici)
Jory Rossiter as Porter
Jory Rossiter
Don W. Shepherd as Duke Ferrera
Don W. Shepherd
(Duke Ferrera)
Jordan Lee as Philip
Jordan Lee
Saige Aurora as Gemma
Saige Aurora
Robert Clarke as Merchant
Robert Clarke
Noah Davis as Andre
Noah Davis
Christopher Dyson as Bellows
Christopher Dyson
Jesse Griffiths as Armed Man
Jesse Griffiths
(Armed Man)
Chris Hapke as Another Noble
Chris Hapke
(Another Noble)
Robert B. Kennedy as Head Guard #2
Robert B. Kennedy
(Head Guard #2)
Derek Perks as False Guard #2
Derek Perks
(False Guard #2)
Clinton Walker as Carriage Driver
Clinton Walker
(Carriage Driver)
Rob Wierzbicki as Player
Rob Wierzbicki
Jon Ambrose as Man
Jon Ambrose
Nicole Buscema as Servant Girl
Nicole Buscema
(Servant Girl)
Steve Cumyn as Count D'Avigny
Steve Cumyn
(Count D'Avigny)
Camille Hollett-French as Whore #2
Camille Hollett-French
(Whore #2)
Alicia Dea Josipovic as Daphne
Alicia Dea Josipovic
Ray Kahnert as Bishop
Ray Kahnert
Tim Machin as Messenger
Tim Machin
Joel Rinzler as Courtier
Joel Rinzler
Paul Rivers as Councilman #1
Paul Rivers
(Councilman #1)
Christian Smith as Renaude's Soldier #3
Christian Smith
(Renaude's Soldier #3)
Iain Stewart as Antoine's Page
Iain Stewart
(Antoine's Page)
Paul Beer as Archduke Forlay (Boring Suitor)
Paul Beer
(Archduke Forlay (Boring Suitor))
Greg Campbell as Cardinal Lauren
Greg Campbell
(Cardinal Lauren)
David Ingram as Naval General
David Ingram
(Naval General)
Brian Russell as Council Member
Brian Russell
(Council Member)
Tyler Barish as Blonde Fencing Boy
Tyler Barish
(Blonde Fencing Boy)
Dan Beirne as George
Dan Beirne
Aaron Chartrand as Messenger
Aaron Chartrand
Andrew Di Rosa as Count Alejandro
Andrew Di Rosa
(Count Alejandro)
Rob Edward as Scottish Soldier
Rob Edward
(Scottish Soldier)
Greg Ellwand as Farmer
Greg Ellwand
Nicholas Fry as Boy
Nicholas Fry
Kaleb Horn as English Page
Kaleb Horn
(English Page)
Jonathan Koensgen as Malcolm
Jonathan Koensgen
Kyle McWatters as Father Julian
Kyle McWatters
(Father Julian)
Violetta Pioro as Lila
Violetta Pioro
Pierre Simpson as Ambassador Franco
Pierre Simpson
(Ambassador Franco)
Murray Urquhart as Goon
Murray Urquhart
Brandon Crone as Passing Guard
Brandon Crone
(Passing Guard)
Daniel Falk as Arnaud
Daniel Falk
Owen Fawcett as Soldier One
Owen Fawcett
(Soldier One)
Harry Judge as Franc
Harry Judge
Daniel Matmor as Oliver
Daniel Matmor
Andy Pogson as Angry Courtier
Andy Pogson
(Angry Courtier)
Torren Sylvain as Conflicted Noble
Torren Sylvain
(Conflicted Noble)
Cody Ray Thompson as Swiss Guard
Cody Ray Thompson
(Swiss Guard)
Carl Bauer as Bodyguard
Carl Bauer
Audrey Ferron as Maidservant
Audrey Ferron
Marvin Hinz as Councilman #2
Marvin Hinz
(Councilman #2)
Brad Hodder as Lead Inquisitor
Brad Hodder
(Lead Inquisitor)
Greg Hovanessian as Advance Scout
Greg Hovanessian
(Advance Scout)
Ted Jefferies as Checkpoint Guard
Ted Jefferies
(Checkpoint Guard)
Jake Simons as Highguardsman
Jake Simons
Jordan Till as Castle Servant
Jordan Till
(Castle Servant)
