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Sargozashte Nadime (2017)

Sargozashte Nadime

  • Genres:
    Drama | Sci-Fi
  • Release Date:
    24 April 2017
  • Broadcast Co:
    MGM Television
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    PG +13 (Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h
  • Summary:
    A religion-based autocracy has taken over most of the United States, renaming the country Gilead. In this country women are second-class citizens. Anyone trying to escape is punished. One such person is June, who is captured while trying to escape with her husband and child and is sentenced to be a handmaid, bearing children for childless government officials. As a handmaid, June is renamed Offred. This is her story.

Cast & Crew

Elisabeth Moss as June Osborne
Elisabeth Moss
(June Osborne)
Max Minghella as Nick Blaine
Max Minghella
(Nick Blaine)
Amanda Brugel as Rita
Amanda Brugel
Yvonne Strahovski as Serena Joy Waterford
Yvonne Strahovski
(Serena Joy Waterford)
Joseph Fiennes as Fred Waterford
Joseph Fiennes
(Fred Waterford)
Ann Dowd as Aunt Lydia
Ann Dowd
(Aunt Lydia)
Madeline Brewer as Janine
Madeline Brewer
O-T Fagbenle as Luke Bankole
O-T Fagbenle
(Luke Bankole)
Nina Kiri as Alma
Nina Kiri
Alexis Bledel as Emily
Alexis Bledel
Samira Wiley as Moira
Samira Wiley
Bahia Watson as Brianna
Bahia Watson
Jenessa Grant as Dolores
Jenessa Grant
Ever Carradine as Naomi Putnam
Ever Carradine
(Naomi Putnam)
Stephen Kunken as Warren Putnam
Stephen Kunken
(Warren Putnam)
Tattiawna Jones as Lillie Fuller
Tattiawna Jones
(Lillie Fuller)
Sydney Sweeney as Eden Spencer
Sydney Sweeney
(Eden Spencer)
Jordana Blake as Hannah Bankole
Jordana Blake
(Hannah Bankole)
Angela Vint as Leah
Angela Vint
Robert Curtis Brown as Andrew Pryce
Robert Curtis Brown
(Andrew Pryce)
Edie Inksetter as Aunt Elizabeth
Edie Inksetter
(Aunt Elizabeth)
Birgitte Solem as Putnam Martha
Birgitte Solem
(Putnam Martha)
Danielle Height as Meredith
Danielle Height
Marissa Kate Wilson as Handmaid
Marissa Kate Wilson
Erin Way as Erin
Erin Way
Kristian Bruun as Doctor
Kristian Bruun
Greg Bryk as Ray Cushing
Greg Bryk
(Ray Cushing)
Rohan Mead as Isaac
Rohan Mead
Krista Morin as Rachel Tapping
Krista Morin
(Rachel Tapping)
Adrian Walters as Commander Horace
Adrian Walters
(Commander Horace)
Chris Gillett as Commander Grinnell
Chris Gillett
(Commander Grinnell)
Paula Boudreau as Grace Williams
Paula Boudreau
(Grace Williams)
Genevieve Adam as Wife #2
Genevieve Adam
(Wife #2)
Jamila Fleming as Handmaid C
Jamila Fleming
(Handmaid C)
Cherry Jones as Holly Maddox
Cherry Jones
(Holly Maddox)
Bradley Whitford as Joseph Lawrence
Bradley Whitford
(Joseph Lawrence)
Kristen Gutoskie as Beth
Kristen Gutoskie
Julie Dretzin as Eleanor Lawrence
Julie Dretzin
(Eleanor Lawrence)
Novie Edwards as Kit
Novie Edwards
Soo Garay as Fiona
Soo Garay
Nicky Guadagni as Aunt Sarah
Nicky Guadagni
(Aunt Sarah)
David Tompa as Mr. Spencer
David Tompa
(Mr. Spencer)
Helen King as Aunt Pauline
Helen King
(Aunt Pauline)
Troy Blundell as Guardian #1
Troy Blundell
(Guardian #1)
Shahi Teruko as Gwendolyn
Shahi Teruko
Ashleigh Rains as Wife #1
Ashleigh Rains
(Wife #1)
Victoria Fodor as Martha Cora
Victoria Fodor
(Martha Cora)
Ian Ronningen as Guardian
Ian Ronningen
Jennie Raymond as Caroline
Jennie Raymond
Tasha Attey as Amber
Tasha Attey
Natalie Dale as Claire
Natalie Dale
Brianne Tucker as Molly
Brianne Tucker
