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The 100 (2014)

The 100

  • Genres:
    Drama | Sci-Fi | Mystery
  • Release Date:
    19 March 2014
  • Broadcast Co:
    Bonanza Productions - Alloy Entertainment - Warner Bros. Television - CBS Television Studios
  • Country:
  • Parental Guide:
    R +18 (Under 18 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian)
  • Status:
  • Runtime:
    43 min
  • Summary:
    Set ninety-seven years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, when a spaceship housing humanity's lone survivors sends one hundred juvenile delinquents back to Earth, in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet.

Cast & Crew

Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin
Eliza Taylor
(Clarke Griffin)
Bob Morley as Bellamy Blake
Bob Morley
(Bellamy Blake)
Marie Avgeropoulos as Octavia Blake
Marie Avgeropoulos
(Octavia Blake)
Lindsey Morgan as Raven Reyes
Lindsey Morgan
(Raven Reyes)
Paige Turco as Dr. Abigail Griffin
Paige Turco
(Dr. Abigail Griffin)
Henry Ian Cusick as Marcus Kane
Henry Ian Cusick
(Marcus Kane)
Richard Harmon as John Murphy
Richard Harmon
(John Murphy)
Christopher Larkin as Monty Green
Christopher Larkin
(Monty Green)
Isaiah Washington as Thelonious Jaha
Isaiah Washington
(Thelonious Jaha)
Devon Bostick as Jasper Jordan
Devon Bostick
(Jasper Jordan)
Jarod Joseph as Nathan Miller
Jarod Joseph
(Nathan Miller)
Sachin Sahel as Dr. Eric Jackson
Sachin Sahel
(Dr. Eric Jackson)
Tasya Teles as Echo
Tasya Teles
Adina Porter as Indra
Adina Porter
Chelsey Reist as Harper McIntyre
Chelsey Reist
(Harper McIntyre)
Ricky Whittle as Lincoln
Ricky Whittle
Luisa d'Oliveira as Emori
Luisa d'Oliveira
Tati Gabrielle as Gaia
Tati Gabrielle
Jessica Harmon as Niylah
Jessica Harmon
Thomas McDonell as Finn Collins
Thomas McDonell
(Finn Collins)
Jojo Ahenkorah as Costa
Jojo Ahenkorah
Lola Flanery as Madi Griffin
Lola Flanery
(Madi Griffin)
Shannon Kook as Jordan Green
Shannon Kook
(Jordan Green)
Alessandro Juliani as Jacapo Sinclair
Alessandro Juliani
(Jacapo Sinclair)
Erica Cerra as A.L.I.E.
Erica Cerra
Shelby Flannery as Hope Diyoza
Shelby Flannery
(Hope Diyoza)
Ivana Milicevic as Charmaine Diyoza
Ivana Milicevic
(Charmaine Diyoza)
Zach McGowan as King Roan
Zach McGowan
(King Roan)
Alycia Debnam-Carey as Lexa
Alycia Debnam-Carey
Katie Stuart as Zoe Monroe
Katie Stuart
(Zoe Monroe)
Chuku Modu as Dr. Gabriel Santiago
Chuku Modu
(Dr. Gabriel Santiago)
Michael Beach as Charles Pike
Michael Beach
(Charles Pike)
Eve Harlow as Maya Vie
Eve Harlow
(Maya Vie)
Chris Shields as David Miller
Chris Shields
(David Miller)
Genevieve Buechner as Fox
Genevieve Buechner
William Miller as Paxton 'Graveyard' McCreary
William Miller
(Paxton 'Graveyard' McCreary)
Jordan Bolger as Miles Ezekiel Shaw
Jordan Bolger
(Miles Ezekiel Shaw)
Johnny Whitworth as Cage Wallace
Johnny Whitworth
(Cage Wallace)
JR Bourne as Russell Lightbourne VII
JR Bourne
(Russell Lightbourne VII)
Bethany Brown as Jade Royal Guard
Bethany Brown
(Jade Royal Guard)
Jonathan Whitesell as Bryan
Jonathan Whitesell
Toby Levins as Lt. Carl Emerson
Toby Levins
(Lt. Carl Emerson)
Ty Olsson as Nyko
Ty Olsson
Raymond J. Barry as President Dante Wallace
Raymond J. Barry
(President Dante Wallace)
Rekha Sharma as Dr. Lorelei Tsing
Rekha Sharma
(Dr. Lorelei Tsing)
Donna Yamamoto as Hannah Green
Donna Yamamoto
(Hannah Green)
Kendall Cross as Major Byrne
Kendall Cross
(Major Byrne)
Lee Majdoub as Nelson
Lee Majdoub
Dichen Lachman as Anya
Dichen Lachman
Chai Hansen as Ilian
Chai Hansen
Tattiawna Jones as Dr. Simone Lightbourne VI
Tattiawna Jones
(Dr. Simone Lightbourne VI)
Nadia Hilker as Luna
