Nagahan Derakht - Watch Now (Dubbed)

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Payman Maadi as Farhad
Payman Maadi
Mahnaz Afshar as Mahtab
Mahnaz Afshar
Siamak Safari as Detective
Siamak Safari
Shaghayegh Dehghan as Nahid
Shaghayegh Dehghan
Mehrab Ghasemkhani as Yahya
Mehrab Ghasemkhani
Pantea Panahiha as Psychiatrist
Pantea Panahiha
Zohreh Abbasi as Homa (Farhad's mother)
Zohreh Abbasi
(Homa (Farhad's mother))
Shahrooz Aghaeipour as Police
Shahrooz Aghaeipour
Armita Baghaie as Dead girl by the sea
Armita Baghaie
(Dead girl by the sea)
Lili Farhadpour as Gity
Lili Farhadpour
Taranom Kazemi as Goli
Taranom Kazemi
Arman Moradi as Farhad's childhood
Arman Moradi
(Farhad's childhood)
Sania Ramezani as Sozan
Sania Ramezani