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Shakhsiat (2018)


  • Genres:
    Drama | Crime
  • Release Date:
    17 March 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    Ay Yapim
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h
  • Summary:
    Agâh, who retired from the 65-year-old judicial clerk, crosses the roads of Nevra, the only female police in the homicide office. Is it only a coincidence that Agâh and Nevra approach each other? Agâh Beyoglu, a retired judicial officer, is living alone in Beyoglu, Istanbul's most populous and lively district. His daughter lived abroad, his wife died years ago. This monotonous life of Agâh is upset by the diagnosis of Alzheimer's beginning. He will forget all his memories because of his illness. Even if we do not accept this fact at first, Agâh realizes that forgetting is an opportunity. An opportunity to commit a murder he has planned for years. He will not remember this crime in the future and he will not take remorse for not remembering it. Meanwhile, Nevra, the female police officer in the murder desk, was on the verge of resignation because of the pressure on her. However, the murder decision of Agâh will completely change the life of Nevra.

Cast & Crew

Haluk Bilginer as Agâh Beyoglu
Haluk Bilginer
(Agâh Beyoglu)
Cansu Dere as Nevra Elmas
Cansu Dere
(Nevra Elmas)
Metin Akdülger as Ates Arbay
Metin Akdülger
(Ates Arbay)
Sebnem Bozoklu as Zuhal
Sebnem Bozoklu
Hüseyin Avni Danyal as Cemil
Hüseyin Avni Danyal
Necip Memili as Tolga
Necip Memili
Senay Gürler as Nükhet
Senay Gürler
Ayhan Kavas as Gürkan
Ayhan Kavas
Önder Selen as Mümtaz
Önder Selen
Ibrahim Selim as Sefa
Ibrahim Selim
Firat Topkorur as Firuz
Firat Topkorur
Recep Usta as Deva
Recep Usta
Rabia Soyturk as Süveyda
Rabia Soyturk
Alptekin Ertürk as Selim
Alptekin Ertürk
Müjde Ar as Nesrin
Müjde Ar
Yusufcan Sancakli as Polis
Yusufcan Sancakli
Hümeyra as Feza Yurtgil
(Feza Yurtgil)
Volkan Uygun as Vural
Volkan Uygun
Avni Yalçin as Mehmet Yurtgil
Avni Yalçin
(Mehmet Yurtgil)
Okan Avci as Tufan
Okan Avci
Cengiz Samsun as Rüstem
Cengiz Samsun
Ömer Çobanoglu as Bedir
Ömer Çobanoglu
Can Ilhan as Afsin
Can Ilhan
Bekir Hakan Uyanik as Baskomiser
Bekir Hakan Uyanik
Ali Seckiner Alici as Naim Türedi
Ali Seckiner Alici
(Naim Türedi)
Erkan Ayan as Sadi
Erkan Ayan
Turhan Kaya as Yüksel
Turhan Kaya
Dogu Aytun as Savci Melih
Dogu Aytun
(Savci Melih)
Onur Yar as Ufuk
Onur Yar
Cem Baza as Salih
Cem Baza
Tankut Yildiz as Timur
Tankut Yildiz
Seracattin Gozukucuk as Kasap
Seracattin Gozukucuk
Hüseyin Hastarla as Fikret
Hüseyin Hastarla
Emine Filiz Hizarci as Bakimevi Müdiresi
Emine Filiz Hizarci
(Bakimevi Müdiresi)
Naz Karaca as Reyhan
Naz Karaca
Mert Soyyer as Young Nazif
Mert Soyyer
(Young Nazif)
Tuana Naz Tiryaki as Young Nevra
Tuana Naz Tiryaki
(Young Nevra)
Berfu Öngören as Yeliz
Berfu Öngören
Büsra Çam as Gonca
Büsra Çam
Aysen Inci as Mebrure Beyoglu
Aysen Inci
(Mebrure Beyoglu)
Emirhan Akgündüz as Arda
Emirhan Akgündüz
Icmal Aktuna as Nezaket
Icmal Aktuna
Emre Altan as Görevli
Emre Altan
Vural Ceylan as Hamza
Vural Ceylan
Latife Efe as Kadin 1
