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Tazekar (2018)


  • Genres:
    Comedy | Crime | Drama
  • Release Date:
    16 October 2018
  • Broadcast Co:
    eOne Television - Perfectmon Pictures - ABC Studios -
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    R +18 (Under 18 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    43 min
  • Summary:
    Starting over isn't easy, especially for John Nolan who, after a life-altering incident, is pursuing his dream of joining the LAPD. As their oldest rookie, he's met with skepticism from those who see him as just a walking midlife crisis.

Cast & Crew

Nathan Fillion as John Nolan
Nathan Fillion
(John Nolan)
Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez
Alyssa Diaz
(Angela Lopez)
Richard T. Jones as Sergeant Wade Grey
Richard T. Jones
(Sergeant Wade Grey)
Titus Makin Jr. as Jackson West
Titus Makin Jr.
(Jackson West)
Melissa O'Neil as Lucy Chen
Melissa O'Neil
(Lucy Chen)
Eric Winter as Tim Bradford
Eric Winter
(Tim Bradford)
Afton Williamson as Talia Bishop
Afton Williamson
(Talia Bishop)
Mercedes Mason as Captain Zoe Andersen
Mercedes Mason
(Captain Zoe Andersen)
Shawn Ashmore as Wesley Evers
Shawn Ashmore
(Wesley Evers)
Mekia Cox as Nyla Harper
Mekia Cox
(Nyla Harper)
Sarah Shahi as Jessica Russo
Sarah Shahi
(Jessica Russo)
Mircea Monroe as Isabel Bradford
Mircea Monroe
(Isabel Bradford)
Currie Graham as Ben McRee
Currie Graham
(Ben McRee)
Ali Larter as Dr. Grace Sawyer
Ali Larter
(Dr. Grace Sawyer)
Demetrius Grosse as Detective Kevin Wolfe
Demetrius Grosse
(Detective Kevin Wolfe)
Harold Perrineau as Nick Armstrong
Harold Perrineau
(Nick Armstrong)
Michael Beach as Commander Percy West
Michael Beach
(Commander Percy West)
Jasmine Mathews as Rachel Hall
Jasmine Mathews
(Rachel Hall)
Sara Rue as Nell Forester
Sara Rue
(Nell Forester)
Zayne Emory as Henry Nolan
Zayne Emory
(Henry Nolan)
Michelle Bernard as Officer DeSantos
Michelle Bernard
(Officer DeSantos)
Carsyn Rose as Lila Town
Carsyn Rose
(Lila Town)
Brent Huff as Officer Smitty
Brent Huff
(Officer Smitty)
David DeSantos as Detective Elijah Vestri
David DeSantos
(Detective Elijah Vestri)
Cameron J. Armstrong as Nurse Gino Brown
Cameron J. Armstrong
(Nurse Gino Brown)
Miguel-Andres Garcia as Ranger
Miguel-Andres Garcia
Michael Trucco as ADA Sean Delmonte
Michael Trucco
(ADA Sean Delmonte)
Enver Gjokaj as Donovan
Enver Gjokaj
Matthew Glave as Oscar Hutchinson
Matthew Glave
(Oscar Hutchinson)
Ryan Michelle Bathe as Det. Paige
Ryan Michelle Bathe
(Det. Paige)
Danny Nucci as Det. Motta
Danny Nucci
(Det. Motta)
Valerie Cruz as Elena Ruiz
Valerie Cruz
(Elena Ruiz)
Christopher James Baker as Marcus Vance
Christopher James Baker
(Marcus Vance)
Niko Nicotera as Carson Miller
Niko Nicotera
(Carson Miller)
Isaac Keys as Pony
Isaac Keys
Jon Snow as Deputy
Jon Snow
Sam Duffy as Kyle Montgomery
Sam Duffy
(Kyle Montgomery)
Crystal Coney as Nurse Lisa
Crystal Coney
(Nurse Lisa)
Debbie Fan as Doctor
Debbie Fan
Atticus Batacan as Clerk
Atticus Batacan
Michael Cassidy as Caleb Wright
Michael Cassidy
(Caleb Wright)
Jeffrey D. Sams as Dr. Simon Lowell
Jeffrey D. Sams
(Dr. Simon Lowell)
Julian Acosta as Sgt. Antonio Hernandez
Julian Acosta
(Sgt. Antonio Hernandez)
Natalia del Riego as Nora Valdez
Natalia del Riego
(Nora Valdez)
Madeleine Coghlan as Abigail
Madeleine Coghlan
Steve Lenz as Alex Montgomery
Steve Lenz
(Alex Montgomery)
Miles Quincy Martin as Off Duty Officer
Miles Quincy Martin