Peter Tufford Kennedy as Coup Commander
Peter Tufford Kennedy
(Coup Commander)
Meghan Allen as Silk Peddler
Meghan Allen
(Silk Peddler)
Lili Connor as Scottish Peasant Woman
Lili Connor
(Scottish Peasant Woman)
Kevin Dowse as Lord Cardot
Kevin Dowse
(Lord Cardot)
Erin Eldershaw as English Servant
Erin Eldershaw
(English Servant)
Brandon McGibbon as Father Ashby
Brandon McGibbon
(Father Ashby)
Sarah Mennell as Beatrice Somerset
Sarah Mennell
(Beatrice Somerset)
Derek Moran as Adviser
Derek Moran
Andrew Zachar as Villager #1
Andrew Zachar
(Villager #1)
Zachary Amzallag as Servant
Zachary Amzallag
Adam Butcher as Injured Guardsman
Adam Butcher
(Injured Guardsman)
Steve Coombes as Jane's Father
Steve Coombes
(Jane's Father)
Kathryn Davis as Young Mother
Kathryn Davis
(Young Mother)
Matt Dawson as English Page
Matt Dawson
(English Page)
Elana Dunkelman as Village Woman
Elana Dunkelman
(Village Woman)
Andrew Iles as Scottish Page
Andrew Iles
(Scottish Page)
Trenna Keating as Lady Palmerton
Trenna Keating
(Lady Palmerton)
Kyle McDonald as Lord Dunbar
Kyle McDonald
(Lord Dunbar)
Ian Ronningen as Cory
Ian Ronningen
Adrian Shepherd as Page
Adrian Shepherd
Caitlyn Sponheimer as Sophia
Caitlyn Sponheimer
Dru Viergever as Rebel Leader
Dru Viergever
(Rebel Leader)
Stephen Vincelli as Spanish Advisor
Stephen Vincelli
(Spanish Advisor)
Louis Adams as Angry Prisoner #1
Louis Adams
(Angry Prisoner #1)
Georgina Beaty as Lilly
Georgina Beaty
Tomas Chovanec as Guard
Tomas Chovanec
Torquil Colbo as Bearded Man
Torquil Colbo
(Bearded Man)
Cosette Derome as Barricaded Woman
Cosette Derome
(Barricaded Woman)
Brett Donahue as Lord Aris
Brett Donahue
(Lord Aris)
Jonathan Purdon as Father
Jonathan Purdon
Nicolas Van Burek as Soldier Two
Nicolas Van Burek
(Soldier Two)
Emily Andrews as Scottish Servant
Emily Andrews
(Scottish Servant)
Ashley Awde as Lady Malbouef
Ashley Awde
(Lady Malbouef)
Robin Cunningham as Royal Messenger
Robin Cunningham
(Royal Messenger)
Michelle Danese as Whore #2
Michelle Danese
(Whore #2)
Rebecca Davey as Catherine's Decoy
Rebecca Davey
(Catherine's Decoy)
Paul Fauteux as McNabb
Paul Fauteux
Carson Gale as Servant
Carson Gale
Daniel Greenberg as Senior Servant
Daniel Greenberg
(Senior Servant)
Nicholas Hamzea as Monastery Boy #1
Nicholas Hamzea
(Monastery Boy #1)
Sarah Koehn as Female Survivor
Sarah Koehn
(Female Survivor)
Ava Markus as Maidservant
Ava Markus
Andrew Anthony as Stable Master
Andrew Anthony
(Stable Master)
Tyler East as Servant Boy
Tyler East
(Servant Boy)
Celine Filion as French Servant
Celine Filion
(French Servant)
Jessica Gallant as Lady Kirkland
Jessica Gallant
(Lady Kirkland)
Adrian G. Griffiths as Baphomet
Adrian G. Griffiths
Sayer Roberts as Villager #2
Sayer Roberts
(Villager #2)
Sydney Van Delft as Buxom Servant
Sydney Van Delft
(Buxom Servant)
Colleen Winton as Nancy
Colleen Winton
Eric Charters as Guard
Eric Charters
Michael Coady as Lord Innes
Michael Coady
(Lord Innes)
Jake Foy as King James
Jake Foy
(King James)
