Raghs Rooi é Shisheh - Season 1 - Episode 12

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Sahar Ghoreishi as Roya Eklili
Sahar Ghoreishi
(Roya Eklili)
Amir Aghaee as Edris Malek unknown episodes
Amir Aghaee
(Edris Malek unknown episodes)
Sadegh Azizjahan as Producer unknown episodes
Sadegh Azizjahan
(Producer unknown episodes)
Bita Farahi as Simin unknown episodes
Bita Farahi
(Simin unknown episodes)
Mitra Hajjar as Lili Shahbaz unknown episodes
Mitra Hajjar
(Lili Shahbaz unknown episodes)
Mahtab Keramati as Rana Rakhshan unknown episodes
Mahtab Keramati
(Rana Rakhshan unknown episodes)
Hamed Komeili as Siavash Namdar unknown episodes
Hamed Komeili
(Siavash Namdar unknown episodes)
Negin Motazedi as Tahereh unknown episodes
Negin Motazedi
(Tahereh unknown episodes)
Tarlan Parvaneh as Negar unknown episodes
Tarlan Parvaneh
(Negar unknown episodes)
Bahram Radan as Yaghma Namdar unknown episodes
Bahram Radan
(Yaghma Namdar unknown episodes)
Mehrdad Sedighian as Makan Rakhshan unknown episodes
Mehrdad Sedighian
(Makan Rakhshan unknown episodes)
Javad Yahyavi as Director unknown episodes
Javad Yahyavi
(Director unknown episodes)
Akbar Zanjanpour as Aghajan unknown episodes
Akbar Zanjanpour
(Aghajan unknown episodes)
Hoda Zeinolabedin as Darya Rakhshan unknown episodes
Hoda Zeinolabedin
(Darya Rakhshan unknown episodes)