Pedare Ajibam - Season 1 - Episode 17 (Dubbed)

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Yeong-cheol Kim as Byun Han Soo
Yeong-cheol Kim
(Byun Han Soo)
Kim Hae-sook as Na Yeong Shil
Kim Hae-sook
(Na Yeong Shil)
Yu-ri Lee as Byun Hye Yeong
Yu-ri Lee
(Byun Hye Yeong)
Soo-young Ryu as Cha Jung Hwan
Soo-young Ryu
(Cha Jung Hwan)
Jung So-Min as Byun Mi Yeong
Jung So-Min
(Byun Mi Yeong)
Joon Lee as Ahn Joong Hee
Joon Lee
(Ahn Joong Hee)
Hwa-young Ryu as Byun Ra Yeong
Hwa-young Ryu
(Byun Ra Yeong)
Jin-Woong Min as Byun Joon Yeong
Jin-Woong Min
(Byun Joon Yeong)
Hyo-Seop Ahn as Park Cheol Soo
Hyo-Seop Ahn
(Park Cheol Soo)
Lee Joon-hyuk as Na Yeong Shik
Lee Joon-hyuk
(Na Yeong Shik)
Hye-sook Park as Kim Mal Boon
Hye-sook Park
(Kim Mal Boon)
Jang So-Yeon as Lee Bo Mi
Jang So-Yeon
(Lee Bo Mi)
Song Wok-suk as Oh Bok Nyeo
Song Wok-suk
(Oh Bok Nyeo)
Mi-do Lee as Kim Yoo Joo
Mi-do Lee
(Kim Yoo Joo)
Seok-woo Kang as Cha Gyu Taek
Seok-woo Kang
(Cha Gyu Taek)