(Off Duty Officer)
Ernesto Chaverri as Station Cop
Ernesto Chaverri
(Station Cop)
Meg DeLacy as Chasity
Meg DeLacy
Taylor Nichols as Matt Christian
Taylor Nichols
(Matt Christian)
Samantha Sloyan as Alice Sheldon
Samantha Sloyan
(Alice Sheldon)
Alan Tudyk as Ellroy Basso
Alan Tudyk
(Ellroy Basso) as
Shawn Christian as Jeremy Hawke
Shawn Christian
(Jeremy Hawke)
Julie Ann Emery as Stacy
Julie Ann Emery
José Zúñiga as Nestor
José Zúñiga
Amy Davidson as Susanna Brown
Amy Davidson
(Susanna Brown)
Jon Huertas as Alejandro Mejia
Jon Huertas
(Alejandro Mejia)
Mario Lopez as Mario Lopez
Mario Lopez
(Mario Lopez)
Thomas E. Sullivan as Mingus Kemp
Thomas E. Sullivan
(Mingus Kemp)
Lauren Tom as Mrs. Chen
Lauren Tom
(Mrs. Chen)
Joelle Carter as Megan Mitchell
Joelle Carter
(Megan Mitchell)
Kai Lennox as Unicorn Father
Kai Lennox
(Unicorn Father)
Skye P. Marshall as Kai De Vera
Skye P. Marshall
(Kai De Vera)
Kristian Nairn as Wallace
Kristian Nairn
Selena Anduze as Michelle
Selena Anduze
Chloe Bridges as Stephanie Davis
Chloe Bridges
(Stephanie Davis)
Issac Ryan Brown as AJ Clemons
Issac Ryan Brown
(AJ Clemons)
Dominic Burgess as Tommy Lamont
Dominic Burgess
(Tommy Lamont)
Jose Pablo Cantillo as Franco DeSantis
Jose Pablo Cantillo
(Franco DeSantis)
Seamus Dever as Chaz Bachman
Seamus Dever
(Chaz Bachman)
Michael Filipowich as Ex-Con
Michael Filipowich
Gregg Henry as Judge
Gregg Henry
Zeus Mendoza as Ritchie Brown
Zeus Mendoza
(Ritchie Brown)
Dohn Norwood as Deacon Joe
Dohn Norwood
(Deacon Joe)
Brett Rickaby as Rodney Acker
Brett Rickaby
(Rodney Acker)
Lauren Stamile as Agent Phoenix Danvers
Lauren Stamile
(Agent Phoenix Danvers)
Grace Van Dien as Olivia
Grace Van Dien
Annie Wersching as Rosalind Dyer
Annie Wersching
(Rosalind Dyer)
Anthony Azizi as Peter Askari
Anthony Azizi
(Peter Askari)
Tyler Francavilla as Roman Ealy
Tyler Francavilla
(Roman Ealy)
Madison Horcher as Sarah
Madison Horcher
Jonno Roberts as Rupert Payne
Jonno Roberts
(Rupert Payne)
Brittany Ross as Bride
Brittany Ross
Jordan Belfi as Corkscrew
Jordan Belfi
Bertila Damas as Maria Ochoa
Bertila Damas
(Maria Ochoa)
Karen David as Detective Emma Calderon
Karen David
(Detective Emma Calderon)
Felicia Day as Dr. Morgan
Felicia Day
(Dr. Morgan)
Grant Harvey as Cole Midas
Grant Harvey
(Cole Midas)
Antonio Jaramillo as Robert Ortiz
Antonio Jaramillo
(Robert Ortiz)
Dot-Marie Jones as Opal
Dot-Marie Jones
Bailey Noble as Rachel
Bailey Noble
Joseph C. Phillips as Jephson Green
Joseph C. Phillips
(Jephson Green)
Mitch Pileggi as Rex
Mitch Pileggi
Bob Stephenson as Kevin
Bob Stephenson
Skyler Stone as Unruly Patron
Skyler Stone
(Unruly Patron)
Jayne Taini as Bryce's Mother
Jayne Taini
(Bryce's Mother)
Nayo Wallace as Stacy
Nayo Wallace
Kurt Yaeger as Graham Ross
Kurt Yaeger
(Graham Ross)
Jay Ali as Detective Singh
Jay Ali
(Detective Singh)
Jee Young Han as Nancy Wu
Jee Young Han
(Nancy Wu)
Christopher Meyer as Malcolm
Christopher Meyer
John Nania as Pistol
John Nania
Antwon Tanner as Vandal
Antwon Tanner
Joe Williamson as Scott Wrigley
Joe Williamson
(Scott Wrigley)
Adam Busch as Mike Garvey
Adam Busch
(Mike Garvey)
Caleb Castille as Dylan Scott
Caleb Castille
(Dylan Scott)
Myndy Crist as Abby
Myndy Crist
Greg Cromer as Captain Tom Weatherby
Greg Cromer
(Captain Tom Weatherby)
Mark Cuban as Mark Cuban
Mark Cuban
(Mark Cuban)
Jane Daly as Melanie Evers
Jane Daly
(Melanie Evers)
Ramon De Ocampo as Craig's Brother
Ramon De Ocampo
(Craig's Brother)
Holley Fain as Lynn McDaniels