Nadia Hilker
Kyra Zagorsky as Kara Cooper
Kyra Zagorsky
(Kara Cooper)
Keenan Tracey as Sterling
Keenan Tracey
Rhiannon Fish as Ontari
Rhiannon Fish
Barbara Beall as Sandgeda Delegate (Brell)
Barbara Beall
(Sandgeda Delegate (Brell))
Sean Kuling as Cassius
Sean Kuling
Neil Sandilands as Titus
Neil Sandilands
Aaron Miko as John #2
Aaron Miko
(John #2)
Ashleigh LaThrop as Priya Desai VII
Ashleigh LaThrop
(Priya Desai VII)
Thomas Cocquerel as Ryker Desai IX
Thomas Cocquerel
(Ryker Desai IX)
Ben Sullivan as Riley
Ben Sullivan
Kat Ruston as Sierra Royal Guard
Kat Ruston
(Sierra Royal Guard)
Karen Holness as Blythe Ann
Karen Holness
(Blythe Ann)
Dean Marshall as Jae
Dean Marshall
Eli Goree as Wells Jaha
Eli Goree
(Wells Jaha)
Paul Lazenby as Rockline Warrior
Paul Lazenby
(Rockline Warrior)
William Coyne as Ambassador #2
William Coyne
(Ambassador #2)
Steve Talley as Kyle Wick
Steve Talley
(Kyle Wick)
Sara Thompson as Josephine Lightbourne
Sara Thompson
(Josephine Lightbourne)
Mike Dopud as Michael Vinson
Mike Dopud
(Michael Vinson)
Sarah-Jane Redmond as Kaylee Lee
Sarah-Jane Redmond
(Kaylee Lee)
Dakota Daulby as Sheidheda
Dakota Daulby
Shaine Jones as Gillmer
Shaine Jones
Megan Danso as Layla
Megan Danso
Josh Ssettuba as Connor
Josh Ssettuba
Max Montesi as Lindo the Defector
Max Montesi
(Lindo the Defector)
Alaina Huffman as Nikki
Alaina Huffman
Terry Chen as Commander Shumway
Terry Chen
(Commander Shumway)
Aleks Paunovic as Gustus
Aleks Paunovic
Albert Nicholas as Cosser
Albert Nicholas
Jarett John as Ice Nation Warrior
Jarett John
(Ice Nation Warrior)
Shane Symons as Jones
Shane Symons
Sharon Taylor as Council Member #2
Sharon Taylor
(Council Member #2)
Bill Marchant as Senior Council Member
Bill Marchant
(Senior Council Member)
St. John Myers as Ethan (12 Yrs)
St. John Myers
(Ethan (12 Yrs))
Hiro Kanagawa as Council Member #3
Hiro Kanagawa
(Council Member #3)
Brad Kelly as Harris
Brad Kelly
Cory Gruter-Andrew as Aden
Cory Gruter-Andrew
Alyson Bath as Bree
Alyson Bath
Lucia Walters as Miranda
Lucia Walters
Glenn Ennis as Grounder Guard
Glenn Ennis
(Grounder Guard)
Nick Hunnings as Lee
Nick Hunnings
James Michalopolous as Fio
James Michalopolous
Chris Browning as Jake Griffin
Chris Browning
(Jake Griffin)
Christian Sloan as Ambassador #1
Christian Sloan
(Ambassador #1)
Julia Dominczak as Singing Grounder
Julia Dominczak
(Singing Grounder)
Jedidiah Goodacre as Craig
Jedidiah Goodacre
Rob Hayter as Whitman
Rob Hayter
Josh Collins as Otis
Josh Collins
Kate Vernon as Diana Sydney
Kate Vernon
(Diana Sydney)
Christine Willes as Vera Kane
Christine Willes
(Vera Kane)
Joseph Gatt as Tristan
Joseph Gatt
Brenda Strong as Queen Nia
Brenda Strong
(Queen Nia)
Britt Irvin as Alyssa
Britt Irvin
Ian Tracey as Vincent Vie
Ian Tracey
(Vincent Vie)
Cole Vigue as Hardy
Cole Vigue
Celia Reid as Roma
Celia Reid
Catherine Lough Haggquist as Council Member #1
Catherine Lough Haggquist
(Council Member #1)
David Lennon as Tarik
David Lennon
Jared Kurtenbach as Chase
Jared Kurtenbach
Alex Pangburn as Hayes
Alex Pangburn
Em Haine as Keenan
Em Haine
Georgia Hacche as Denae (Sick Grounder)
Georgia Hacche
(Denae (Sick Grounder))
Camden Filtness as James
Camden Filtness
Seth Whittaker as Kane's Opponent
Seth Whittaker
(Kane's Opponent)
Luc Roderique as Penn
Luc Roderique
Ryan William MacDonald as Flame Keeper Scout
Ryan William MacDonald
(Flame Keeper Scout)
Amélie Eve as Rose
Amélie Eve
Ian Butcher as Bryson
Ian Butcher
James Neate as Chris
James Neate
Garfield Wilson as Dante's Guard
Garfield Wilson
(Dante's Guard)
Darren Mann as Chivalrous Boy #3
Darren Mann
(Chivalrous Boy #3)
Victor Zinck Jr. as Dax
Victor Zinck Jr.