Latife Efe
(Kadin 1)
Zuhal Ergen as Muazzez
Zuhal Ergen
Emre Feyzioglu as Ege
Emre Feyzioglu
Emir Göknar as Young Vural
Emir Göknar
(Young Vural)
Eray Ilhan as Young Cemil
Eray Ilhan
(Young Cemil)
Selda Katuna as Hastabakici
Selda Katuna
Emre Kentmenoglu
Emre Kentmenoglu
Hilal Kesgin as Deren
Hilal Kesgin
Baki Kurtulus as Sungur
Baki Kurtulus
Erkan Pet as Kirtasiyeci
Erkan Pet
Gökhan Polat
Gökhan Polat
Recep Sari as Nazif
Recep Sari
Sacitcan Soyen as Batu
Sacitcan Soyen
Tugçe Tamer as Hemsire
Tugçe Tamer
Hüseyin Tas as Sabri
Hüseyin Tas
Ceren Uygu Turan as Gülten
Ceren Uygu Turan
Deniz Yilmaz
Deniz Yilmaz
Erol Çolak as Sadi
Erol Çolak
Dursun Ünsalci as Tayyar
Dursun Ünsalci
Yilmaz Gruda
Yilmaz Gruda
Ilkay Akdagli
Ilkay Akdagli
Ismail Akbulut as Young Tayfun
Ismail Akbulut
(Young Tayfun)
Muhammed Bilal Akcan as Muavin
Muhammed Bilal Akcan
Selda Aktuna as Hasta Bakici
Selda Aktuna
(Hasta Bakici)
Aleyna Al as Kiz Çocuk (12 Yas)
Aleyna Al
(Kiz Çocuk (12 Yas))
Onur Alagöz as Çilingir
Onur Alagöz
Basar Alemdar as Tiyatro Oyuncusu 3
Basar Alemdar
(Tiyatro Oyuncusu 3)
Ismail Altinkaynak as Young Naimhan
Ismail Altinkaynak
(Young Naimhan)
Kaan Altintas as Uçurtma Uçuran Çocuk
Kaan Altintas
(Uçurtma Uçuran Çocuk)
Gamze Apaydin as Haber Spikeri
Gamze Apaydin
(Haber Spikeri)
Levent Aras as Tiyatro Oyuncusu 1
Levent Aras
(Tiyatro Oyuncusu 1)
Alper Arik as Young Salih
Alper Arik
(Young Salih)
Ömer Arka
Ömer Arka
Birsen Asran as Tayfun'un Annesi
Birsen Asran
(Tayfun'un Annesi)
Merve Atabek as Sevgi
Merve Atabek
Alper Atak as Tayfun
Alper Atak
Ferdi Atuner as Tayfun
Ferdi Atuner
Ziver Aydin as Garson
Ziver Aydin
Diyaettin Aygundogan
Diyaettin Aygundogan
Umut Açabuga as Seyit
Umut Açabuga
Mehmet Süha Bagdat as Cenazedeki Adam 1
Mehmet Süha Bagdat
(Cenazedeki Adam 1)
Mehmet Bülent Baklamis as Faruk
Mehmet Bülent Baklamis
Deniz Balkanli as Filiz
Deniz Balkanli
Irem Balkar as Hemsire 2
Irem Balkar
(Hemsire 2)
Alaattin Baydemir as Polis
Alaattin Baydemir
Yalçin Metin Baykal as Erkek Çocuk 2
Yalçin Metin Baykal
(Erkek Çocuk 2)
Ceren Benderlioglu
Ceren Benderlioglu
Hazal Bingiloglu as Naz
Hazal Bingiloglu
Caner Yasin Bulat
Caner Yasin Bulat
Can Büyükaltay as Özel Harekat Boskomiser
Can Büyükaltay
(Özel Harekat Boskomiser)
Rana Büyükyilmaz as Deniz
Rana Büyükyilmaz
Cagatay Cabuk as Young Agah
Cagatay Cabuk
(Young Agah)
Kemal Canci as Mafya 1
Kemal Canci
(Mafya 1)
Seyma Cengiz as Ece
Seyma Cengiz
Jiyan Demir as Gardiyan
Jiyan Demir
Mustafa Demir as Muhabir
Mustafa Demir
Hilmi Kürsat Dogan as Erkek Çocuk 1
Hilmi Kürsat Dogan
(Erkek Çocuk 1)
Çaglar Dogu as Garson
Çaglar Dogu
Ahmet Donmez as Garson 2
Ahmet Donmez
(Garson 2)
Sibel Dursun as Hemsire
Sibel Dursun
Faidlat Osariemen Egbon as Kuaför
Faidlat Osariemen Egbon
Ozan Eker as Barmen
Ozan Eker
Asli Erdemir as Kadin 1
Asli Erdemir
(Kadin 1)
Sahverdi Ali Eren as Fevzi
Sahverdi Ali Eren
Murat Ergür as Doktor Nedim
Murat Ergür
(Doktor Nedim)
Eyyüp Ergüven as Pompaci
Eyyüp Ergüven
Civan Erpek as Çocuk
Civan Erpek
Hakan Geyik as Polis 1
Hakan Geyik
(Polis 1)
Çinar Göktas as Çocuk
Çinar Göktas
Deniz Gökçer
Deniz Gökçer
