Asheghan Mah - Season 1 - Episode 20 (Original)

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Ha-Neul Kang as Wang Wook [8th Prince]
Ha-Neul Kang
(Wang Wook [8th Prince])
Jong-hyeon Hong as Wang Yo [3rd Prince]
Jong-hyeon Hong
(Wang Yo [3rd Prince])
Han-na Kang as Princess Hwang Bo Yeon Hwa [8th Prince Wang Wook's younger sister]
Han-na Kang
(Princess Hwang Bo Yeon Hwa [8th Prince Wang Wook's younger sister])
Seong-gyoon Kim as Choi Ji Mong [King's astronomer]
Seong-gyoon Kim
(Choi Ji Mong [King's astronomer])
Iu as Hae Soo
(Hae Soo)
Joon-Gi Lee as 4th Prince Wang So
Joon-Gi Lee
(4th Prince Wang So)
Joo-Hyuk Nam as 13th Prince Baek-ah
Joo-Hyuk Nam
(13th Prince Baek-ah)
Ji Soo as 14th Prince Wang Jung
Ji Soo
(14th Prince Wang Jung)
Kyung Soon Jung as Empress Hwang Bo [Tae Jo's 4th Queen]
Kyung Soon Jung
(Empress Hwang Bo [Tae Jo's 4th Queen])
Ki-joo Jin as Chae Ryeong [Hae Soo's maid]
Ki-joo Jin
(Chae Ryeong [Hae Soo's maid])
Seohyun as Princess Woo-hee
(Princess Woo-hee)
Baek-Hyun Byun as 10th Prince Wang Eun
Baek-Hyun Byun
(10th Prince Wang Eun)
Ji-Young Park as Dowager Empress Yoo [Tae Jo's 3rd Queen]
Ji-Young Park
(Dowager Empress Yoo [Tae Jo's 3rd Queen])
Min-Ki Jo as King Tae Jo
Min-Ki Jo
(King Tae Jo)
San-ho Kim as Wang Mu [Crown Prince]
San-ho Kim
(Wang Mu [Crown Prince])
Jeong-hak Park as Wang Shik Ryeom
Jeong-hak Park
(Wang Shik Ryeom)
Dong-il Sung as General Park Soo Gyeong
Dong-il Sung
(General Park Soo Gyeong)
Hye-ran Ji as Park Soon Deok [Park Soo Gyeong's daughter]
Hye-ran Ji
(Park Soon Deok [Park Soo Gyeong's daughter])
Si-eun Park as Lady Hae [Wang Wook's Wife]
Si-eun Park
(Lady Hae [Wang Wook's Wife])
Hee-Jin Woo as Court Lady Oh
Hee-Jin Woo
(Court Lady Oh)