Primo Allon as Chief Guard
Primo Allon
(Chief Guard)
Mik Byskov as Otan
Mik Byskov
Levi Meaden as Drew
Levi Meaden
Brendon Zub as Delano
Brendon Zub
Cassandra Ebner as Female Wonkru
Cassandra Ebner
(Female Wonkru)
Chad Rook as Hatch
Chad Rook
Rhys Ward as Atom
Rhys Ward
Izabela Vidovic as Charlotte
Izabela Vidovic
Sean Maguire as Russell Lightbourne
Sean Maguire
(Russell Lightbourne)
Manny Jacinto as Boy #1
Manny Jacinto
(Boy #1)
Jake Croker as Healthy Kid
Jake Croker
(Healthy Kid)
Leah Gibson as Gina Martin
Leah Gibson
(Gina Martin)
Bradley Stryker as Baylis
Bradley Stryker
Jenna Berman as Karina
Jenna Berman
Reese Alexander as Guard
Reese Alexander
Brendan Meyer as Myles
Brendan Meyer
Beckham Skodje as Ethan
Beckham Skodje
Gwynyth Walsh as Josephine Lightbourne VII
Gwynyth Walsh
(Josephine Lightbourne VII)
Zak Santiago as Semet
Zak Santiago
Ian Pala as Dr. Gabriel Santiago
Ian Pala
(Dr. Gabriel Santiago)
Tanaya Beatty as Mel
Tanaya Beatty
Greyston Holt as Marcus Kane II
Greyston Holt
(Marcus Kane II)
Carlo Marks as Cillian
Carlo Marks
Michael J Rogers as Denby
Michael J Rogers
Ben Cotton as Red
Ben Cotton
Elfina Luk as Rankin
Elfina Luk
Morgan Taylor Campbell as Caris
Morgan Taylor Campbell
Jeremy Jones as Robert
Jeremy Jones
Darien Martin as Royal Guard
Darien Martin
(Royal Guard)
Teach Grant as Ridley
Teach Grant
Eric Mazimpaka as Second Polis Sentry
Eric Mazimpaka
(Second Polis Sentry)
Christopher Judge as Azgeda Warrior
Christopher Judge
(Azgeda Warrior)
Zoe Wiesenthal as Adria
Zoe Wiesenthal
Joey Coleman as Taggart
Joey Coleman
Dejan Loyola as Chivalrous Boy #2
Dejan Loyola
(Chivalrous Boy #2)
Tristan Jensen as Captain Sea Grounder
Tristan Jensen
(Captain Sea Grounder)
Matthew Mandzij as Ark Guard #1
Matthew Mandzij
(Ark Guard #1)
Casey Manderson as Tai
Casey Manderson
Artine Tony Browne as Intimidating Guard
Artine Tony Browne
(Intimidating Guard)
John DeSantis as Gideon
John DeSantis
Patrick Sabongui as Rebel Guard
Patrick Sabongui
(Rebel Guard)
Nisreen Slim as Dying Woman
Nisreen Slim
(Dying Woman)
Cameron Roberts as Artigas
Cameron Roberts
Aatash Amir as Atohl
Aatash Amir
Jane Craven as Miss Lucy
Jane Craven
(Miss Lucy)
Dagan Nish as Grounder Guard #2
Dagan Nish
(Grounder Guard #2)
Carly Buhler as Arabel
Carly Buhler
Kaylah Zander as Tosh
Kaylah Zander
Colin Lawrence as Grounder Warrior
Colin Lawrence
(Grounder Warrior)
James Pizzinato as Richards
James Pizzinato
Skylar Radzion as Brooke
Skylar Radzion
Natasha Denis as Podakru Warrior
Natasha Denis
(Podakru Warrior)
Rohan Campbell as Dave
Rohan Campbell
Fraser Corbett as Geo Terrorist
Fraser Corbett
(Geo Terrorist)
Hamza Fouad as Terrorist Abductor
Hamza Fouad
(Terrorist Abductor)
Mark Gibbon as Bounty Hunter
Mark Gibbon
(Bounty Hunter)
Thomas Nicholson as Sanctum Prime Guard 1
Thomas Nicholson
(Sanctum Prime Guard 1)
John Pyper-Ferguson as Bill Cadogan
John Pyper-Ferguson
(Bill Cadogan)
Shaw Madson as Angry Parent #2
Shaw Madson
(Angry Parent #2)
Hugo Raymundo as Hugo
Hugo Raymundo
Will E. McDonald as Wilson