Michael Gaty as English Servant
Michael Gaty
(English Servant)
Michael Kaplan as Messenger
Michael Kaplan
Cory Lipman as Guard
Cory Lipman
Chandler Loryn as Woman #1
Chandler Loryn
(Woman #1)
Shawn Meunier as Pierre
Shawn Meunier
Vickie Papavs as Jane's Mother
Vickie Papavs
(Jane's Mother)
James Scallion as Adrian
James Scallion
Geoffrey Whynot as Lord Simon
Geoffrey Whynot
(Lord Simon)
Emily Bartlett as Noble Wife #1
Emily Bartlett
(Noble Wife #1)
Eve Gane as Female Servant
Eve Gane
(Female Servant)
Morgan Hilliker as Daughter
Morgan Hilliker
Ron Kennell as The Darkness
Ron Kennell
(The Darkness)
Adrian Morningstar as Groom
Adrian Morningstar
Eden Ocean Sanders as Marc D'Linde
Eden Ocean Sanders
(Marc D'Linde)
Peter Windrem as Wagon Driver
Peter Windrem
(Wagon Driver)
Logan Brown as Tower Guard
Logan Brown
(Tower Guard)
Tristan Culbert as Monastery Boy #2 (Hug)
Tristan Culbert
(Monastery Boy #2 (Hug))
Mike Donis as Lord Lepine
Mike Donis
(Lord Lepine)
Rob King as Angry Villager
Rob King
(Angry Villager)
Elyse Reed as Whore #2
Elyse Reed
(Whore #2)
Adrian Spencer as Lord Roux
Adrian Spencer
(Lord Roux)
Andrew Coghlan as Rampart Guard
Andrew Coghlan
(Rampart Guard)
Aidan Crowe as Pillager #1
Aidan Crowe
(Pillager #1)
Alex Frankson as Messenger
Alex Frankson
Ryan Christopher Kotack as Scottish Military Advisor
Ryan Christopher Kotack
(Scottish Military Advisor)
Luke Marty as Servant
Luke Marty
Juliana Semenova as Courtesan
Juliana Semenova
Tim Beresford as Privy Councilor #2
Tim Beresford
(Privy Councilor #2)
Alec Dahmer as Gerard
Alec Dahmer
Eric Hicks as Captain
Eric Hicks
Julianne Hobby as Madeline
Julianne Hobby
Amanda Lisman as Patrice
Amanda Lisman
Michael Longstaff as Ambassador Renard
Michael Longstaff
(Ambassador Renard)
Melinda Michael as Woman #2
Melinda Michael
(Woman #2)
Val Ovtcharov as Russian Noble
Val Ovtcharov
(Russian Noble)
Michael Gordin Shore as Peasant Father
Michael Gordin Shore
(Peasant Father)
Eamon Stocks as Jane's Brother
Eamon Stocks
(Jane's Brother)
Lee Tessler as Lord Margate
Lee Tessler
(Lord Margate)
Rafferty Blumberg as George
Rafferty Blumberg
Courtney Deelen as Noble Wife #2
Courtney Deelen
(Noble Wife #2)
Ben Hayward as Castle Guard #2
Ben Hayward
(Castle Guard #2)
Toby Proctor as Farmer
Toby Proctor
Kaitlyn Riordan as Sandrine
Kaitlyn Riordan
Ivan Sherry as Military Official
Ivan Sherry
(Military Official)
Skyler Wexler as Young Claude
Skyler Wexler
(Young Claude)
Steve Wilsher as Shopkeeper
Steve Wilsher
Damir Andrei as Lord Clavell
Damir Andrei
(Lord Clavell)
Bruce Davies as Farmer
Bruce Davies
Perry Mucci as Servant Man (Antoine's)
Perry Mucci
(Servant Man (Antoine's))
David Schurmann as Anglican Priest
David Schurmann
(Anglican Priest)
Leo Vernik as Young Magistrate
Leo Vernik
(Young Magistrate)
Bree Wasylenko as Laundress
Bree Wasylenko
Elysia White as Whore #3
Elysia White
(Whore #3)
Nathaniel Bacon as French Mercenary
Nathaniel Bacon
(French Mercenary)
Anthony Gerbrandt as Villager
Anthony Gerbrandt
