Roozegare Shahzadeh - Season 1 - Episode 24

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Eun-hye Yun as Chae-kyung Shin
Eun-hye Yun
(Chae-kyung Shin)
Ji-Hoon Ju as Crown Prince Lee Shin
Ji-Hoon Ju
(Crown Prince Lee Shin)
Ji-Hyo Song as Hyo-rin Min
Ji-Hyo Song
(Hyo-rin Min)
Bool-am Choi as Emperor Sungjo (Shin and Yul's grandfather)
Bool-am Choi
(Emperor Sungjo (Shin and Yul's grandfather))
Ye-jin Im as Chae-kyung's mother
Ye-jin Im
(Chae-kyung's mother)
Nam-kil Kang as Chae-kyung's father
Nam-kil Kang
(Chae-kyung's father)
Hye-ja Kim as Queen Mother (Yul and Shin's grandmother)
Hye-ja Kim
(Queen Mother (Yul and Shin's grandmother))
Sang-Jung Kim as Crown Prince Hyo Yeol (Yul's father)
Sang-Jung Kim
(Crown Prince Hyo Yeol (Yul's father))
Yun-ji Lee as Princess Hye-myung (Shin's sister)
Yun-ji Lee
(Princess Hye-myung (Shin's sister))
Chan-hwan Park as Emperor Hyun (Shin's father)
Chan-hwan Park
(Emperor Hyun (Shin's father))
Hye-jin Shim as Lady Hwa-yong (Yul's mother)
Hye-jin Shim
(Lady Hwa-yong (Yul's mother))
Yu-seon Yun as Queen Min (Shin's mother)
Yu-seon Yun
(Queen Min (Shin's mother))
Jeong-hoon Kim as Prince Yul
Jeong-hoon Kim
(Prince Yul)
Yeon-woo Kwon as Queen Mother's Court Lady Kwang unknown episodes
Yeon-woo Kwon
(Queen Mother's Court Lady Kwang unknown episodes)
Yeon-du Lee as unknown episodes
Yeon-du Lee
(unknown episodes)