Will E. McDonald
Lisa Chandler as Observant Guard
Lisa Chandler
(Observant Guard)
Emy Aneke as Mount Weather Soldier #1
Emy Aneke
(Mount Weather Soldier #1)
Josh Blacker as Captain Meredith
Josh Blacker
(Captain Meredith)
Chris Bradford as Luca's Father
Chris Bradford
(Luca's Father)
Darren Moore as Oliver
Darren Moore
Amber Taylor as Young Hope (6yrs)
Amber Taylor
(Young Hope (6yrs))
Kelly Hu as Callie 'Cece' Cartwig
Kelly Hu
(Callie 'Cece' Cartwig)
Lilah Fitzgerald as Reese Lemkin
Lilah Fitzgerald
(Reese Lemkin)
Olivia Steele Falconer as Young Octavia
Olivia Steele Falconer
(Young Octavia)
Mac Brandt as Tor Lemkin
Mac Brandt
(Tor Lemkin)
Monique Ganderton as Aurora Blake
Monique Ganderton
(Aurora Blake)
Saidah Arrika Ekulona as Nygel
Saidah Arrika Ekulona
Steve Bacic as Caliban
Steve Bacic
Wesley MacInnes as Derek
Wesley MacInnes
Chloe Babcook as Trina
Chloe Babcook
Spencer Drever as Young Bellamy
Spencer Drever
(Young Bellamy)
Matteo Stefan as Del
Matteo Stefan
Joshua Murdoch as Trapped Prisoner
Joshua Murdoch
(Trapped Prisoner)
Andrew Francis as Boy in Mask
Andrew Francis
(Boy in Mask)
Zach Martin as Pascal
Zach Martin
Freda Perry as Council Member #1
Freda Perry
(Council Member #1)
Michael Jonsson as Esop
Michael Jonsson
Diana Pavlovská as Rock Line Ambassador
Diana Pavlovská
(Rock Line Ambassador)
Jesse James Pierce as Louis
Jesse James Pierce
Bob Frazer as Captain Stevens
Bob Frazer
(Captain Stevens)
Jonathan Alexander as Deek
Jonathan Alexander
Sarwan Badesha as Arker
Sarwan Badesha
Osric Chau as Red Eyed Boy
Osric Chau
(Red Eyed Boy)
Luvia Petersen as Sienna
Luvia Petersen
Alison Thornton as Grounder Tris
Alison Thornton
(Grounder Tris)
Valerie Tian as Kid #1
Valerie Tian
(Kid #1)
Kett Turton as Apprentice
Kett Turton
Graham Shiels as Quint
Graham Shiels
Nesta Cooper as Shay
Nesta Cooper
Roger Cross as Commander Cole McAdams
Roger Cross
(Commander Cole McAdams)
Erin Aubrey as Blue Cliff Warrior
Erin Aubrey
(Blue Cliff Warrior)
Loyd Bateman as Anat
Loyd Bateman
Peter Flemming as Mark
Peter Flemming
Jana Mitsoula as Willa (Ilian's Mother)
Jana Mitsoula
(Willa (Ilian's Mother))
Colin Decker as Falk
Colin Decker
Sean Owen Roberts as Wayne Szybunka
Sean Owen Roberts
(Wayne Szybunka)
Chelah Horsdal as Dr. Simone Lightbourne
Chelah Horsdal
(Dr. Simone Lightbourne)
Bart Anderson as Griff
Bart Anderson
Giacomo Baessato as Diggs
Giacomo Baessato
Ella Pitkin as Young Clarke
Ella Pitkin
(Young Clarke)
Tatiana Turner as Angry Parent #1
Tatiana Turner
(Angry Parent #1)
Eric Breker as Sergeant Lovejoy
Eric Breker
(Sergeant Lovejoy)
Yasmine Aker as Dr. Peri Gordon
Yasmine Aker
(Dr. Peri Gordon)
George Tchortov as Derrick
George Tchortov
Imogen Tear as Maddie
Imogen Tear
Kyle Toy as Ilian's Brother
Kyle Toy
(Ilian's Brother)
Jason Vaisvila as Ice Nation Healer
Jason Vaisvila
(Ice Nation Healer)
Jesse Hutch as Lead COG
Jesse Hutch
(Lead COG)
Murry Peeters as Laughing Kid
Murry Peeters
(Laughing Kid)
Arleo Dordar as Lexa's Guard
Arleo Dordar
(Lexa's Guard)
Jim Shield as Grounder Warrior #1
