Maraseme Talaye Mayedeh - Watch Now

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Ezgi Mola as Maide
Ezgi Mola
Mesut Can Tomay as Yagmur
Mesut Can Tomay
Demet Gül as Sevda
Demet Gül
Hilmi Özçelik as Güngör
Hilmi Özçelik
Gülhan Tekin as Gülseren
Gülhan Tekin
Nalan Olcayalp as Sermin
Nalan Olcayalp
Selma Arikan as Aheste
Selma Arikan
Songül Yilmaz as Aysel
Songül Yilmaz
Dilek Genç as Nurten
Dilek Genç
Fisun Bilo as Aynur
Fisun Bilo
Aysun Tekeli as Suzan
Aysun Tekeli
Emre Yetim as Polis Amiri
Emre Yetim
(Polis Amiri)
Nazmi Sinan Mihci as Taksici
Nazmi Sinan Mihci
Tayfun Deger as Mesut
Tayfun Deger