Holley Fain
(Lynn McDaniels)
Margo Gignac as Katrin Arnoux
Margo Gignac
(Katrin Arnoux)
Joss Glennie-Smith as Ernie Bosk
Joss Glennie-Smith
(Ernie Bosk)
Chet Grissom as Luke
Chet Grissom
Madalyn Horcher as Cesiah Olivo
Madalyn Horcher
(Cesiah Olivo)
Daniel Lissing as Sterling Freeman
Daniel Lissing
(Sterling Freeman)
Andy Mackenzie as Leonard 'King' Midas
Andy Mackenzie
(Leonard 'King' Midas)
Sean Maher as Caleb Jost
Sean Maher
(Caleb Jost)
Jim Ortlieb as Judge Stevens
Jim Ortlieb
(Judge Stevens)
Michael Chaturantabut as Shotgun
Michael Chaturantabut
Mitchell Edwards as Antonio
Mitchell Edwards
Cameron Gharaee as Clyde
Cameron Gharaee
Ashleigh LaThrop as Christine
Ashleigh LaThrop
Aaron D. Spears as Mr. Campbell
Aaron D. Spears
(Mr. Campbell)
Roxy Wood as Sue
Roxy Wood
Hina Abdullah as Daisy
Hina Abdullah
Chad Addison as Justin
Chad Addison
Ashley Argota as Bella
Ashley Argota
Eve Brenner as Ruth
Eve Brenner
Lizze Broadway as Aurora
Lizze Broadway
Keli Daniels as Marilyn Christian
Keli Daniels
(Marilyn Christian)
Kevin Daniels as Officer Wilkie
Kevin Daniels
(Officer Wilkie)
Presciliana Esparolini as Lisa
Presciliana Esparolini
Beau Garrett as Denise
Beau Garrett
Shawn Michael Howard as Peter Langston
Shawn Michael Howard
(Peter Langston)
Robbie Kay as Simon Parks Jr.
Robbie Kay
(Simon Parks Jr.)
Lucas Kerr as Chris McDaniels
Lucas Kerr
(Chris McDaniels)
Rocky Marquette as Byron
Rocky Marquette
Presilah Nunez as Mandy Cross
Presilah Nunez
(Mandy Cross)
Jade Payton as Dominique Grey
Jade Payton
(Dominique Grey)
Valeri Ross as Dr. Rogers
Valeri Ross
(Dr. Rogers)
Lyndon Smith as Astrid Heisserer
Lyndon Smith
(Astrid Heisserer)
Reggie Watkins as Keon
Reggie Watkins
Mary Albee as Female Foxburg Cop
Mary Albee
(Female Foxburg Cop)
Joshua Berduo as Logan
Joshua Berduo
Harry Groener as Mr. Walker
Harry Groener
(Mr. Walker)
Julanne Chidi Hill as Meth Addict
Julanne Chidi Hill
(Meth Addict)
Spence Moore II as Young Campbell
Spence Moore II
(Young Campbell)
Kim Johnston Ulrich as Alice
Kim Johnston Ulrich
Rico E. Anderson as Amari
Rico E. Anderson
Brittany Belt as Madame Megan
Brittany Belt
(Madame Megan)
Amos Blackmon as Benson
Amos Blackmon
Amanda Carlin as Alma
Amanda Carlin
Alicia Coppola as Detective Murphy
Alicia Coppola
(Detective Murphy)
Barnaby Duke as Jason
Barnaby Duke
Rebecca Field as Sarah Murphy
Rebecca Field
(Sarah Murphy)
Adam J. Harrington as Dale
Adam J. Harrington
Stephen Lang as Chief Williams
Stephen Lang
(Chief Williams)
Jim Lau as Patrick Chen
Jim Lau
(Patrick Chen)
Sonya Leslie as Kiara Clemons
Sonya Leslie
(Kiara Clemons)
Lisa Marcos as Eva Ruiz
Lisa Marcos
(Eva Ruiz)
Heather McComb as Marilyn
Heather McComb
Cara Mitsuko as ADA Park
Cara Mitsuko
(ADA Park)
Chido Nwokocha as Marcos Gibson
Chido Nwokocha
(Marcos Gibson)
Angel Parker as Luna Grey
Angel Parker
(Luna Grey)
Niko Pepaj as Miles
Niko Pepaj
Alyson Reed as Woman in Apartment 202
Alyson Reed
(Woman in Apartment 202)
Alain Ali Washnevsky as Dariush Ghorbani
Alain Ali Washnevsky
(Dariush Ghorbani)
Evan Williams as Camel
Evan Williams
Nicole Bilderback as IA Detective Emily Barrett
Nicole Bilderback
(IA Detective Emily Barrett)
Lauro David Chartrand-DelValle as Male Foxburg Cop
Lauro David Chartrand-DelValle
(Male Foxburg Cop)
Michael Chieffo as Man Reporting Stabbing
Michael Chieffo
(Man Reporting Stabbing)
Clint Culp as Bank Manager
Clint Culp
(Bank Manager)
Wesley Jonathan as Prius Owner
Wesley Jonathan
(Prius Owner)