Jim Shield
(Grounder Warrior #1)
Paul C. Grenier as Trikru Warrior
Paul C. Grenier
(Trikru Warrior)
Tori Katongo as Arker Woman
Tori Katongo
(Arker Woman)
Darcy Laurie as Tybe
Darcy Laurie
Julien Hyacinthe as Cooper Arker
Julien Hyacinthe
(Cooper Arker)
Stew McLean as McCreary Guard #1
Stew McLean
(McCreary Guard #1)
Jarryd Baine as Joaquin
Jarryd Baine
Jason Tremblay as Isaac
Jason Tremblay
Victor Ayala as Horace
Victor Ayala
Ty Benefield as Young Wells
Ty Benefield
(Young Wells)
Jessica Racz as Sobbing Kid
Jessica Racz
(Sobbing Kid)
Dean Redman as Guard
Dean Redman
Suzanne Ristic as Woman
Suzanne Ristic
Conrad Whitaker as Tranq Gun Guard
Conrad Whitaker
(Tranq Gun Guard)
Finn Wolfhard as Zoran
Finn Wolfhard
Tiara Sorensen as Lily
Tiara Sorensen
Christian Tessier as Caspian
Christian Tessier
Stefania Indelicato as One of the Villagers
Stefania Indelicato
(One of the Villagers)
Ava Wilson as Little Girl On Bike
Ava Wilson
(Little Girl On Bike)
Alika Autran as Sonya Hassler
Alika Autran
(Sonya Hassler)
Orve Coello as Dead Grounder
Orve Coello
(Dead Grounder)
Paul Dzenkiw as Arker Man
Paul Dzenkiw
(Arker Man)
Jennifer Cheon Garcia as Dakiva
Jennifer Cheon Garcia
Ricardo Ortiz as Young Trikru Boy
Ricardo Ortiz
(Young Trikru Boy)
Ally Kaczynski as Dead Female Defector
Ally Kaczynski
(Dead Female Defector)
Nick Marinos as Large Warrior
Nick Marinos
(Large Warrior)
Todd Scott as First Prisoner
Todd Scott
(First Prisoner)
Ben Andrusco-Daon as Bullied Child
Ben Andrusco-Daon
(Bullied Child)
Doralynn Mui as Olivia
Doralynn Mui
Brea St. James as COG Warrior
Brea St. James
(COG Warrior)
Warren Belle as Sergeant Scott
Warren Belle
(Sergeant Scott)
Lizzie Boys as Patient
Lizzie Boys
Fulvio Cecere as Inspector Grus
Fulvio Cecere
(Inspector Grus)
Nicole Hombrebueno as Satisfied Girl
Nicole Hombrebueno
(Satisfied Girl)
Melissa M. Montgomery as Culled Woman
Melissa M. Montgomery
(Culled Woman)
Chad Riley as Osias
Chad Riley
Jackson Berlin as Garza
Jackson Berlin
Sean Millington as Alpha Reaper
Sean Millington
(Alpha Reaper)
Armando Canales as Follower
Armando Canales
Shawn Mendes as Macallan
Shawn Mendes
David Attar as Terro
David Attar
Jason Beaudoin as Rafel
Jason Beaudoin
Brad Bergeron as Stevens
Brad Bergeron
James Clayton as Sonya's Husband
James Clayton
(Sonya's Husband)
Zara Durrani as Egyptian Scavenger
Zara Durrani
(Egyptian Scavenger)
Ray G. Thunderchild as Wounded Old Man
Ray G. Thunderchild
(Wounded Old Man)
Anousha Alamian as Delphi Delegate
Anousha Alamian
(Delphi Delegate)
Tommy Europe as Harris
Tommy Europe
Lina Renna as Young Madi
Lina Renna
(Young Madi)
Jesse Stretch as Huge Wonkru Man
Jesse Stretch
(Huge Wonkru Man)
Russ Watson as Prisoner Male Patient
Russ Watson
(Prisoner Male Patient)
Neil Webb as Wonkru Warrior
Neil Webb
(Wonkru Warrior)
Paloma Kwiatkowski as Octavia Blodreina Double
Paloma Kwiatkowski
(Octavia Blodreina Double)
Carson Sanca as Bully
Carson Sanca
Kate Bateman as Woman
Kate Bateman
Dalias Blake as Other Tech
Dalias Blake
(Other Tech)
