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Shahr to ra mikhanad

Shahr to ra mikhanad (2017)

Shahr to ra mikhanad

  • Genres:
  • Release Date:
    4 January 2017
  • Broadcast Co:
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    2 h
  • Summary:
    Rauf, who is working as a cook on cargo ships, adopts and raises Ali who witnessed his mother's death when he was 5 years old. They work on ships for 24 years together. Rauf was both mother and father to Ali and has devoted his life to Ali to help him forget the trauma he had endured. With the support of Rauf, whom he calls "Mother", Ali gets maritime training. He forgets that he is an orphan, thanks to Rauf's affection. When he is twenty eight years old, he is a handsome, mature and social sailor who can speak five languages. Derin, who is the daughter of ship-owner Tekin Mirkelamoglu, is on the verge of important decisions regarding her life. As she comes closer to the happy ending with her fiancee Yigit, for some reason she becomes unhappy. As the ship which carries Ali is docking, Derin wakes up with a different dream in that morning, but she is not aware that her life will change that day - For years, Ali did not want to work in ships which stop in Istanbul. After the big trauma in his life, he is angry at the city. After many years, he agrees to go there as his "Rauf Mother" is pining for Istanbul, but he has one condition; he will not set foot in the harbour. Whereas, Rauf has come to Istanbul especially for Ali. He is aware the fact that his disease has progressed. He is determined to reveal the secrets in Ali's past and entrust Ali in safe hands. For that reason, he finds the former box champion Sahin Vargi. When they set foot in the harbour, the events did not shape as Rauf had thought. The moment when they get off the ship, Ali becomes the hero in the story of a girl he doesn't know.