Abraham Sigler as Kid Friend #1
Abraham Sigler
(Kid Friend #1)
Paxton Singleton as Marco
Paxton Singleton
Dayo Ade as Jonathan Ryland
Dayo Ade
(Jonathan Ryland)
Seth Archuleta as Kriff
Seth Archuleta
Pooja Batra as Dr. Haddad
Pooja Batra
(Dr. Haddad)
John Billingsley as Kevin Scott
John Billingsley
(Kevin Scott)
Tamara Braun as Elizabeth Ohlsen
Tamara Braun
(Elizabeth Ohlsen)
Romeo Brown as D'Andre Riggs
Romeo Brown
(D'Andre Riggs)
Eugene Byrd as Jeff Turner
Eugene Byrd
(Jeff Turner)
Kurt Caceres as Russell
Kurt Caceres
Collin Christopher as Phantom
Collin Christopher
Kari Coleman as Susan
Kari Coleman
Eve Harlow as Bianca
Eve Harlow
Bobby Hosea as Walter
Bobby Hosea
Ruy Iskandar as Brad Dallas
Ruy Iskandar
(Brad Dallas)
Devan Long as Ripper
Devan Long
Maggie Parto as Mehrnaz Ghorbani
Maggie Parto
(Mehrnaz Ghorbani)
Shelley Robertson as Samantha Bennett
Shelley Robertson
(Samantha Bennett)
Ryan Shapiro as J-Bag
Ryan Shapiro
Steven Allerick as Bo Sokolovsky
Steven Allerick
(Bo Sokolovsky)
Ethan Bell as Kid Friend #2
Ethan Bell
(Kid Friend #2)
Anthony Bonaventura as Selby
Anthony Bonaventura
Mark Jacobson as Chad
Mark Jacobson
Myra Cris Ocenar as Nurse
Myra Cris Ocenar
Tyler Sanders as Logan Hawke
Tyler Sanders
(Logan Hawke)
Ray Abruzzo as Fallow
Ray Abruzzo
Niru Anya as Ellis Wince
Niru Anya
(Ellis Wince)
Charles Baker as Terry Wright
Charles Baker
(Terry Wright)
Adele Baughn as Shelly
Adele Baughn
Freedom Bridgewater as Peter Mason
Freedom Bridgewater
(Peter Mason)
Eddie Diaz as Sheriff's Deputy
Eddie Diaz
(Sheriff's Deputy)
Clark Furlong as Malcolm Tucker
Clark Furlong
(Malcolm Tucker)
Miya Horcher as Sarah
Miya Horcher
Ramses Jimenez as Rob
Ramses Jimenez
Blue Kimble as Trevor Reed
Blue Kimble
(Trevor Reed)
Wesley Kimmel as Jake
Wesley Kimmel
Jenn Liu as FBI Tech
Jenn Liu
(FBI Tech)
Sarah Oh as Heather
Sarah Oh
Brock Pierce as Evan
Brock Pierce
Eliza Shin as Dr. Lee
Eliza Shin
(Dr. Lee)
Scott Subiono as Todd Collins
Scott Subiono
(Todd Collins)
Eric Weddle as Eric Weddle
Eric Weddle
(Eric Weddle)
Todd Cattell as Officer Miller
Todd Cattell
(Officer Miller)
Harley Cunningham as Teen
Harley Cunningham
Alex Denney as LeShawn Halvorsen
Alex Denney
(LeShawn Halvorsen)
Andrew Friedman as Simon Paige
Andrew Friedman
(Simon Paige)
Eugene Shaw as Darius Nguyen
Eugene Shaw
(Darius Nguyen)
Sandra Thigpen as Tyson's Mother
Sandra Thigpen
(Tyson's Mother)
Evan Whitten as Jacob
Evan Whitten
Alfred Adderly as Wounded Deputy
Alfred Adderly
(Wounded Deputy)
Scott Beehner as Guy Looking for a Hooker
Scott Beehner
(Guy Looking for a Hooker)
Robert Sean Burke as Burly Fake Cop
Robert Sean Burke
(Burly Fake Cop)
Ashley Erin Campbell as Sheriece
Ashley Erin Campbell
Randi Cee as Emma
Randi Cee
Johnny Rey Diaz as Javier
Johnny Rey Diaz
Mike Falkow as Bruce
Mike Falkow
Phillip Garcia as Jorge
Phillip Garcia
Miriam A. Hyman as Broke Tennant
Miriam A. Hyman
(Broke Tennant)
Tobias Jelinek as Walter Hickey
Tobias Jelinek
(Walter Hickey)
Lainey Lipson as Cassie
Lainey Lipson
Roshan Maloney as Shaky
Roshan Maloney
Marisol Ramirez as Paula
Marisol Ramirez
Geoffrey Rivas as Howard Green
Geoffrey Rivas
(Howard Green)
Troy Ruptash as Max Kegel
Troy Ruptash
(Max Kegel)
Garrett Schweighauser as Mitch
Garrett Schweighauser
Ari Welkom as Criminal
Ari Welkom
Robert Woods as Robert Woods
Robert Woods
(Robert Woods)
Jamison Yang as Officer Yamada
Jamison Yang
(Officer Yamada)
Michael Fitzgerald as Everett York
Michael Fitzgerald
(Everett York)
