Jonoone Maya - Season 1 - Episode 181 (Dubbed)

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Kushal Tandon as Arjun Sharma
Kushal Tandon
(Arjun Sharma)
Jennifer Winget as Maya Mehrotra
Jennifer Winget
(Maya Mehrotra)
Aneri Vajani as Saanjh Mathur
Aneri Vajani
(Saanjh Mathur)
Sumit Bharadwaj as Ayan Sharma
Sumit Bharadwaj
(Ayan Sharma)
Rajesh Khattar as Ashwin Mehrotra
Rajesh Khattar
(Ashwin Mehrotra)
Kavita Ghai as Jhanvi Mehrotra
Kavita Ghai
(Jhanvi Mehrotra)
Swati Shah as Vandana Sharna
Swati Shah
(Vandana Sharna)
Imran Khan as Prem Mathur
Imran Khan
(Prem Mathur)
Vibha Bhagat as Suman Mathur
Vibha Bhagat
(Suman Mathur)
Rakshit Wahi as Saanjh's brother
Rakshit Wahi
(Saanjh's brother)
Sharad Vyas as Adv. Malkani
Sharad Vyas
(Adv. Malkani)
Piyush Sahdev as Rajeev Randhawa
Piyush Sahdev
(Rajeev Randhawa)
Dhruv Thukral as Siddharth
Dhruv Thukral
Vaishnavi Dhanraj as Pooja (Maya's Lawyer)
Vaishnavi Dhanraj
(Pooja (Maya's Lawyer))
Rahul Verma Rajput as Rajeev Randhawa
Rahul Verma Rajput
(Rajeev Randhawa)