Troy Everett as Volunteer
Troy Everett
Mike Klemak as Guard
Mike Klemak
Todd Mann as Lead Guard
Todd Mann
(Lead Guard)
Craig Blair as Lexa's Sentry
Craig Blair
(Lexa's Sentry)
Noah Dalton Danby as Ivon
Noah Dalton Danby
Eleanor Hall as Woman With Infinity Hair
Eleanor Hall
(Woman With Infinity Hair)
Sandra Dario as Shallow Valley Ambassador
Sandra Dario
(Shallow Valley Ambassador)
Jason William Day as Azgeda Warrior
Jason William Day
(Azgeda Warrior)
John Ulmer as Dragged Dead Grounder
John Ulmer
(Dragged Dead Grounder)
Shayn Walker as Trikru Warrior
Shayn Walker
(Trikru Warrior)
David Coles as Kuba (Prisoner #1)
David Coles
(Kuba (Prisoner #1))
Daryl Ducharme as Dexter
Daryl Ducharme
Mike Kovac as Rabe
Mike Kovac
Ian Nsenga as Dead Male Defector
Ian Nsenga
(Dead Male Defector)
Michael Patric as Nash
Michael Patric
Mikael Vierge as Triumphant Grounder
Mikael Vierge
(Triumphant Grounder)
Beatrice King as Faye
Beatrice King
Michael Adamthwaite as Reaper
Michael Adamthwaite
Dalila Bela as Child
Dalila Bela
Serge Jaswal as Brixton Guard
Serge Jaswal
(Brixton Guard)
Quinn Lord as Young Member of The 100
Quinn Lord
(Young Member of The 100)
Joleigh Schultz as Hard Looking Girl
Joleigh Schultz
(Hard Looking Girl)
Jaime M. Callica as Mt. Weather Soldier
Jaime M. Callica
(Mt. Weather Soldier)
Liam O'Neill as Little Boy Lovejoy
Liam O'Neill
(Little Boy Lovejoy)
Link Baker as Ice Nation Ambassador
Link Baker
(Ice Nation Ambassador)
Ryan Hesp as Man
Ryan Hesp
Patrick Sparling as Polis Sentry
Patrick Sparling
(Polis Sentry)
Michael Strusievici as Gavriel
Michael Strusievici
Eric Bempong as Teenaged Grounder
Eric Bempong
(Teenaged Grounder)
Eliza Faria as Grounder Girl
Eliza Faria
(Grounder Girl)
Melinda Michael as Ankara
Melinda Michael
Charles Zuckermann as Grizzled Warrior
Charles Zuckermann
(Grizzled Warrior)
Marcus Aurelio as Angry Azgeda Warrior
Marcus Aurelio
(Angry Azgeda Warrior)
Glynis Davies as Elderly Azgeda Woman
Glynis Davies
(Elderly Azgeda Woman)
Raresh DiMofte as Large Wonkru Guard
Raresh DiMofte
(Large Wonkru Guard)
Phillip Mitchell as Large Prisoner
Phillip Mitchell
(Large Prisoner)
Corey Schmitt as Prisoner #2
Corey Schmitt
(Prisoner #2)
AJ Simmons as Anamay
AJ Simmons
Sean Tyson as Miner #1 (ask Prisoner #1)
Sean Tyson
(Miner #1 (ask Prisoner #1))
Milli Wilkinson as Young Echo
Milli Wilkinson
(Young Echo)
Aaron Issacs as Voice in the Crowd #1
Aaron Issacs
(Voice in the Crowd #1)
Graem Beddoes as Harris
Graem Beddoes
Graham McDonald as Bill
Graham McDonald
Marilyn Norry as Enera
Marilyn Norry
Patrick Roccas as Azgeda Scout
Patrick Roccas
(Azgeda Scout)
Craig Erickson as Arker Man
Craig Erickson
(Arker Man)
Colin Foo as Pei Chao
Colin Foo
(Pei Chao)
Laura Picado as Grounder Woman in Hood
Laura Picado
(Grounder Woman in Hood)
Levi Zachary Dunford as Young Boy
Levi Zachary Dunford
(Young Boy)
Ian Rozylo as Diyoza Prime Guard
Ian Rozylo
(Diyoza Prime Guard)
Teana-Marie Smith as Greedy Female Prisoner
Teana-Marie Smith
(Greedy Female Prisoner)
Kai Dolmans as Young Ash
Kai Dolmans