Michael Goldlist as Royal English Guard
Michael Goldlist
(Royal English Guard)
Eddie Jackson as Pillager #2
Eddie Jackson
(Pillager #2)
David Robert Moore as Villager #1
David Robert Moore
(Villager #1)
Myrthin Stagg as Highborn Woman
Myrthin Stagg
(Highborn Woman)
Iain Becking as Guard
Iain Becking
Richard Binsley as Physician
Richard Binsley
Justin Michael Carriere as Lord Deschamps
Justin Michael Carriere
(Lord Deschamps)
Alison Deon as French Servant
Alison Deon
(French Servant)
Ruth Madoc-Jones as Peasant Mother
Ruth Madoc-Jones
(Peasant Mother)
Adam Maros as Scottish Guard
Adam Maros
(Scottish Guard)
Dale R. Miller as Armed Guard
Dale R. Miller
(Armed Guard)
Tyler Blake Smith as Foreman
Tyler Blake Smith
David Snelgrove as Lord Clarkson
David Snelgrove
(Lord Clarkson)
Stephen Sparks as Priest
Stephen Sparks
Emily Stranges as English Servant Girl
Emily Stranges
(English Servant Girl)
Allan Cook as Guard #3
Allan Cook
(Guard #3)
Dan Fox as Armed Man
Dan Fox
(Armed Man)
Chris Handfield as Gamekeeper
Chris Handfield
James Lafazanos as Zealous Guard
James Lafazanos
(Zealous Guard)
Murray Oliver as Nobleman
Murray Oliver
Shelley Simester as Farmer #2
Shelley Simester
(Farmer #2)
Tim Ziegler as Protestant #1
Tim Ziegler
(Protestant #1)
Stephane Garneau-Monten as Sick Soldier
Stephane Garneau-Monten
(Sick Soldier)
Blake Johnston as Servant Man (Bash's)
Blake Johnston
(Servant Man (Bash's))
Daniel Kash as General La Motte
Daniel Kash
(General La Motte)
Dayna Vago as Lady In Garden
Dayna Vago
(Lady In Garden)
Mark Burgess as Tax Collector
Mark Burgess
(Tax Collector)
Scott Hurst as Bishop Hamilton
Scott Hurst
(Bishop Hamilton)
Michael Pollard as English Noble
Michael Pollard
(English Noble)
Cyrus Aazam as Spanish Soldier
Cyrus Aazam
(Spanish Soldier)
Mike Ackerman as Conductor
Mike Ackerman
Ted Charette as French Villager
Ted Charette
(French Villager)
Michael Hughes as Priest
Michael Hughes
Martin Sims as Lord Donal
Martin Sims
(Lord Donal)
Michael Sofos as Peasant Boy
Michael Sofos
(Peasant Boy)
Edmund Stapleton as Servant
Edmund Stapleton
Kevin Dennis as Attending Noble
Kevin Dennis
(Attending Noble)
Robert Fulton as Cleric
Robert Fulton
Marlena Kaesler as Bathing Servant
Marlena Kaesler
(Bathing Servant)
Robert Skanes as Angry Prisoner #2
Robert Skanes
(Angry Prisoner #2)
Scott Walker as Hallway Guard #2
Scott Walker
(Hallway Guard #2)
Jeremy Walmsley as Narcisse's Page
Jeremy Walmsley
(Narcisse's Page)
Michael Gilpin as Man In Garden
Michael Gilpin
(Man In Garden)
Katelyn McCulloch as Village Woman
Katelyn McCulloch
(Village Woman)
Ted Ludzik as Champion
Ted Ludzik
Laurie Murdoch as Hugh
Laurie Murdoch
Patrick Collins as Kitchen Helper
Patrick Collins
(Kitchen Helper)
Aaron Feigenbaum as 10-Year Old Prince
Aaron Feigenbaum
(10-Year Old Prince)
Julain Molnar as Midwife
Julain Molnar
Marlee Schwartz as Peasant Girl
Marlee Schwartz
(Peasant Girl)
Hannah Drew as Lipless Servant
Hannah Drew
(Lipless Servant)
Jen Pogue as Female Servant
Jen Pogue
