Klaus - Watch Now

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Jason Schwartzman as Jesper
Jason Schwartzman
Rashida Jones as Alva
Rashida Jones
Joan Cusack as Mrs. Krum
Joan Cusack
(Mrs. Krum)
J.K. Simmons as Klaus
J.K. Simmons
Norm MacDonald as Mogens
Norm MacDonald
Will Sasso as Mr. Ellingboe
Will Sasso
(Mr. Ellingboe)
Sergio Pablos as Pumpkin / Olaf
Sergio Pablos
(Pumpkin / Olaf)
Mila Brener as Ellingboe Girl 3
Mila Brener
(Ellingboe Girl 3)
Neda Margrethe Labba as Margu
Neda Margrethe Labba
Sydney Brower as Ellingboe Girl
Sydney Brower
(Ellingboe Girl)
Teddy Blum as Small Ellingboe Boy
Teddy Blum
(Small Ellingboe Boy)
Julian Zane as Krum Boy
Julian Zane
(Krum Boy)
Emma Shannon as Creepy girl 1
Emma Shannon
(Creepy girl 1)
Kendall Joy Hall as Annelise
Kendall Joy Hall
Sky Alexis as Ellingboe Girl 2
Sky Alexis
(Ellingboe Girl 2)
Tucker Meek as Ellingboe Boy / Krum Boy
Tucker Meek
(Ellingboe Boy / Krum Boy)
Amanda Philipson as Ellingboe Councilwoman
Amanda Philipson
(Ellingboe Councilwoman)
Finn Carr as Ellingboe Boy 1
Finn Carr
(Ellingboe Boy 1)
Lucian Perez as Krum Boy / Creepy Boy 2
Lucian Perez
(Krum Boy / Creepy Boy 2)
Emma Yarovinsky as Little Krum Girl
Emma Yarovinsky
(Little Krum Girl)
Jaeden Bettencourt as Krum Boy / Jesper Son
Jaeden Bettencourt
(Krum Boy / Jesper Son)
Hailey Hermida as Krum Girl 1
Hailey Hermida
(Krum Girl 1)
Evan Agos as Ellingboe Boy
Evan Agos
(Ellingboe Boy)
Leo Miller as Ellinboe Boy 5
Leo Miller
(Ellinboe Boy 5)
Bailey Rae Fenderson as Creepy Girl 2
Bailey Rae Fenderson
(Creepy Girl 2)
Ayden Soria as Creepy Boy 1
Ayden Soria
(Creepy Boy 1)