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Taghdire Yek Fereshte

Taghdire Yek Fereshte (2008)

Taghdire Yek Fereshte

  • Genres:
    Romance | Drama
  • Release Date:
    9 June 2008
  • Broadcast Co:
    Televisa S.A. de C.V.
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    G (All ages admitted)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    1 h
  • Summary:
    Maria de Jesus aka Marichuey and Juan Miguel doesn't fully know when Juan Miguel place her to live the Velardes cos of his affection, the feelings he had for her they are her birth parents (the mean strict judge Patricio and her mom Cecilia), as Isabela and Estefanfia has this strong scam being freeloaders and gold diggers they both put The Velardes orphan daughter Maria de Jesus in turmoil hell having her own father, and his servant against her, due to the way Mariachuey was raised on the streets, was their only escape plan being rich, liers doing their best to keep the truth from coming out before the Velardes and others finds out that orphan Mariachuy is really their daughter that her father the judge hates with passion.

Cast & Crew

Maite Perroni as Marichuy
Maite Perroni
William Levy as Juan Miguel
William Levy
(Juan Miguel)
Erik Corona
Erik Corona
Evita Muñoz 'Chachita' as Candelaria
Evita Muñoz 'Chachita'
Helena Rojo as Cecilia
Helena Rojo
Ricardo Blume as Patricio
Ricardo Blume
Laura Zapata as Onelia
Laura Zapata
Arturo Carmona as Amador
Arturo Carmona
Saraí Meza as Mayita
Saraí Meza
Sherlyn as Rocío
Ana Patricia Rojo as Estefanía
Ana Patricia Rojo
Sara Montes as Balbina
Sara Montes
Jorge De Silva as Eduardo
Jorge De Silva
Beatriz Aguirre as Mariana
Beatriz Aguirre
Rocío Banquells as Isabela
Rocío Banquells
Abraham Ramos as Adrián
Abraham Ramos
Héctor Gómez as Padre Anselmo
Héctor Gómez
(Padre Anselmo)
Maya Mishalska as Blanca
Maya Mishalska
África Zavala as Elsa
África Zavala
Renata Flores as Martirio
Renata Flores
René Strickler as Leopardo
René Strickler
Michelle Vieth as Ana Julia
Michelle Vieth
(Ana Julia)
Ana Isabel Corral as Beatriz
Ana Isabel Corral
Jesús More as Vicente
Jesús More
Georgina Salgado as Purita
Georgina Salgado
Nailea Norvind as Viviana
Nailea Norvind
Rebeca Manríquez as Olga
Rebeca Manríquez
Mauricio Mejía as Israel
Mauricio Mejía
Vania Pardo as Dora
Vania Pardo
Rodrigo Mejía as Nelson
Rodrigo Mejía
Elizabeth Dupeyrón as Luisa
Elizabeth Dupeyrón
Katherine Kellerman as Becky
Katherine Kellerman
Víctor Noriega as Daniel
Víctor Noriega
Carlos Cámara Jr. as Cimarro
Carlos Cámara Jr.
Amparo Garrido as Clemencia
Amparo Garrido
Francisco Rubio as Rafael
Francisco Rubio
Oscar Traven as Francisco
Oscar Traven
Marina Marín as Micaela
Marina Marín
Miguel Córcega as Padre Anselmo
Miguel Córcega
(Padre Anselmo)
Sebastián Dopazo as Humberto
Sebastián Dopazo
Mario Casillas as Licenciado Lozada
Mario Casillas
(Licenciado Lozada)
María Dolores Oliva as Coralia
María Dolores Oliva
Diana Golden as Mercedes
Diana Golden
Alejandro Belmonte as Ilario
Alejandro Belmonte
Justo Martínez as Cosme
Justo Martínez
Maricarmen Vela as Mimí
Maricarmen Vela
Alberto Chávez
Alberto Chávez
Maite Embil as Leticia
Maite Embil
Beatriz Monroy as Casilda
Beatriz Monroy
Archie Lafranco as Gustavo
Archie Lafranco
Adrián Martiñón as Piraña
Adrián Martiñón
Juan Ángel Esparza as Reynaldo
Juan Ángel Esparza
Rafael del Villar as Tomás
Rafael del Villar
Teo Tapia as Dr. Durand
Teo Tapia
(Dr. Durand)
Eduardo Rivera
Eduardo Rivera
Luis Caballero as Gabriel
Luis Caballero
María Morena as Esther
María Morena
Delia Casanova as Riquelme
Delia Casanova
Marius Biegai as Empresario
Marius Biegai
Aurora Clavel as Fermina
Aurora Clavel
Milia Nader as Obdulia
Milia Nader
Benjamín Islas
Benjamín Islas
Patricio Borghetti
Patricio Borghetti
Juan Peláez as Rodolfo
Juan Peláez
José Carlos Ruiz
José Carlos Ruiz
Rafael Amador
Rafael Amador
Gerardo Arturo
Gerardo Arturo
Mauricio Aspe as Raúl Soto
Mauricio Aspe
(Raúl Soto)
Cecilia Gabriela as Herself
Cecilia Gabriela
Alejandro Ruiz as Licenciado del Villar
Alejandro Ruiz
(Licenciado del Villar)
Hiram Vilchez as Doctor Medina
Hiram Vilchez
(Doctor Medina)
Estefania Villarreal as Zoraida Gómez
Estefania Villarreal
(Zoraida Gómez)
Liza Willert
Liza Willert
David Del Real as Chavo en autobús
David Del Real
(Chavo en autobús)

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