Tarikh Arthdal - Season 3 - Episode 6 (Original)

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Joong-Ki Song as Eun Som
Joong-Ki Song
(Eun Som)
Ji-won Kim as Tan Ya
Ji-won Kim
(Tan Ya)
Dong-Gun Jang as Ta Gon
Dong-Gun Jang
(Ta Gon)
Ok-bin Kim as Taealha
Ok-bin Kim
Eui-sung Kim as San Woong [Ta Gon's Father]
Eui-sung Kim
(San Woong [Ta Gon's Father])
Do-Kyeong Lee as Ah Sa Ron
Do-Kyeong Lee
(Ah Sa Ron)
Sung-ha Jo as Hae Mi Hol [Tae Al Ha's Father]
Sung-ha Jo
(Hae Mi Hol [Tae Al Ha's Father])
Jung Suk Yong as Yeol Son [Wahan Tribe Chief]
Jung Suk Yong
(Yeol Son [Wahan Tribe Chief])
Hae-Joon Park as Moo Baek
Hae-Joon Park
(Moo Baek)
Hyoung Soo Park as Gil Seon
Hyoung Soo Park
(Gil Seon)
Jang Yool as Ah Sa Yon
Jang Yool
(Ah Sa Yon)
Sa-Bong Yoon as Hae Too Ak
Sa-Bong Yoon
(Hae Too Ak)
Lee Ho-Cheol as Kitoha
Lee Ho-Cheol
Hwang Hee as Moo Gwang
Hwang Hee
(Moo Gwang)
Byung Eun Park as Dan Byuk [Sae Nyok Tribe]
Byung Eun Park
(Dan Byuk [Sae Nyok Tribe])
Eun-ah Seo as Ah Sa Mot
Eun-ah Seo
(Ah Sa Mot)
Na-hee Go as Do Ti
Na-hee Go
(Do Ti)
Ko Bo-Gyeol as Chae-eun
Ko Bo-Gyeol
Teo Yoo as Ragaz
Teo Yoo
Jung Je-Won as Ta Gon [Young]
Jung Je-Won
(Ta Gon [Young])