Joel Rinzler as Butcher
Joel Rinzler
Jane Smythe as Wife
Jane Smythe
Romii Reilly as Unwoman - Stage 4
Romii Reilly
(Unwoman - Stage 4)
Chris Tarpos as I.C.E. Agent
Chris Tarpos
(I.C.E. Agent)
Angela Thompson as Handmaid
Angela Thompson
Daniel James Pike as Economan
Daniel James Pike
Rosa Gilmore as Zoe
Rosa Gilmore
Tim Ransom as Whitford
Tim Ransom
Marisa Tomei as Mrs. O'Conner
Marisa Tomei
(Mrs. O'Conner)
John Carroll Lynch as Dan
John Carroll Lynch
Christian Barillas as Mr. Flores
Christian Barillas
(Mr. Flores)
Ted Simonett as Older Guardian
Ted Simonett
(Older Guardian)
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Omar
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II
Clea DuVall as Sylvia
Clea DuVall
Ben Lewis as Peter
Ben Lewis
Phillip Craig as Maintenance Van Driver
Phillip Craig
(Maintenance Van Driver)
Justin Landry as Pushy Job Seeker
Justin Landry
(Pushy Job Seeker)
Kim Roberts as Christine
Kim Roberts
Shane Daly as Joe Bradley
Shane Daly
(Joe Bradley)
Zabryna Guevara as Mrs. Castillo
Zabryna Guevara
(Mrs. Castillo)
Damien Howard as Checkpoint Guardian
Damien Howard
(Checkpoint Guardian)
Philip Craig as Maintenance Driver
Philip Craig
(Maintenance Driver)
Sam Jaeger as Mark Tuello
Sam Jaeger
(Mark Tuello)
Ericka Kreutz as Nurse Wheeler
Ericka Kreutz
(Nurse Wheeler)
Jim Cummings as Burke
Jim Cummings
Marvin Kaye as Boat Captain
Marvin Kaye
(Boat Captain)
Christian Lloyd as Commander Guthrie
Christian Lloyd
(Commander Guthrie)
Ayomi Jonas as Hannah (4 Years Old)
Ayomi Jonas
(Hannah (4 Years Old))
Vas Saranga as Kyle
Vas Saranga
Ryan Turner as Uniformed Eye #1
Ryan Turner
(Uniformed Eye #1)
Kirsten Johnson as Aunt
Kirsten Johnson
Daniel Chaudhry as Uniformed Eye #2
Daniel Chaudhry
(Uniformed Eye #2)
Deb Filler as Sally
Deb Filler
Kelly Jenrette as Annie
Kelly Jenrette
Keeya King as Jenna
Keeya King
Vanessa Matsui as Mrs. Tanaka
Vanessa Matsui
(Mrs. Tanaka)
Asia Rempel as Young June
Asia Rempel
(Young June)
Dan Beirne as Barista
Dan Beirne
Adrian Griffin as Commander Davidson
Adrian Griffin
(Commander Davidson)
Tanya Faraday as Dee
Tanya Faraday
Ian Geldart as Mike
Ian Geldart
Patrice Goodman as Doctor #3
Patrice Goodman
(Doctor #3)
Katie Messina as Carol
Katie Messina
Rebecca Rittenhouse as Odette
Rebecca Rittenhouse
David Snelgrove as Eye Commander
David Snelgrove
(Eye Commander)
Evgeny Akimov as Commander
Evgeny Akimov
Nicole Stamp as Lenore
Nicole Stamp
Dave Lapsley as Executioner
Dave Lapsley
Catherine McNally as Sarah
Catherine McNally
Michael Caruana as Roger
Michael Caruana
David Chinchilla as Guardian #1
David Chinchilla
(Guardian #1)
Todd Thomas Dark as Commander Derek Chambers
Todd Thomas Dark
(Commander Derek Chambers)
Lauren Horejda as Helen
Lauren Horejda
Shruti Kothari as Woman with Moira
Shruti Kothari
(Woman with Moira)
Charlie Riina as Handmaid
Charlie Riina
Bruce Tubbe as Matthew
Bruce Tubbe
Eilish Waller as Ofmyles
Eilish Waller
Amanda Barker as Tricia
Amanda Barker
James Gilbert as Stuart
James Gilbert
Cornelia Luna as Unwoman #1
Cornelia Luna
(Unwoman #1)
Margaret Atwood as Aunt
Margaret Atwood
Yvonne Gaudry as Female Worker #1
Yvonne Gaudry
(Female Worker #1)
David Kirby as Commander Bennett
David Kirby
(Commander Bennett)
Ishan Morris as Guardian Nurse
Ishan Morris
(Guardian Nurse)
Glen Schultz as Commander Glen Cooper
Glen Schultz
(Commander Glen Cooper)
Nora Sweet-Underhill as Wife
Nora Sweet-Underhill
