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Emily Ratajkowski as Cassie Ryerson
Emily Ratajkowski
(Cassie Ryerson)
Aaron Paul as Bryan Palmer
Aaron Paul
(Bryan Palmer)
Riccardo Scamarcio as Federico
Riccardo Scamarcio
Katy Louise Saunders as Alessandra
Katy Louise Saunders
Alice Bellagamba as Isabella
Alice Bellagamba
Francesco Acquaroli as Eduardo
Francesco Acquaroli
Evgeny Krylov as Russian Teen #1
Evgeny Krylov
(Russian Teen #1)
Igor Mikhaylov as Russian Teen #2
Igor Mikhaylov
(Russian Teen #2)
Robert Babin as Middle Aged Man
Robert Babin
(Middle Aged Man)
Sam Mane as Indian Man
Sam Mane
(Indian Man)
Nav Ghotra as Indian Woman
Nav Ghotra
(Indian Woman)
Daphne Alexander as Young Woman
Daphne Alexander
(Young Woman)
Federico Riccardo Rossi as Young Man
Federico Riccardo Rossi
(Young Man)