Seondal: The Man Who Sells the River - Watch Now

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Seung-ho Yoo as Kim In-hong / Kim Seondal
Seung-ho Yoo
(Kim In-hong / Kim Seondal)
Jae-Hyun Cho as Seong Dae-ryeon
Jae-Hyun Cho
(Seong Dae-ryeon)
Suk-ho Jun as Yi Wan
Suk-ho Jun
(Yi Wan)
Min-Hyuk Kim as Lee Wan's subordinate
Min-Hyuk Kim
(Lee Wan's subordinate)
Min-Seok Kim as Gyeon
Min-Seok Kim
Chang-Seok Ko as Bo-won
Chang-Seok Ko
Kyoo-hyung Lee as Chief security guard of cigarette guard post
Kyoo-hyung Lee
(Chief security guard of cigarette guard post)
Youn-Hong Oh as Fraud fortune-teller
Youn-Hong Oh
(Fraud fortune-teller)
Mi-ran Ra as Female Buddhist Yoon
Mi-ran Ra
(Female Buddhist Yoon)
Ye-ji Seo as Gyoo-yeong
Ye-ji Seo
Woo-jin Yeon as King Hyojong
Woo-jin Yeon
(King Hyojong)