Catfish Jean as Tyson Parks
Catfish Jean
(Tyson Parks)
Chase Kim as Lawyer
Chase Kim
Dorian Kingi as Phoenix
Dorian Kingi
Michael Masini as CHP Officer Ditka
Michael Masini
(CHP Officer Ditka)
Kathe Mazur as Lawyer
Kathe Mazur
Mike Ostroski as Camper Dad
Mike Ostroski
(Camper Dad)
André B. Walker as Sgt. Laubacher
André B. Walker
(Sgt. Laubacher)
Isiah Adams as Clash
Isiah Adams
Alina Andrei as Karen Linx
Alina Andrei
(Karen Linx)
Giovanni Bejarano as José Reyes
Giovanni Bejarano
(José Reyes)
Andi Chapman as Margaret
Andi Chapman
Brandi Cohen as Officer Williams
Brandi Cohen
(Officer Williams)
Branden Coles as Soccer Fan
Branden Coles
(Soccer Fan)
Brennan Keel Cook as Gleason Dunn
Brennan Keel Cook
(Gleason Dunn)
Randy J. Goodwin as Jeff Turner
Randy J. Goodwin
(Jeff Turner)
Evan Hart as Porch Pirate
Evan Hart
(Porch Pirate)
Gavin Lee as Valet
Gavin Lee
Abraham Lim as Jonah
Abraham Lim
Rosslyn Luke as Krissy
Rosslyn Luke
Darrin Miller as Clothed Man
Darrin Miller
(Clothed Man)
Allen Quindiagan as Nico Sandoval
Allen Quindiagan
(Nico Sandoval)
Tom Riordan as Lead Operator
Tom Riordan
(Lead Operator)
Sallieu Sesay as Kit Room Officer
Sallieu Sesay
(Kit Room Officer)
Michael B. Silver as Special Agent Wyck Bird
Michael B. Silver
(Special Agent Wyck Bird)
Nicole Steinwedell as Alicia Kegel
Nicole Steinwedell
(Alicia Kegel)
Lamar Stewart as Illegal Subletter
Lamar Stewart
(Illegal Subletter)
Jasmine Stone as Ella
Jasmine Stone
Justin Abarca as Crockett
Justin Abarca
Kelly Connolly as Hostage
Kelly Connolly
Rib Hillis as Porsche Guy
Rib Hillis
(Porsche Guy)
Christopher Murray as Old Cop
Christopher Murray
(Old Cop)
Daniel Nguyen as Hector
Daniel Nguyen
Lissa Pallo as Nurse
Lissa Pallo
Ebboney Wilson as Anna
Ebboney Wilson
John Asher as Paintball Guy
John Asher
(Paintball Guy)
Michelle Castillo as Maria Reyes
Michelle Castillo
(Maria Reyes)
Kevin Covais as Stanley Knott
Kevin Covais
(Stanley Knott)
Tony D. Czech as Naked Runner
Tony D. Czech
(Naked Runner)
Ian Gregg as Russell
Ian Gregg
Taylor Gerard Hart as Running Perp
Taylor Gerard Hart
(Running Perp)
Paul Hatter as The Kilt
Paul Hatter
(The Kilt)
Robert A. Johnson as Manager
Robert A. Johnson
Jeffrey Markle as Bartender
Jeffrey Markle
Brian McGovern as Randy Fischer
Brian McGovern
(Randy Fischer)
Joel McHale as Brad Hayes
Joel McHale
(Brad Hayes)
Mauricio Mendoza as Donald Lawson
Mauricio Mendoza
(Donald Lawson)
Michael Anthony Perez as Vinnie
Michael Anthony Perez
Reece Rios as Steven Bernstein
Reece Rios
(Steven Bernstein)
E-Kan Soong as Paramedic
E-Kan Soong
Sheldon White as Orion
Sheldon White
Dana L. Wilson as Wendell's Mother
Dana L. Wilson
(Wendell's Mother)
Matthew Yang King as Trent Silver
Matthew Yang King
(Trent Silver)
Shalin Agarwal as Bartender
Shalin Agarwal
Raquel Dominguez as Emma Vasquez
Raquel Dominguez
(Emma Vasquez)
Tessa James as Rey
Tessa James
Chris Lamica as The Jason
Chris Lamica
(The Jason)
Julie Pearl as Manager
Julie Pearl
Michael Shen as Window Employee
Michael Shen
(Window Employee)
Aaron D. Alexander as Mitch
Aaron D. Alexander
Adrian Anchondo as Craig Lawson
Adrian Anchondo
(Craig Lawson)
Jaime Barcelon as Polygraph Technician
Jaime Barcelon
(Polygraph Technician)
Sarah Burkhardt as Ruby
Sarah Burkhardt
Dayne Catalano as Mike
Dayne Catalano
Theo Forsett as Building Super
Theo Forsett
(Building Super)
Kevin Fry as Donny
Kevin Fry
Gabrielle Lane as Nemesis
Gabrielle Lane
Heather Olt as Eileen Ransom
Heather Olt
(Eileen Ransom)
