Ice Princess Lily - Watch Now

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Cameron Ansell as Tabaluga
Cameron Ansell
Kristin Fairlie as Lilli
Kristin Fairlie
Benedict Campbell as Arktos / Little Arktos
Benedict Campbell
(Arktos / Little Arktos)
Dan Petronijevic as Limbo
Dan Petronijevic
Elizabeth Hanna as Nessaja / Swift
Elizabeth Hanna
(Nessaja / Swift)
Ellen-Ray Hennessy as Mythia / Beaver / Ice Lady Bug
Ellen-Ray Hennessy
(Mythia / Beaver / Ice Lady Bug)
Kevin Dennis as Bully / Snow Kid Rabbit / Male Rabbit
Kevin Dennis
(Bully / Snow Kid Rabbit / Male Rabbit)
Richard Waugh as Kolk / Polar Bear / Snowkid Rabbit / Male Rabbit
Richard Waugh
(Kolk / Polar Bear / Snowkid Rabbit / Male Rabbit)
Rick Miller as Mirmel / Tyrion / Narrator
Rick Miller
(Mirmel / Tyrion / Narrator)
Zach Bennett as Emra / Frog
Zach Bennett
(Emra / Frog)
Yvonne Catterfeld as Eisprinzessin Lilli
Yvonne Catterfeld
(Eisprinzessin Lilli)
Michael Herbig as Glückskäfer Bully
Michael Herbig
(Glückskäfer Bully)
Heinz Hoenig as Arktos
Heinz Hoenig
Rick Kavanian as Eisbär Limbo
Rick Kavanian
(Eisbär Limbo)
Peter Maffay as Nessaja
Peter Maffay
Wincent Weiss as Tabaluga
Wincent Weiss
Mackenzie Ziegler as Lily
Mackenzie Ziegler