Seracettin Gözüaçik as Kasap Hasan
Seracettin Gözüaçik
(Kasap Hasan)
Ahmet Gülseren as Sazci
Ahmet Gülseren
Levent Gün as Mafya 2
Levent Gün
(Mafya 2)
Emrah Güner as Mafya 3
Emrah Güner
(Mafya 3)
Enes Kaba as Young Ufuk
Enes Kaba
(Young Ufuk)
Taner Kadak as Garson
Taner Kadak
Hatice Kalamanoglu as Kadin 2
Hatice Kalamanoglu
(Kadin 2)
Sinan Karabuga as Otopark Güvenlik
Sinan Karabuga
(Otopark Güvenlik)
Ozgun Can Karaburun as Tiyatro Oyuncusu 2
Ozgun Can Karaburun
(Tiyatro Oyuncusu 2)
Çagla Irem Kaya as Kiz Çocuk 2
Çagla Irem Kaya
(Kiz Çocuk 2)
Kemal Kessek as Güvenlik Görevlisi 1
Kemal Kessek
(Güvenlik Görevlisi 1)
Güney Kilinç as Doktor
Güney Kilinç
Gülsüm Kiliç as Tezgahtar
Gülsüm Kiliç
Huriye Nurcan Kiliç as Sevil
Huriye Nurcan Kiliç
Tamay Kiliç as Muhabir
Tamay Kiliç
Metehan Kurt as Tufan Body Double
Metehan Kurt
(Tufan Body Double)
Suat Köroglu as Rüstü
Suat Köroglu
Dogukan Mutlu as Kaçak Adam
Dogukan Mutlu
(Kaçak Adam)
Zerrin Sebnem Nuray as Kadin
Zerrin Sebnem Nuray
Ercan Oner as Galip
Ercan Oner
Mehmet Berkay Oral as Polis
Mehmet Berkay Oral
Serap Oral as Bakim Evi Müdiresi
Serap Oral
(Bakim Evi Müdiresi)
Alisan Ozkan as Tiyatro Oyuncusu 4
Alisan Ozkan
(Tiyatro Oyuncusu 4)
Ali Burak Palabiyik as Muhabir
Ali Burak Palabiyik
Sait Seçkin as Kamuran
Sait Seçkin
Aizhan Shamiyeva as Masör
Aizhan Shamiyeva
Erdogan Sicak as Taci
Erdogan Sicak
Yusuf Sidal as Çocuk 2
Yusuf Sidal
(Çocuk 2)
Fikri Solmaz as Agah Body Double
Fikri Solmaz
(Agah Body Double)
Ozan Sur as Ayhan
Ozan Sur
Feyza Suyuak as Kadin 2
Feyza Suyuak
(Kadin 2)
Nagehan Tan as Tayfun'un Esi
Nagehan Tan
(Tayfun'un Esi)
Fatih Tanci as Soför
Fatih Tanci
Erol Tasci as Yasli Adam
Erol Tasci
(Yasli Adam)
Gürkan Tasdemirci as Erkek Çocuk 3
Gürkan Tasdemirci
(Erkek Çocuk 3)
Bahadir Tepe as Cenazedeki Adam 2
Bahadir Tepe
(Cenazedeki Adam 2)
Yasar Nihat Tokman as Galip
Yasar Nihat Tokman
Sinan Turan as Genç
Sinan Turan
Melda Tuzluca as Zeynep
Melda Tuzluca
Öykü Uludag as Kiz Çocuk 1
Öykü Uludag
(Kiz Çocuk 1)
Ümit Muhammed Yamaç as Polis
Ümit Muhammed Yamaç
Erkay Yavuz as Young Mehmet Yurtgil
Erkay Yavuz
(Young Mehmet Yurtgil)
Anil Yildiz as Riza
Anil Yildiz
Cagatay Yuce as Kameraman
Cagatay Yuce
Oguzhan Yöney as Polis 2
Oguzhan Yöney
(Polis 2)
Sait Yüksel as Çocuk
Sait Yüksel
Turgut Yürükogullari as Yasli Adam 2
Turgut Yürükogullari
(Yasli Adam 2)
Ferhat Çelen as Garson
Ferhat Çelen
Osman Çiçekoglu as Imam
Osman Çiçekoglu
Caner Çolak as Polis 3
Caner Çolak
(Polis 3)
Musa Çuvalci as Güvenlik Görevlisi 2
Musa Çuvalci
(Güvenlik Görevlisi 2)
Tevfik Serdar Ötken as Cenaze Görevlisi
Tevfik Serdar Ötken
(Cenaze Görevlisi)
Nehir Özhan as Kiz Çocugu
Nehir Özhan
(Kiz Çocugu)
Basak Özkan as Young Nesrin
Basak Özkan
(Young Nesrin)
Halide Özkan as Feza Dans Dublör
Halide Özkan
(Feza Dans Dublör)
Gökçe Çiçek Özülkü as Binnaz
Gökçe Çiçek Özülkü
Berkin Özüyanik as Güvenlik Görevlisi
Berkin Özüyanik
(Güvenlik Görevlisi)
Betilay Ün as Young Mebrure
Betilay Ün
(Young Mebrure)
Sinan Ünal
Sinan Ünal

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Ghole Sharaf
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