Diane Reneé as Bailiff
Diane Reneé
Austin Rising as Lewis
Austin Rising
Susan Santiago as Hilda
Susan Santiago
Stephen W. Schriver as Mr. Wilson
Stephen W. Schriver
(Mr. Wilson)
Michael J. Sielaff as Bryce
Michael J. Sielaff
Susan Wilder as Ramona
Susan Wilder
Adam Zastrow as Moxon
Adam Zastrow
Tyler Beveridge as Security Guard
Tyler Beveridge
(Security Guard)
Elizabeth J. Carlisle as Annie
Elizabeth J. Carlisle
Oscar Peña as Chuy
Oscar Peña
Renes Rivera as Carlo
Renes Rivera
Brett Schaberg as Mutt
Brett Schaberg
Kiff VandenHeuvel as Kurt Rubenovic
Kiff VandenHeuvel
(Kurt Rubenovic)
Ken Weiler as DUI Driver
Ken Weiler
(DUI Driver)
Ashton Amaba as Nurse
Ashton Amaba
Greg Bryan as Tow Driver
Greg Bryan
(Tow Driver)
Lane Carlson as Andrew Gannon
Lane Carlson
(Andrew Gannon)
Joshua Croughwell as Tony Craig
Joshua Croughwell
(Tony Craig)
Mark Daneri as Motel Manager
Mark Daneri
(Motel Manager)
River Drosche as Cody Ransom
River Drosche
(Cody Ransom)
Yarett Harper as Lance
Yarett Harper
Kaleb King as William
Kaleb King
Brian Leckner as Airport Officer Holcomb
Brian Leckner
(Airport Officer Holcomb)
Scott Manuel Johnson as CDC Official
Scott Manuel Johnson
(CDC Official)
Vanessa Martinez as Elena
Vanessa Martinez
Dean Neistat as Gunnar
Dean Neistat
Boone Platt as Darrell
Boone Platt
Deep Rai as Praveen
Deep Rai
Sean A. Rosales as Navarro
Sean A. Rosales
Brittany Volcy as Woman
Brittany Volcy
Lucas Armendariz as Swimming Boy
Lucas Armendariz
(Swimming Boy)
Stephanie Hodge as Ricky
Stephanie Hodge
Patrick Sabongui as Ghost Head
Patrick Sabongui
(Ghost Head)
Aaron V. Williamson as Gibber
Aaron V. Williamson
Eddie Yu as Security
Eddie Yu
Gabriel F. Bellotti as Jimmy Roskin
Gabriel F. Bellotti
(Jimmy Roskin)
Stephen Bralver as Drunk Man
Stephen Bralver
(Drunk Man)
Jasper Cole as Crack-Head-Fred
Jasper Cole
Cristian Fagins as Wendell
Cristian Fagins
Mike Foy as Axel
Mike Foy
Kieran Gallagher as Ian Shaunesy
Kieran Gallagher
(Ian Shaunesy)
George Hayn as Mario
George Hayn
Saul Huezo as Matias
Saul Huezo
Adam Kang as Freddy
Adam Kang
Kristian Lambert as Dillon
Kristian Lambert
Lee Coc as Maurice
Lee Coc
Roberto Montesinos as Hector
Roberto Montesinos
Owen Szabo as Tate
Owen Szabo
George Tsai as Crater Street House Father
George Tsai
(Crater Street House Father)
Mariko Van Kampen as Perla
Mariko Van Kampen
Jose Vasquez as Miguel
Jose Vasquez
Marina Aljanedi as Lada
Marina Aljanedi
Aubrey Cleland as Tiffany
Aubrey Cleland
Johnny D'Esposito as Blaze
Johnny D'Esposito
Jeremy Denzlinger as Processing Sergeant
Jeremy Denzlinger
(Processing Sergeant)
Dennis Keiffer as Brenner Plank
Dennis Keiffer
(Brenner Plank)
Reba Buhr as Arizona
Reba Buhr
Shannon Corbeil as Officer Sheff
Shannon Corbeil
(Officer Sheff)
Scott Dreier as Flawless
Scott Dreier
Mike Estes as Fitz
Mike Estes
Danny Hamouie as Vinnie Gemetti
Danny Hamouie
(Vinnie Gemetti)
Joaquin Huizar as Kid
Joaquin Huizar
Ray Huizar as Valet
Ray Huizar
Victoria Kelleher as Doctor
Victoria Kelleher
Norman Mora as Andres
Norman Mora
Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom as Osito
Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom
Trenton Rostedt as Brendan Mitchell
Trenton Rostedt
(Brendan Mitchell)
Dana Salah as Nurse Taylor
Dana Salah
(Nurse Taylor)
Wendy Schenker as Neighbor Scarlett
Wendy Schenker
(Neighbor Scarlett)
Nolan Freeman as Random Farrel
Nolan Freeman
(Random Farrel)
Dominic A. Iannitti as Lucas aka Unicorn Kid
Dominic A. Iannitti
(Lucas aka Unicorn Kid)