Ricky Tollman as Putnam's Driver
Ricky Tollman
(Putnam's Driver)
Elise Bauman as Jenny
Elise Bauman
Sally Cahill as Roy's Wife
Sally Cahill
(Roy's Wife)
Michelle Hospedales as Holly's Friend #3
Michelle Hospedales
(Holly's Friend #3)
Carinne Leduc as Claudine
Carinne Leduc
Ronica Sajnani as Unwoman #2
Ronica Sajnani
(Unwoman #2)
Toni Ellwand as Female Worker #2
Toni Ellwand
(Female Worker #2)
Matthew Olver as Commander Monroe
Matthew Olver
(Commander Monroe)
Cam Parkes as Young Guardian
Cam Parkes
(Young Guardian)
Ryan Perlus as Surgeon
Ryan Perlus
Natalie Turner as Call Girl
Natalie Turner
(Call Girl)
Adam Winlove-Smith as Guardian Prisoner
Adam Winlove-Smith
(Guardian Prisoner)
José Arias as Kevin McConnell
José Arias
(Kevin McConnell)
Josephine Buettner as Unwoman #3
Josephine Buettner
(Unwoman #3)
Lawrence Cotton as Commander Roy
Lawrence Cotton
(Commander Roy)
Adrian Falconer as College Dean
Adrian Falconer
(College Dean)
Karen Glave as Dr. Hodgson
Karen Glave
(Dr. Hodgson)
Jessica Greenberg as Holly's Friend #4
Jessica Greenberg
(Holly's Friend #4)
Valérie Lecomte as Mrs. Spencer
Valérie Lecomte
(Mrs. Spencer)
Peggy Bree Tam as Punished Handmaid #1
Peggy Bree Tam
(Punished Handmaid #1)
Christy Bruce as Emma Monroe
Christy Bruce
(Emma Monroe)
Josh Hehner as Assisting Surgeon
Josh Hehner
(Assisting Surgeon)
Mike Jackson as Commander
Mike Jackson
Caeden Lawrence as Guardian #1
Caeden Lawrence
(Guardian #1)
Clark Backo as Genevieve
Clark Backo
Lilly Bartlam as Eden's Sister
Lilly Bartlam
(Eden's Sister)
Allie Dunbar as Student Host
Allie Dunbar
(Student Host)
Andy McQueen as Dr. Epstein
Andy McQueen
(Dr. Epstein)
Isaiah Rockcliffe as Adam
Isaiah Rockcliffe
Diana Tso as Unwoman #4
Diana Tso
(Unwoman #4)
Perrie Voss as Ofzachary
Perrie Voss
Andrew Moodie as Mike Ahn
Andrew Moodie
(Mike Ahn)
Dana Puddicombe as Econowife
Dana Puddicombe
Alastair Thorburn-Vitols as Young Singer
Alastair Thorburn-Vitols
(Young Singer)
Karina Bradfield as Heckler #1
Karina Bradfield
(Heckler #1)
Joanna Douglas as Heather
Joanna Douglas
Tim Gammon as Isaac's Father
Tim Gammon
(Isaac's Father)
Taylor Belle Puterman as Ashlyn
Taylor Belle Puterman
Kim DeLonghi as Isaac's Mother
Kim DeLonghi
(Isaac's Mother)
Janelle Heron as Econowife
Janelle Heron
Nina Iordanova as Refugee
Nina Iordanova
Nola Martin as Ashlyn's Mother
Nola Martin
(Ashlyn's Mother)
Felicia Simone as Crying Student
Felicia Simone
(Crying Student)
Luc Trottier as Heckler #2
Luc Trottier
(Heckler #2)
Jean Paul Najm as Guardian #1
Jean Paul Najm
(Guardian #1)
Karen Robinson as Nurse Tania
Karen Robinson
(Nurse Tania)
Sehar Bhojani as Elise Watson
Sehar Bhojani
(Elise Watson)
Richard Blackburn as Judge
Richard Blackburn
Michala Brasseur as Caitlyn
Michala Brasseur
David Gingrich as Linds
David Gingrich
Jeff Ho as Bartender
Jeff Ho
Ipsita Paul as Aunt Kimberly
Ipsita Paul
(Aunt Kimberly)
Janet Pinnick as Ticket Agent
Janet Pinnick
(Ticket Agent)
Beatriz Yuste as Neighbouring Martha #1
Beatriz Yuste
(Neighbouring Martha #1)
Lisa Michelle Cornelius as UN Volunteer
Lisa Michelle Cornelius
(UN Volunteer)
Tosha Doiron as Nurse #1
Tosha Doiron
(Nurse #1)
Alex Frankson as Courthouse Tall Eye
Alex Frankson
(Courthouse Tall Eye)
Andy Auld as Lakehouse Driver
Andy Auld
(Lakehouse Driver)
Roger Bainbridge as Paul Watson
Roger Bainbridge
(Paul Watson)
Katherine Cullen as Neighbouring Martha #5
Katherine Cullen
(Neighbouring Martha #5)
Trevor Hayes as Pilot