(Female Servant)
Ashley Ross as Servant Girl
Ashley Ross
(Servant Girl)
Philip Van Martin as Courtyard Guard
Philip Van Martin
(Courtyard Guard)
Doug MacLeod as Herald
Doug MacLeod
Catherine McNally as Abbess
Catherine McNally
Darcy Stewart as Chambermaid
Darcy Stewart
Michael Ford-FitzGerald as Queen's Guard
Michael Ford-FitzGerald
(Queen's Guard)
Heather Marie Annis as Governess
Heather Marie Annis
Clint Butler as Villager #1
Clint Butler
(Villager #1)
Tal Zimerman as Cook
Tal Zimerman
Troy Feldman as Courtyard Guard
Troy Feldman
(Courtyard Guard)
Barrett Morrison as Mary's Guard
Barrett Morrison
(Mary's Guard)
Lara Mrkoci as Village Woman
Lara Mrkoci
(Village Woman)
Roger Shank as Physician
Roger Shank
Richard Harte as Chambers Guard
Richard Harte
(Chambers Guard)
Brant Matthews as Firebreather
Brant Matthews
Hugh Ritchie as Luc Clavell
Hugh Ritchie
(Luc Clavell)
Ian Matheson as Queen's Guard (Execution)
Ian Matheson
(Queen's Guard (Execution))
Jared Plumb as Wounded Red Knight
Jared Plumb
(Wounded Red Knight)
Caitlin B. Driscoll as Woman of the House
Caitlin B. Driscoll
(Woman of the House)
Neil Girvan as Villager #2
Neil Girvan
(Villager #2)
Susanna Fournier as Nanny
Susanna Fournier
John Mallett as Herald (England)
John Mallett
(Herald (England))
Cyrus Faird as Lead Red Knight
Cyrus Faird
(Lead Red Knight)
Mark Waters as English Guard
Mark Waters
(English Guard)
Jennifer Higgin as Noblewoman
Jennifer Higgin
Michael Chwastiak as Protestant Man
Michael Chwastiak
(Protestant Man)
Clyde Whitham as Dancing Master
Clyde Whitham
(Dancing Master)
Michelle Jedrzejewski as Female Servant
Michelle Jedrzejewski
(Female Servant)
Lucy Parker Byrne as Melaniee
Lucy Parker Byrne
Carter Easler as Scottish Guard #1
Carter Easler
(Scottish Guard #1)
Mark Allan as Catholic Man
Mark Allan
(Catholic Man)
Jimmy Byron as Lola's Guard
Jimmy Byron
(Lola's Guard)
Shileen Paton as Young English Girl Servant
Shileen Paton
(Young English Girl Servant)
Peter Mikhail as English Advisor
Peter Mikhail
(English Advisor)
Aaron Ferguson as Scottish Guard #2
Aaron Ferguson
(Scottish Guard #2)
Drew Dafoe as Male Servant
Drew Dafoe
(Male Servant)
James Madge as Villager
James Madge
Charles Vandervaart as Highborn Boy
Charles Vandervaart
(Highborn Boy)
Trevor Ketcheson as Scottish Page
Trevor Ketcheson
(Scottish Page)
Matthew Olver as Council Member
Matthew Olver
(Council Member)
Fraser Elsdon as Bash's Guard
Fraser Elsdon
(Bash's Guard)
Kenton Blythe as Servant
Kenton Blythe
Michael Giel as Castle Guard
Michael Giel
(Castle Guard)
Simon Pellegrino as Scottish Nobleman
Simon Pellegrino
(Scottish Nobleman)
Justin De Bernardi as Dancer
Justin De Bernardi
Carrie Beale as Scottish Noble
Carrie Beale
(Scottish Noble)
Sarah Murphy-Dyson as Dancer
Sarah Murphy-Dyson
Drew Moss as Renaude's Soldier
Drew Moss
(Renaude's Soldier)
Devlin Anderson as Nobel
Devlin Anderson
Lindsay Christopher as Claude's Attendant
Lindsay Christopher
(Claude's Attendant)
Dave Reachill as Scottish Noble
