Sarzamin Eshgh - Season 1 - Episode 70 (Dubbed)

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Claudia Álvarez as Isabel
Claudia Álvarez
Diego Olivera as Aníbal
Diego Olivera
Cristián de la Fuente as Daniel
Cristián de la Fuente
Horacio Pancheri as Sergio
Horacio Pancheri
César Évora as Arturo
César Évora
Daniela Romo as Amparo
Daniela Romo
Nerea Camacho as Alejandra
Nerea Camacho
Emmanuel Palomares as Uriel
Emmanuel Palomares
Lisardo Guarinos as Carlos
Lisardo Guarinos
Ninel Conde as Carolina
Ninel Conde
Ximena Córdoba as Olga
Ximena Córdoba
Jessica Decote as Elisa
Jessica Decote
Martha Julia as Alba
Martha Julia
Jonnathan Kuri as Iker
Jonnathan Kuri
Lucas Bernabé as Andrés
Lucas Bernabé
Salvador Pineda as Amador
Salvador Pineda
Daniela Álvarez as Regina
Daniela Álvarez
Luis Xavier as Rodolfo
Luis Xavier
Fabián Robles as Víctor
Fabián Robles
Jackie Sauza as Teresa
Jackie Sauza
Claudia Echeverry as Carmen
Claudia Echeverry
David Palacio as Padre Blas
David Palacio
(Padre Blas)
Maricruz Nájera as Rosa
Maricruz Nájera
Silvia Manríquez as María
Silvia Manríquez
Elías Meza as Adrián
Elías Meza
Marco Zetina as Gerardo
Marco Zetina
Liz Gallardo as Silvia
Liz Gallardo
Mike Biaggio as Fidel
Mike Biaggio
Ricardo Vera as Juez
Ricardo Vera
Eduardo Alcántara
Eduardo Alcántara
Ernesto Gómez Cruz
Ernesto Gómez Cruz
Yuvana Montalvo as Itzel
Yuvana Montalvo
Fernanda Beltrán
Fernanda Beltrán
Patricia Calzada
Patricia Calzada
Alberto Chávez
Alberto Chávez
Yamile Hazouri
Yamile Hazouri
Antonio Monroi
Antonio Monroi
Enrike Palma
Enrike Palma
Gabriel Roustand
Gabriel Roustand
Roberto Ruy
Roberto Ruy
Marcial Salinas
Marcial Salinas
Alan Del Castillo
Alan Del Castillo
Jesus Fernandez as Médico
Jesus Fernandez
Walter Kapelas
Walter Kapelas
Sofía Tejeda as Ginecologa
Sofía Tejeda