Trevor Hayes
Jason Jazrawy as I.C.E. Agent
Jason Jazrawy
(I.C.E. Agent)
Alana Pancyr as OfWyatt
Alana Pancyr
Cornelia Walters as Protestor #1
Cornelia Walters
(Protestor #1)
Thomas Hauff as Judge
Thomas Hauff
Boomer Phillips as Eye
Boomer Phillips
Bea Santos as Protester
Bea Santos
Lesleh Donaldson as Neighbouring Martha #2
Lesleh Donaldson
(Neighbouring Martha #2)
Alex Harrouch as Young Driver
Alex Harrouch
(Young Driver)
Jonathan Malen as Quinn
Jonathan Malen
James Smith as Protestor #2
James Smith
(Protestor #2)
Ordena Stephens as Martha Frances
Ordena Stephens
(Martha Frances)
Mark Wiebe as I.C.E. Supervisor
Mark Wiebe
(I.C.E. Supervisor)
Lisa Codrington as Officer #2
Lisa Codrington
(Officer #2)
Bas Reitsma as Eye #2
Bas Reitsma
(Eye #2)
Michael Wacholtz as Gambel
Michael Wacholtz
Christina Collins as School Worker
Christina Collins
(School Worker)
Vicki Kim as Neighbouring Martha #3
Vicki Kim
(Neighbouring Martha #3)
Laura Wilson as Martha
Laura Wilson
Sam Asante as Ultrasound Tech
Sam Asante
(Ultrasound Tech)
Sacha Stewart as Neighbouring Martha #4
Sacha Stewart
(Neighbouring Martha #4)
Andrew Zachar as Lakehouse Guardian
Andrew Zachar
(Lakehouse Guardian)
Paul De La Rosa as Guardian Captain
Paul De La Rosa
(Guardian Captain)
Paul Beer as Doctor #2
Paul Beer
(Doctor #2)
Caitlin Benton as Emily's Partner
Caitlin Benton
(Emily's Partner)
Diana Coatsworth as Dorcus
Diana Coatsworth
Stuart Dowling as American Friend
Stuart Dowling
(American Friend)
Raven Riley Duporte as Hannah (3 Years Old)
Raven Riley Duporte
(Hannah (3 Years Old))
Caitlin McConkey-Pirie as Girlfriend
Caitlin McConkey-Pirie
Mercedes Papalia as Pregnant Woman #2
Mercedes Papalia
(Pregnant Woman #2)
Christopher Thompson as Gunman
Christopher Thompson
Angelica Alejandro as Nurse
Angelica Alejandro
Cait Alexander as Jezebel
Cait Alexander
Julia Chantrey as Videographer
Julia Chantrey
Deidre Cross as Mother
Deidre Cross
Gita Galadauskaite as Econowife #3
Gita Galadauskaite
(Econowife #3)
Jenny Itwaru as Econowife #1
Jenny Itwaru
(Econowife #1)
Elena Khan as Martha
Elena Khan
Joe Vercillo as Guardian
Joe Vercillo
Megan Dennis as Aunt Dylan
Megan Dennis
(Aunt Dylan)
David Gudjonsson as Commander
David Gudjonsson
Carrie Beale as Travelor
Carrie Beale
Meghan Allen as Officer
Meghan Allen
Jason Boyd as Guardian
Jason Boyd
Anthony Caputo as Commander
Anthony Caputo
Cyndy Day as Handmaid
Cyndy Day
Gary 'Si-Jo' Foo as Guardian - Shooter
Gary 'Si-Jo' Foo
(Guardian - Shooter)
Jacquelene Gagliardi as Handmaid
Jacquelene Gagliardi
Raimo Kurppa as Refugee
Raimo Kurppa
James McDougall as Driver #1
James McDougall
(Driver #1)
Grace Munro as Red Centre Handmaid
Grace Munro
(Red Centre Handmaid)
Simon Northwood as Guardian 2
Simon Northwood
(Guardian 2)
Amish Patel as Driver #2
Amish Patel
(Driver #2)
Joshua Pivato as Official J
Joshua Pivato
(Official J)
Peter Schindelhauer as SSE Driver
Peter Schindelhauer
(SSE Driver)
Anne Yorke as Aunt #3
Anne Yorke
(Aunt #3)
Sylvia Zuk as Protestor
Sylvia Zuk
Bert Cardozo as Male Partner #1
Bert Cardozo
(Male Partner #1)
J. Timothy Hunt as Airport Refugee
J. Timothy Hunt
(Airport Refugee)
Jamie Hynes as Officer
Jamie Hynes
Yasmijn Nicolle as Heckler #3
Yasmijn Nicolle
(Heckler #3)
Oprah Winfrey as Newsreader
Oprah Winfrey

Thumbnails & Trailers


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Fazilat Khanum
Setayesh 3
Setayesh 3
Asrare Khanevadeh
Asrare Khanevadeh