Dave Reachill
(Scottish Noble)
Jason Boyd as Queen's Honor Guard
Jason Boyd
(Queen's Honor Guard)
Bash Dinsmore as Scottish Clansman
Bash Dinsmore
(Scottish Clansman)
Michelle Roy as Noble Woman
Michelle Roy
(Noble Woman)
Cyndy Day as French Noble
Cyndy Day
(French Noble)
Jasmine Sean as Village Woman
Jasmine Sean
(Village Woman)
Guilherme Levy as Wulver
Guilherme Levy
Kathy Glassford as Governess
Kathy Glassford
Ann Green as Queen's Attendant
Ann Green
(Queen's Attendant)
Olivia Gudaniec as Stairway Servant
Olivia Gudaniec
(Stairway Servant)
Rodrigo Ternevoy as Guard
Rodrigo Ternevoy
Sara Sue Vallee as Noble
Sara Sue Vallee
Lauren Vandenbrook as Court Lady
Lauren Vandenbrook
(Court Lady)
Dani Barker as Salon Girl #1
Dani Barker
(Salon Girl #1)
Katie Buitendyk
Katie Buitendyk
Jaiden Cannatelli as Gaston
Jaiden Cannatelli
Lisa Chandler as Mimi Natalia
Lisa Chandler
(Mimi Natalia)
Ali Chappell as Servant
Ali Chappell
Jayme Desjardins as Plague Victim
Jayme Desjardins
(Plague Victim)
Aidan Greene as Young Scottish Victim
Aidan Greene
(Young Scottish Victim)
David Knoll as Martin
David Knoll
Sidney Leeder as Dancer
Sidney Leeder
Louis Paquette as Thug
Louis Paquette
Craig Snoyer as Shaving Guard
Craig Snoyer
(Shaving Guard)
Karissa Strain as Brothel Twin
Karissa Strain
(Brothel Twin)
Katie Strain as Brothel Twin
Katie Strain
(Brothel Twin)
James Stratton as Jerome
James Stratton
Jenna Warren as Ainsley
Jenna Warren
Sarah Colford as Lady Grenier
Sarah Colford
(Lady Grenier)
Ryan Maisey as Nobleman Background
Ryan Maisey
(Nobleman Background)
Mila Petcherskaia as Maiden
Mila Petcherskaia
Rebecca Rodley as Young Noble Woman
Rebecca Rodley
(Young Noble Woman)
Ivana Ruegg as Nanny
Ivana Ruegg
Brandon Sullivan as Noble Child
Brandon Sullivan
(Noble Child)
Brandon Tarczy as Bertraud
Brandon Tarczy
Micheal Fitzgerald as Mercenary
Micheal Fitzgerald
Ken Linton as English Lord
Ken Linton
(English Lord)
Bobby Marno as Merc
Bobby Marno
Dylan Sypher as Kings Guard
Dylan Sypher
(Kings Guard)
Ray Cammaert as English Advisor
Ray Cammaert
(English Advisor)
Grace Faria as Scottish Peasant
Grace Faria
(Scottish Peasant)
Chris Gleason as Fishmonger
Chris Gleason
Jake Gosden as Teenage Villager
Jake Gosden
(Teenage Villager)
Mark Quigley as Scottish Guard
Mark Quigley
(Scottish Guard)
Romii Reilly as Noblewoman
Romii Reilly
Helene Robbie as French Noble Dancer
Helene Robbie
(French Noble Dancer)
Anjelica Scannura as Bellydancer #3
Anjelica Scannura
(Bellydancer #3)
Richard H. Strobel as Scottish Clan Leader
Richard H. Strobel
(Scottish Clan Leader)
Traci Tari as Scottish Servant
Traci Tari
(Scottish Servant)
Johan Wester as Rebel
Johan Wester
Scott Youdale as Scottish Nobel
Scott Youdale
(Scottish Nobel)
Jake Zabusky as Leith's Valet
Jake Zabusky
(Leith's Valet)
Sylvia Zuk as Scottish Servant
Sylvia Zuk
(Scottish Servant)

Thumbnails & Trailers


Sarzamin Eshgh
Sarzamin Eshgh
Khaneye Kaghazi
Khaneye Kaghazi
Serre Delbaran
Serre Delbaran
Dar Ghalb Man
Dar Ghalb Man