The Villainess - Watch Now

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Ok-bin Kim as Sook-hee
Ok-bin Kim
Ha-kyun Shin as Joong-sang
Ha-kyun Shin
Jun Sung as Hyun-soo
Jun Sung
Seo-hyeong Kim as Chief Kwon
Seo-hyeong Kim
(Chief Kwon)
Eun-ji Jo as Kim Seon
Eun-ji Jo
(Kim Seon)
Ye-Ji Min as Sook-hee (young)
Ye-Ji Min
(Sook-hee (young))
Hae-Kyun Jung as Jang-Chun
Hae-Kyun Jung
Yun-Woo Kim as Eun-Hye
Yun-Woo Kim
Seung-Joo Lee as Choon-Mo
Seung-Joo Lee
Cheol-min Park as Sook-Hee's father
Cheol-min Park
(Sook-Hee's father)
Min-Ji Son as Min-Joo
Min-Ji Son