Preston Judah as Simon
Preston Judah
Ron J. Rock as Rajon
Ron J. Rock
Aliee Chan as Protestor #1
Aliee Chan
(Protestor #1)
Carin Chea as Paramedic
Carin Chea
Jeannie Epper as Aunt Sallie
Jeannie Epper
(Aunt Sallie)
Julienne Irons as Detective Boyd
Julienne Irons
(Detective Boyd)
Jason Ko as ER Tech Jay
Jason Ko
(ER Tech Jay)
Natasha Marc as Heather
Natasha Marc
Zachary Mooren as Larry Lynch
Zachary Mooren
(Larry Lynch)
Malachi Mutakabbir as Rollo
Malachi Mutakabbir
Vinny O'Brien as Green Shirt
Vinny O'Brien
(Green Shirt)
Lashawn Williams as Taywan
Lashawn Williams
Vic Winters-Junco as The Driver
Vic Winters-Junco
(The Driver)
Paula Alvear as Indigo
Paula Alvear
Princeton Judah as Simon
Princeton Judah
Kaydence Patton as Officer Patton
Kaydence Patton
(Officer Patton)
Tyler Quinlan Abbott as Pierce
Tyler Quinlan Abbott
Zachariah Axel as Dillon
Zachariah Axel
Brock Brenner as Calvin
Brock Brenner
Tim Doiron as Grant
Tim Doiron
Paul Eliopoulos as White Tank
Paul Eliopoulos
(White Tank)
Derek Graf as The Sniper
Derek Graf
(The Sniper)
Oakley Lehman as Connolly
Oakley Lehman
Trevor Morgan as Spyker
Trevor Morgan
Travis Quist as Arnold
Travis Quist
Kathryn Taylor Smith as Paige Thomas
Kathryn Taylor Smith
(Paige Thomas)
Maryfrances Careccia as EMT
Maryfrances Careccia
J. Francisco Rodriguez as Gardener
J. Francisco Rodriguez
Matt Baker as Jimmy
Matt Baker
Craig Johnson as Jason Bowers
Craig Johnson
(Jason Bowers)
Caryn Mower as Donna
Caryn Mower
Lamar Usher as Lewis
Lamar Usher
Sasha Golberg as Gennadi
Sasha Golberg
Teya Patt as Woman
Teya Patt
Patrick Hume as Counterfeit Guy
Patrick Hume
(Counterfeit Guy)
Vaia Zaganas as Jaclyn
Vaia Zaganas
Ty Haile as Jeffrey
Ty Haile
Nate Bynum as Lewis
Nate Bynum
Chris Cortez as Cheetah
Chris Cortez
Bart Johnson as Jerry Havel
Bart Johnson
(Jerry Havel)
Jayden Maddux as Teddy
Jayden Maddux
Gil McKinney as Barry Clyburn
Gil McKinney
(Barry Clyburn)
Veronika Mindal as Office clerk
Veronika Mindal
(Office clerk)
James Achille as Top Knot
James Achille
(Top Knot)
Ira Carmichael as Smugly
Ira Carmichael
Jeff Corbett as Lawrence
Jeff Corbett
Robert Curtis Brown as Roger Nithercott
Robert Curtis Brown
(Roger Nithercott)
Joe Daru as Bag Thief
Joe Daru
(Bag Thief)
Ryan Dorsey as Everest Jones
Ryan Dorsey
(Everest Jones)
Greg Fitzpatrick as Christian
Greg Fitzpatrick
Mike Gray as Nevin Cooper
Mike Gray
(Nevin Cooper)
Tre Hall as Marquel
Tre Hall
Sebastian Karantonis as Nice Enough
Sebastian Karantonis
(Nice Enough)
J.C. Kurtis as Big Death
J.C. Kurtis
(Big Death)
C.S. Lee as Jun-Ha
C.S. Lee
Marisa Chen Moller as Officer 1
Marisa Chen Moller
(Officer 1)
Steve Monroe as Tony Coulson
Steve Monroe
(Tony Coulson)
Shi Ne Nielson as Susan Banker
Shi Ne Nielson
(Susan Banker)
Sandra Rosko as Pedestrian
Sandra Rosko
Russell Sams as Colt Henry
Russell Sams
(Colt Henry)
Cynthia Aileen Strahan as Fangirl 2
Cynthia Aileen Strahan
(Fangirl 2)
Bradley White as Grant Edelman
Bradley White
(Grant Edelman)
Nick L. Williams as Weak Stomach
Nick L. Williams
(Weak Stomach)
Jan M. Janssen as Uniformed Officer
Jan M. Janssen
(Uniformed Officer)
Bruce M. Stockert as Doctor
Bruce M. Stockert
Jamin Thompson as Officer Walker
Jamin Thompson
(Officer Walker)
Tom McComas as Steve
Tom McComas
Andrei Runtso as Zach
Andrei Runtso
Luing Andrews as Joe Anderson
Luing Andrews
(Joe Anderson)
Dexter Bell as Zombie Lil Wayne
Dexter Bell
(Zombie Lil Wayne)
Raul Roy Berrios Jr. as Detective
Raul Roy Berrios Jr.
