The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales... - Watch Now

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Guillaume Darnault as Fox
Guillaume Darnault
Damien Witecka as Pork
Damien Witecka
Kamel Abdessadok as Bunny
Kamel Abdessadok
Antoine Schoumsky as Duck
Antoine Schoumsky
Céline Ronté as Chicken
Céline Ronté
Violette Samama as Pauline
Violette Samama
Jules Bienvenu as Alex
Jules Bienvenu
Augustin Jahn-Sani as Evan
Augustin Jahn-Sani
Boris Rehlinger as Wolf / Bulldog
Boris Rehlinger
(Wolf / Bulldog)
Guillaume Bouchède as Dog
Guillaume Bouchède
Magali Rosenzweig as Mom / Violette / Little Daughter / Chickens
Magali Rosenzweig
(Mom / Violette / Little Daughter / Chickens)
Elise Noiraud as Chickens
Elise Noiraud
Jean-Loup Horwitz as Santa Claus
Jean-Loup Horwitz
(Santa Claus)
Christophe Lemoine as Stork / Hunter
Christophe Lemoine
(Stork / Hunter)
Bernard Larmande as Bird / Swallow
Bernard Larmande
(Bird / Swallow)
Michel Scotto di Carlo as Co-Pilot / Butcher
Michel Scotto di Carlo
(Co-Pilot / Butcher)
Sylvie Genty as Cashier / Grandmother
Sylvie Genty
(Cashier / Grandmother)
Yves Yan as Tarsier
Yves Yan
Thierry Jahn as Dad / Little Son
Thierry Jahn
(Dad / Little Son)
Sébastien Leblanc as Toad
Sébastien Leblanc
Mathilde Nepveu as Choir of Chicks
Mathilde Nepveu
(Choir of Chicks)
Camielle Nepveu as Choir of Chicks
Camielle Nepveu
(Choir of Chicks)
Christophe Groulx as Choir of Chicks
Christophe Groulx
(Choir of Chicks)
Adam Groulx as Choir of Chicks
Adam Groulx
(Choir of Chicks)
Bill Bailey as Duck
Bill Bailey
Tallulah Conabeare as Evan
Tallulah Conabeare
Adrian Edmondson as Bunny
Adrian Edmondson
Justin Edwards as Pork
Justin Edwards
Matthew Goode as Wolf
Matthew Goode
Celia Imrie
Celia Imrie
Phill Jupitus
Phill Jupitus
Alexander Molony as Alex
Alexander Molony
Giles New as Fox
Giles New
Louie-Loveday O'Brien as Pauline
Louie-Loveday O'Brien