Cast & Crew

Kerem Bürsin as Ali Smith
Kerem Bürsin
(Ali Smith)
Gürkan Uygun as Sahin Vargi
Gürkan Uygun
(Sahin Vargi)
Leyla Lydia Tugutlu as Derin Mirkelamoglu
Leyla Lydia Tugutlu
(Derin Mirkelamoglu)
Osman Alkas as Rauf Anne
Osman Alkas
(Rauf Anne)
Burak Tamdogan as Tekin Mirkelamoglu
Burak Tamdogan
(Tekin Mirkelamoglu)
Seda Akman as Belgin Mirkelamoglu
Seda Akman
(Belgin Mirkelamoglu)
Defne Kayalar as Nesrin
Defne Kayalar
Ali Yörenc as Yigit Bursali
Ali Yörenc
(Yigit Bursali)
Nilperi Sahinkaya as Asli Tanöz
Nilperi Sahinkaya
(Asli Tanöz)
Selim Türkoglu as Veysel
Selim Türkoglu
Berrak Kus as Süreyya Bursali
Berrak Kus
(Süreyya Bursali)
Enginay Gültekin as Ebru Tanöz
Enginay Gültekin
(Ebru Tanöz)
Abdurrahman Yunusoglu as Hayri
Abdurrahman Yunusoglu
Ebru Alkanat as Nimet
Ebru Alkanat
Alican Altinbas as Cengiz
Alican Altinbas
Aziz Caner Inan as Bora
Aziz Caner Inan
Baris Akkoyun as Seyit
Baris Akkoyun
Nail Andaç as Greengrocer
Nail Andaç
Ceren Çagatay as Secil
Ceren Çagatay
Ibrahim Alper Konukseven as Tekin's driver
Ibrahim Alper Konukseven
(Tekin's driver)
Bengü Ergin as Elif
Bengü Ergin
Nuriye Samlioglu as Seliha
Nuriye Samlioglu
Elif Atakan as Gülce Atay
Elif Atakan
(Gülce Atay)
Koray Sahinbas as Aydemir Atay
Koray Sahinbas
(Aydemir Atay)
Serkan Börekyemez as Oguz
Serkan Börekyemez
Hakan Çimenser as Mithat Mirkelamoglu
Hakan Çimenser
(Mithat Mirkelamoglu)
Ayhan Anil as Necmi
Ayhan Anil
Hazal Benli as Zeyno
Hazal Benli
Ferdi Yilmaz as Seyit's man
Ferdi Yilmaz
(Seyit's man)
Gökhan Yilmaz as Sadi
Gökhan Yilmaz
Nihal Erdem Yolagelmaz as Tekin's secretary
Nihal Erdem Yolagelmaz
(Tekin's secretary)
Emir Özyakisir as Young Ali
Emir Özyakisir
(Young Ali)
Eyyüp Ergüven as Young man #2
Eyyüp Ergüven
(Young man #2)
Ayhan Karaca as Convict #1
Ayhan Karaca
(Convict #1)
Ali Burak Palabiyik as Paparazzi
Ali Burak Palabiyik
Ulas Bayhan as Paramedic
Ulas Bayhan
Mustafa Keskin
Mustafa Keskin
Hilal Kizildag as Tekin's secretary
Hilal Kizildag
(Tekin's secretary)
Mehmet Fatih Korkmaz as Tekin's lawyer
Mehmet Fatih Korkmaz
(Tekin's lawyer)
Elif Sevinç as Sirma
Elif Sevinç
Alper Yakici as Luigi
Alper Yakici
Mediha Aydin as Elif's mother
Mediha Aydin
(Elif's mother)
Melike Balcik as Paramedic
Melike Balcik
Musa Berk as Boxer
Musa Berk
Erdi Göksu as Ersin
Erdi Göksu
Yasin Gürgen as Security guard
Yasin Gürgen
(Security guard)
Cagatay Han as Young man #1
Cagatay Han
(Young man #1)
Vedi Izzi as Ferhat
Vedi Izzi
Metin Kurtay as Policeman
Metin Kurtay
Fatih Payat as Lawyer
Fatih Payat
Yavuz Pekdiker as Mithat and Tekin's father
Yavuz Pekdiker
(Mithat and Tekin's father)
Bahattin Sahiner as Elif's father
Bahattin Sahiner
(Elif's father)
Ebru Soyuerdem as Rüksan
Ebru Soyuerdem
Mihriban Temizler as Aynur
Mihriban Temizler
Kaan Yalçin as Ersan Tanöz
Kaan Yalçin
(Ersan Tanöz)
Ibrahim Yildirim as Reporter
Ibrahim Yildirim
Cemre Öktem as Ayse
Cemre Öktem
Mehmet Örs as Young man
Mehmet Örs
(Young man)
Serkan Halil Özberk as Peker
Serkan Halil Özberk
Onur Sencer Akinci as Waither
Onur Sencer Akinci
Resul Altun as Sirma's father
Resul Altun
(Sirma's father)
Banu Arica as Marriage officer
Banu Arica
(Marriage officer)
Seckin Arsiman as Tradesman
Seckin Arsiman
Mehmet Arslan as Tekin's lawyer
Mehmet Arslan
(Tekin's lawyer)
Zafer Arslan as Doctor
Zafer Arslan
Burak Asrak as Boxer #2
Burak Asrak
(Boxer #2)
Baki as Hilmi
Esra Bal as Nurse
Esra Bal
Yunus Barug as Boxer
Yunus Barug
Mustafa Basalan as Tankut's father
Mustafa Basalan
(Tankut's father)
Seda Bozkurt as Dancer
Seda Bozkurt
Kemal Canci as Turgut
Kemal Canci
Abdülkadir Celik as Policeman
Abdülkadir Celik
Mehmet Celik as Boxer #3
Mehmet Celik
(Boxer #3)
Ender Celikbile as Policeman
Ender Celikbile
Dogukan Cinar as Yasar
Dogukan Cinar
Ismail Cobanoglu as Old uncle
Ismail Cobanoglu
(Old uncle)
Hüseyin Demiraslan as Sefik
Hüseyin Demiraslan
Burak Demirkaya as Ali's taxi driver
Burak Demirkaya
(Ali's taxi driver)
Sedat Develik as Craftsman
Sedat Develik
Cemal Dogan as Biker
Cemal Dogan
Taha Efe as Boxer #1
Taha Efe
(Boxer #1)
Engin Emre as Yilmaz
Engin Emre
Hayri Avni Erdem as Hilmi
Hayri Avni Erdem
Seracattin Gozukucuk
Seracattin Gozukucuk
Ali Ertan Güney as Manager
Ali Ertan Güney
Kadir Güzel as Tankut
Kadir Güzel
Mustafa Hancer as Bora's man
Mustafa Hancer
(Bora's man)
Hüseyin Hastarla as Amir
Hüseyin Hastarla
Hakan Ilçin as Doctor
Hakan Ilçin
Emel Kara as Announcer
Emel Kara
Yalcin Kaya
Yalcin Kaya
Mecit Kervanci as Policeman
Mecit Kervanci
Selcuk Kilic as Boxer
Selcuk Kilic
Erkan Koc as Policeman
Erkan Koc
Seckin Kurbas as Boxer #2
Seckin Kurbas
(Boxer #2)
Milos Lisanin as Serbian boxer
Milos Lisanin
(Serbian boxer)
Yuksel Molla as Adem
Yuksel Molla
Vildan Mutlu as Doctor
Vildan Mutlu
Baran Okan as Boxer
Baran Okan
Erdogan Piskincan as Policeman
Erdogan Piskincan
Samet Pulanet as Boxer #1
Samet Pulanet
(Boxer #1)
Özcan Sami as Sparring partner
Özcan Sami
(Sparring partner)
Ismail Sarikaya as Reporter
Ismail Sarikaya
Erhan Sayar as Tradesman
Erhan Sayar
Orkan Sengülen as Spanish smuggler
Orkan Sengülen
(Spanish smuggler)
Fatih Serbest as Security guard
Fatih Serbest
(Security guard)
Eyüp Sevim as Doctor
Eyüp Sevim
Esref Seyitoglu as Merih
Esref Seyitoglu
Alaattin Sözener as Doctor
Alaattin Sözener
Özgür Sürek as Jeweler
Özgür Sürek
Hülya Tas as Announcer
Hülya Tas
Mehmet Nur Tas as Ayhan
Mehmet Nur Tas
Zeki Cemil Tatar as Doctor
Zeki Cemil Tatar
Kebire Tokur as Hayri's mother
Kebire Tokur
(Hayri's mother)
Bashkim Topojani as Captain
Bashkim Topojani
Ali Meriçhan Vadogan as Reporter
Ali Meriçhan Vadogan
Sahin Yagmur as Boxer
Sahin Yagmur
Hatice Yildiz as Teacher
Hatice Yildiz
Inan Yilmaz as Yalcin
Inan Yilmaz
Murat Yüksel as Nurse
Murat Yüksel
Bülent Çelik as Security guard
Bülent Çelik
(Security guard)
Adem Yavuz Özata as Convict
Adem Yavuz Özata
Canan Ürekil as Nurse
Canan Ürekil

Thumbnails & Trailers


Dar Haleh Penhan Kardaneh Madaraneman
Dar Haleh Penhan Kardaneh Madaraneman
Zendegie Jadid
Zendegie Jadid
Razhaye Arora
Razhaye Arora
Jazro Mad
Jazro Mad
Charkho Falak
Charkho Falak