Tamiko Brownlee as Half Dressed Woman
Tamiko Brownlee
(Half Dressed Woman)
Christopher M. Campos as Horado
Christopher M. Campos
Raul Colon as Undercover Cop
Raul Colon
(Undercover Cop)
Paul Edney as Studio Executive
Paul Edney
(Studio Executive)
Michael I. Goode as Midwest Tourist
Michael I. Goode
(Midwest Tourist)
Gerren Hall as Vistor
Gerren Hall
Mariano 'Big Dawg' Mendoza as Bodybuilder
Mariano 'Big Dawg' Mendoza
Marco Morales as Abel
Marco Morales
Sanjay Orlando as S.W.A.T. Team
Sanjay Orlando
(S.W.A.T. Team)
Vitta Quinn as Lady Gaga Lookalike
Vitta Quinn
(Lady Gaga Lookalike)
Darrion Scoggins as Mariachi Plaza Pedestrian
Darrion Scoggins
(Mariachi Plaza Pedestrian)
Dang Tran as Car Thief
Dang Tran
(Car Thief)
Alexander Aleynikov as Tourist
Alexander Aleynikov
Maxine Bahns as Janine
Maxine Bahns
Arlene Barshinger as Officer Davis
Arlene Barshinger
(Officer Davis)
Kevyn Bashore as Tourist
Kevyn Bashore
Christian Bowman as Food Truck Patron
Christian Bowman
(Food Truck Patron)
Stephen Brailo as Detective
Stephen Brailo
Erica Burns as Food Truck Vendor
Erica Burns
(Food Truck Vendor)
Johnny C as Danny Dozier
Johnny C
(Danny Dozier)
Matthew P Camacho as Visitor
Matthew P Camacho
Jeffrey Moss Charles as Police Station Visitor
Jeffrey Moss Charles
(Police Station Visitor)
Bella Cruz as Genie
Bella Cruz
Eddie J. Fernandez as Pablo
Eddie J. Fernandez
Will Fourth as Jailhouse Perp
Will Fourth
(Jailhouse Perp)
David Hutchison as Big
David Hutchison
Richard Lawrence as Nosey Neighbor
Richard Lawrence
(Nosey Neighbor)
Marisa Mendelson as Dead Woman
Marisa Mendelson
(Dead Woman)
Brandon Molale as Bigger
Brandon Molale
Elimu Nelson as Thomas Bernhardt
Elimu Nelson
(Thomas Bernhardt)
James Peyton as Meth Head #2
James Peyton
(Meth Head #2)
Zacarias Salveron as Detective Hastings
Zacarias Salveron
(Detective Hastings)
Richard Scott as Bus Station Employee
Richard Scott
(Bus Station Employee)
Lenny Shelton as Meth Head #2
Lenny Shelton
(Meth Head #2)
Gary Sievers as Homeless Man
Gary Sievers
(Homeless Man)
Cedric Stephens as Uniformed Cop
Cedric Stephens
(Uniformed Cop)
Michael Strider as Undercover Detective
Michael Strider
(Undercover Detective)
Gerard Sullivan as Detective Brett Jenkins
Gerard Sullivan
(Detective Brett Jenkins)
Alfredo Tavares as Tourist
Alfredo Tavares
Trevor Wooldridge as Bartender
Trevor Wooldridge

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Apartemane Bigonahan
Apartemane Bigonahan
Khaneye to sarneveshte tost
Khaneye to sarneveshte tost
Gerye nakon maadar
Gerye nakon maadar
Kozey Goney
Kozey Goney
Arooshaye Farari
Arooshaye Farari