(Young Ash)
Samantha Hum as Female Terrorist
Samantha Hum
(Female Terrorist)
Aaron Hutchinson as Sergeant Langston
Aaron Hutchinson
(Sergeant Langston)
Jaeson Lee as Tomac
Jaeson Lee
Matt Giannakos as Mount Weather Teenage Boy
Matt Giannakos
(Mount Weather Teenage Boy)
Donald Sales as Man
Donald Sales
Warren Abbott as Ark Jail Guard
Warren Abbott
(Ark Jail Guard)
Carmel Amit as Female Street Vendor
Carmel Amit
(Female Street Vendor)
Dino Dinicolo as Zeke
Dino Dinicolo
Yvonne Chapman as Pei's Daughter
Yvonne Chapman
(Pei's Daughter)
Nikki Wallin as Spitting Grounder
Nikki Wallin
(Spitting Grounder)
Virgil Davies as Virgil
Virgil Davies
Adam Kelliher as War Horn Operator
Adam Kelliher
(War Horn Operator)
Kaare Anderson as Man
Kaare Anderson
Mark Krysko as Azgeda Speaking Warrior
Mark Krysko
(Azgeda Speaking Warrior)
Gaelan Beatty as Shooter
Gaelan Beatty
Pippa Mackie as Mount Weather Teenage Girl
Pippa Mackie
(Mount Weather Teenage Girl)
Tomas Mauro as Ark Tower Guard
Tomas Mauro
(Ark Tower Guard)
Gardiner Millar as Scarfaced Grounder
Gardiner Millar
(Scarfaced Grounder)
Adam Ballantyne as Dying Grounder
Adam Ballantyne
(Dying Grounder)
Matt Kennedy as Jacov
Matt Kennedy
Jennifer Koenig as Wailing Woman
Jennifer Koenig
(Wailing Woman)
Camille Hollett-French as Armed Miner
Camille Hollett-French
(Armed Miner)
Justin Turnbull as Miner #1
Justin Turnbull
(Miner #1)
Justin Breault as Golden Guard
Justin Breault
(Golden Guard)
Emma Oliver as Hope
Emma Oliver
J.C. Williams as Lead Guard
J.C. Williams
(Lead Guard)
Jay Hindle as Supervising Med Tech
Jay Hindle
(Supervising Med Tech)
Rick Dobran as Merchant
Rick Dobran
Lee Tichon as Pike's Guard
Lee Tichon
(Pike's Guard)
Douglas Chapman as Big Arker
Douglas Chapman
(Big Arker)
Neal Kai Chung as Baby Jordan
Neal Kai Chung
(Baby Jordan)
Darryl Scheelar as Sonic Driller
Darryl Scheelar
(Sonic Driller)
Arpad Balogh as Shield Guard Patrol #1
Arpad Balogh
(Shield Guard Patrol #1)
Marshall Bingham as Miranda's Royal Guard
Marshall Bingham
(Miranda's Royal Guard)
Jacob Tazelaar as New Terrorist Leader
Jacob Tazelaar
(New Terrorist Leader)
Ana Volkhina as Rose's Mom
Ana Volkhina
(Rose's Mom)
Melanie Rose Wilson as Sanctumite Woman
Melanie Rose Wilson
(Sanctumite Woman)
Frank Ferrucci as Mr. Peters
Frank Ferrucci
(Mr. Peters)
Nathan Barrett as Young Man #1
Nathan Barrett
(Young Man #1)
Jenn Forgie as Rhanda
Jenn Forgie
Kaiden Berge as Tech Savvy Miner
Kaiden Berge
(Tech Savvy Miner)
Jay Clift as Shield Guard Patrol #2
Jay Clift
(Shield Guard Patrol #2)
Tricia Collins as Tory
Tricia Collins
Denis Kyzmim as Rose's Dad
Denis Kyzmim
(Rose's Dad)
Dustin Lloyd as Sanctum Guard
Dustin Lloyd
(Sanctum Guard)
Crystal Verge as Mrs. Peters
Crystal Verge
(Mrs. Peters)
Ian Collins as Young Man #2
Ian Collins
(Young Man #2)
Elizaveta Neretin as Woman (Resistor)
Elizaveta Neretin
(Woman (Resistor))
Tom Stevens as Trey
Tom Stevens
Christiaan Westerveld as Adjustor
Christiaan Westerveld
James Jenkins as Lead Ice Grounder
James Jenkins
(Lead Ice Grounder)
Miles Chalmers as Zev
Miles Chalmers
Donald Heng as Gabriel II
Donald Heng
(Gabriel II)
Christina Lewall as Armed Guard
Christina Lewall
(Armed Guard)
Kurt Ostlund as One of the Grounders
Kurt Ostlund
(One of the Grounders)
Cameron Andres as Teenaged Boy
Cameron Andres
(Teenaged Boy)
Don Lew as War Chief #1
Don Lew
(War Chief #1)
Andrew Chin as Null Man
Andrew Chin
(Null Man)
Kelly McCabe as Team Six Leader
Kelly McCabe
(Team Six Leader)
Andre Tricoteux as War Chief #3
Andre Tricoteux
(War Chief #3)
Eden Rothenberg as Sarah McAdams
Eden Rothenberg
(Sarah McAdams)
Patrick Keating as Groundskeeper
Patrick Keating
M.J. Kehler as Forager
M.J. Kehler
Kris Day as Juvenile Prisoner unknown episodes
Kris Day
(Juvenile Prisoner unknown episodes)
John Specogna as Ark Citizen
John Specogna
(Ark Citizen)
James Forrester as Juvenile Delinquent
James Forrester
(Juvenile Delinquent)
Joe Warshaw as Ice Nation Warrior
Joe Warshaw
(Ice Nation Warrior)
Adam P.W. Smith as Rock Line Clan Ambassador
Adam P.W. Smith
(Rock Line Clan Ambassador)
Andrew Beha as Ice Nation Warrior
Andrew Beha
(Ice Nation Warrior)
T. Michael Morris as Background Performer
T. Michael Morris
(Background Performer)
Hedi Rian as Healthy Grounder
Hedi Rian
(Healthy Grounder)
Eoin Bates as Arker
Eoin Bates
Jim Eliason as Grounder
Jim Eliason
Nicholas Dohy as Believer
Nicholas Dohy
Charles Edward Bae as Earth Monitor Tech
Charles Edward Bae
(Earth Monitor Tech)
Gerardo Barcala as Ark Civilian
Gerardo Barcala
(Ark Civilian)
Janene Carleton as Tomac's Wife
Janene Carleton
(Tomac's Wife)
Fred Cruz as Louis Montgomery
Fred Cruz
(Louis Montgomery)
Breanna Podlasly as Grounder
Breanna Podlasly
Austin J.M. Ross as Tim Barlet
Austin J.M. Ross
(Tim Barlet)
Adam Sugawara as Pianist
Adam Sugawara
Leo Chiang as Ark Guard
Leo Chiang
(Ark Guard)
Emmanuel Amadeo Badal as Dead Grounder
Emmanuel Amadeo Badal
(Dead Grounder)
Nathan Cann as Sergeant Shaw
Nathan Cann
(Sergeant Shaw)
Mike Garthwaite as Ice Grounder
Mike Garthwaite
(Ice Grounder)
David Hardware as Mountain Ambassador's Assistant
David Hardware
(Mountain Ambassador's Assistant)
Kent R. Karemaker as Polis Guard
Kent R. Karemaker
(Polis Guard)
Maya Nadine as Ambassador - Glowing Forest
Maya Nadine
(Ambassador - Glowing Forest)
Barry Nerling as Ice Nation Lieutenant
Barry Nerling
(Ice Nation Lieutenant)
Tamiko Brownlee as Delphi Warrior
Tamiko Brownlee
(Delphi Warrior)
Linley Subryan as Trikru Warrior
Linley Subryan
(Trikru Warrior)
Janvier Katabarwa as Cash
Janvier Katabarwa
P.J. Pesce as Guitar Playing Arker
P.J. Pesce
(Guitar Playing Arker)
Derek Schnobb as Wonkru War Battalion
Derek Schnobb
(Wonkru War Battalion)
Paul Wu as Gladiator
Paul Wu
Greg Zach as Kneeling Enemy
Greg Zach
(Kneeling Enemy)

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Az boose ta eshgh
Az boose ta eshgh
Boom va Banoo
Boom va Banoo
Banoye Toofan
Banoye Toofan
Asrare Academie Doshizegane Ashrafi
Asrare Academie Doshizegane Ashrafi
Shahr to ra mikhanad
Shahr to ra mikhanad
Pas az baran
Pas az baran